Best USA IPTV Service in 2020

best USA IPTV servicebest USA IPTV service

Today, along with the increasingly strong development of electronics and telecommunications technology, IPTV has been occupying a significant position in the market of providing TV channels via Internet protocol, liberating customers from all ties of traditional television. Usually, the cable TV bill in the US is $ 95 a month and you may be prevented from watching your favorite show by regional copyright. Hence, you want to get rid of costly cables and satellites. Luckily, IPTV will give you access to the movies and sports you love.

This time we will bring you a list of the Best USA IPTV Service providers in 2020 with detailed and specific information about channels, broadcast speeds, and prices to see if that is appropriate for your budget and needs or not.

We will give you the best overview and insight of each provider currently on the rise or with great potential that can provide you with the best IPTV service amid a complex sea of ​​IPTV.

The following criteria we set out to evaluate IPTV service providers in the USA are shown below:
– Traditional American sports and local channels/streams
– Since the server is located on the East Coast, the IPTV server offers less latency, faster and smoother transmission
– Easy to track and access channel classification
– Reasonable cost
– Easy flow quality and access

With the above objectives, let us analyze in-depth the top IPTV providers in the USA

Witty Central Alternative – David’s Tech Store

David’s Tech Store, which we talk a lot about on posts about Best IPTV Canada Service Provider, is an alternative to WittyCentral and is currently focusing on the USA market with multiple entertainment channels for different needs.

Due to the USA-Canadian market, David’s services have all flow from anywhere in the USA. What’s more, having the servers located in the USA makes the transfers faster and smoother.

The provider has an advantage in that they allow you to use a free 24-hour trial while others charge around $ 3. Moreover, you are also supported to extend the trial period again to another day.

Installation is also as easy as falling off a log. You just need to download the IPTV Smarters Pro app and enter the 8-digit code. The whole process goes very smoothly, without any system failures or connection errors occurring.

Once you have successfully logged in to the app, navigate to the Live TV channel. There are thousands of 24/7 channels to choose from, divided by categories such as genre, actor, form, etc.

You will receive classic shows from the 40s-90s, 24/7 cartoons, movies, and TV shows.
The provider has a total of more than 800 channels/streams 24/7 of the 70s and 80s.
Moreover, the films are also specially dedicated to a category with all genres such as horror, comedy, romance … from not only the USA but also the UK.

There are also other categories from the USA listed below:
• Entertainment – with a total of 107 popular streams featuring all of the leading USA channels
• Local channels – top local channels like MY, NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC
• Documentary films – including documentary channels that meet actual social needs such as Discover, Nat Geo
• Kids – just for your kids like Cartoon Network, Baby TV, Nick, Baby First
• News – broadcast popular news channels including global channels
• National Sports – offers sports channels of the most popular sports
• Regional Sports – contains popular college sports channels

You can contact David for a channel list or even a free trial.

Finally, you can also watch sports channels like Nascar / F1, NFL, MLB, PPV / Box Office, NHL, and NBA. Music channels with all genres of rock, hip-hop, classic, etc. are provided by David most ultimately. Especially there is an Events Replay section that will replay all sports channels in the past.

Next, the stream quality is in HD. All channels are played in full-screen mode without any black lines, even the sound quality and resolution are scrumptious. However, if you have a low Internet speed then you will get some low bandwidth channels of SD quality. Some channels do not play or have problems like repetition but David has a high speed to fix such faulty streams.

David’s service provides USA IPTV running best on Amazon FireStick TV and Android TV box. You can also watch channels on MAG-supported devices and via m3u on your laptop / PC or Smart TVs. Unfortunately, the provider does not support Roku.

In short, David’s service is really great to please everyone in the family because all IPTV USA streams are provided in full and best.

Finally, it’s about the price. The cost of service is $ 15 per month for a two-active device connection, which is quite cheap compared to the quality of service David offers.
We recommend you to experience the service of David’s Tech Store as it is the best service and mainly focuses on the USA IPTV region and business.


Fit IPTV is a provider of various IPTV services such as IPTV Subscription, IPTV Reseller, and IPTV Restream.

Fit puts primarily attention on those interested in reselling IPTV services to USA customers. This provider has over 7000+ channels with around 1000+ Movies and TV shows.

Fit IPTV works smoothly on the Android TV boxes. Moreover, we also receive great support from the service provider to enjoy the best experience. Prices for the 1-month package are $ 10, $ 25 for the 3-month plan, $ 45 for the 6-month package, $ 60 for the 1-year package.

