Amazing experiences with OLWeb TV

OLWeb TV is a remarkable new web browser designed by Synchronos, a part of Kaspersky Lab. It has some exciting features that are similar to Firefox, such as the Opera-like tab menu, but provides more functionality in less space. It has a fresh, simplified design, offers basic security protection and a decent range of parental controls. To cap it all off, it is one of the least expensive browsers around, at around $6.50 for the regular version and free to upgrade to the Pro version for an extra couple of dollars.

Outstanding features of OLWeb TV

The OLWeb TV has included a number of great add-ons and premium features, such as DVR, TV and radio channels, and customizable themes. For example, you can enable/ Disable the WebKit render background, customize the keyboard shortcut, and install your own themes. The most attractive thing about OlWeb, however, is the extensive support for gaming. You can install your own games or load up an existing game. These include both casual games and multiplayer games.

Various content

The official site offers an advanced viewing tool for television listings and offers several channels and premium channels. You can browse through the channel listings by country, category, or even by actor. You can even search for specific TV shows by actor and network. There are a number of other channels that are part of theOLWeb family and worth checking out, such as Scripps Networks, DirecTV Now, Golf Channel, Food Network, and icontact.

How to watch on OLWeb TV?

You can also access the channel listings by genre, rating, and network. If you want to know what music is on, simply go to the channel list, click “play,” and choose “streaming solution.” In addition, the OLWeb TV software allows you to stream live news channels and popular television shows from many different sources, such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and others.

High compatibility

Streamlish TV is completely free and works with all internet browsers. It’s simple to use, as it includes a toolbar that lets you stream videos, play audio, and switch between multiple viewing options. For the best experience, it is suggested that you stream live TV on a PC using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Streamlish TV is compatible with most modern browsers, so if you already log on to a computer, you can start right away. All you have to do is open a browser, access the Streamlish TV icon in the browser’s menu, and start tuning into your favorite channels.

Great quality of channels

In addition to live streaming channels from your computer or laptop, you can use Streamlish TV for online video playback. You can easily view videos from YouTube and other internet sites, even high-definition (HD) videos. Streamlish TV provides a video player so you can watch your videos without having to worry about any kind of buffering problem. Once you finish with one video, you can simply go back to the OLWeb page or open a new one from the OLWeb channel’s home page. If you are using an internet site that requires installation of additional software, such as Flash, this software will be automatically installed once you sign in to the web site.


In order to use streaming media on your web-based television, you have to access a special web browser provided by OLWeb. By accessing this browser, you will be able to access the streaming channels and browse through the channels and content library of your choice. The OLWeb channel will automatically update the information in its database, so you will never miss out on anything. Whether you are looking for funny clips, informational links, or full-length movies and TV shows, the OLWeb will provide you with exactly what you want.
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