One problem we have found is that Fit IPTV concentrates more on resellers, while regular subscribers will not get the full support and services they need.

Exclusive IPTV

Exclusive IPTV offers over 15000 premium and regular channels in all regions. You will also get about 4000 movies and TV series in the VOD collection. We have found a good point that the provider offers you different packages so you can choose the one that works best for you.

For customers who are looking for IPTV services from different countries and regions, Exclusive is the provider that can best meet this need.

Streams transmit fast, smooth, and are buffer-free. Furthermore, this provider seems to be targeting the European market, not just the USA market.

Exclusive IPTV service costs range from € 15 for the 1-month package, € 35 for the 3-month package, € 45 for the 6-month package, and € 80 for the 1-year package.

One problem occurs when the provider runs too many channels, the reliability, and stability of the IPTV service is questionable.

Texas Premium IPTV

As its name suggests, Texas Premium IPTV is a Texas-based IPTV service that allows you to watch multiple channels on provider-supported devices without necessarily having a long-term contract.

This IPTV service is a small library that gives you more than 600 IPTV USA HD channels from live shows to Movies and Sports. Furthermore, there is also a large amount of on-demand entertainment in the VOD section. This compact library is focused on the US region but does not have local channels in the channel list.

Streams are speedy, and most have no buffer. Just need to plug and play, and the whole process is sleeky, with no bottlenecks or jerks.

However, the price of the service is something we do not like. The provider charges $ 25 per month and $ 70 for the 3-month package, which we find too high for the general average in the IPTV market. Hence, you can consider other cheaper and better options in our list of the best IPTV USA service providers.


This is a fairly new IPTV provider for the USA region. IPTV Pack works on most popular devices like Smart Tv, Android boxes, or iOs devices, etc.

This provider has about 3500 channels with full HD and SD quality. Furthermore, a lot of Movies and Series are also included in the VOD category. The running performance of IPTV Pack is quite fast and smooth and we saw almost no crashes or buffers at all.

The provider offers a free trial and prices range from € 8,90 for the 1-month plan, € 19.58 for the 3-month plan, € 33.38 for the 6-month plan, and € 49.84 for the 12-month plan.

Pack is not focused on the USA region but creates an opportunity for people who are looking for channels in different regions at the best cost.

The service also has the advantage of being automated. You just need to visit their website and register without any manual gestures of anyone to activate your account.


We also found another USA provider called MIPTV. They have a huge advantage over other providers that give you a free trial of up to 48 hours.

MIPTV has more than 8000 channels, including more than 4000 VOD entries on Movies, Sports, and Children. Depending on your needs, choose medium to best quality of streams. However, in the USA section there are around 1000 channels but without any classification, making it difficult to find what you need.

MIPTV service is available at very cheap prices from about $ 10 per month, $ 28 for 3 months, $ 50 for 6 months, and $ 90 for 12 months.

This provider also has no issues with transmitting streams and buffers. However, one major downside is that the technical support team does not respond quickly and cannot fully resolve the customer’s problem.


As one of the oldest providers in the USA area, Global BIPTVS has more than 12000 online TV channels, Series, and video on demand for you to choose from. Stream quality is quite stable and has good support.

Another problem is that channels are not categorized into categories such as documentaries, entertainment, movies, etc., but by country.

Again, the question of availability and stability when there are too many channels arises.

They only have 3 channel packages. $ 49.99 for 3 months, $ 69.99 for 6 months, and $ 99.99 for 12 months. We feel that the provider should have a 1-month trial available for customers to try out before purchasing the long-term plans.

IPTV Sensation

IPTV Sensation is an excellent provider with a lot of on-demand videos from all over the world.

We tried the service out on an Android TV box and it was uncomplicated to set up. Add-ons for Kodi are also included for those who know how to use them.

The provider has about 3000 live TV channels. Besides, VOD is constantly updated in many diverse languages.

The customer service is commodious. The price is also at just as frabjous as $ 9 per month for the basic plan and $ 14 per month for the premium plan.

Nonetheless, Sensation does not concentrate on precisely the USA region.

Jones IPTV

Jones IPTV is an Efflux TV grant that has the ability to stream USA IPTV channels, especially Sporting events. Furthermore, this provider has a collection of more than 20,000 VODs and 600 live channels.

Jones’s service works with any device like MAG box, Amazon Firestick TV, Nvidia Shield, and more.

Jones offers different prices for you, $ 24 per month, and $ 69 for three months. This is not a cheap service with great stream quality as there are lots of further USA IPTV providers that have cheaper prices and better stream quality on our list.

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