Can You Watch IPTV On PS4?

Do you want to watch TV channels from around the world on your PS4? Our tutorial aims to show you how to use Plex on PS4 to stream IPTV.

Plex is a general use media server program that doesn’t take much technical knowledge to use compared to other options on the market.

Plex lets you stream media content from your home network to other devices, including PS4.

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What Is Plex?

Plex is a media playback solution that lets you share music, pictures, and videos from one device to another. The app uses a server to host content and share it to other devices on that network.

Install the Plex media server to your computer and add media to your library to play that media on other devices.

All you need is a Player/Client app to connect to the main library and you can stream content from your network wherever you want.


Host Media in a Central Server

To use Plex, you must first establish a server on your PC. The apps can’t connect and play media without this central server.

Establishing this server is easier than it sounds. It also offers plenty of benefits that make it worth it. You’re sure to love Plex as soon as you get started.


Easy Sharing

It’s simple to connect an app to your Plex server. We’ll go into more detail on how to do this later, but the basics are that you install the app, start it, and wait for it to connect to Plex servers.

The server transmits the information from your media library so it’s ready to start.

What’s amazing about this is that you don’t have to do anything once the server is installed properly. All you’ll have to do is wait a few seconds for the app and server to connect.


Centralised Control

Having all the media you want to watch on a central server means that you can control everything from this one location. You can add new movies to the server and edit things like cover art whenever you want.

You can control everything on the server directly through the Plex Web App. This web app works in any browser from any device, meaning you don’t need to be in a certain location to access the media library.

Any modifications made to the server are instantly reflected in your other apps.


See a Watch History

The media server automatically tracks what you watch, including how far you get into certain programs. Everything is marked as being watched or not. If you stop watching something partway through, the server automatically loads the content where you left off. This feature is on all the Plex apps – not just the one you left off at.


How to Watch IPTV on PS4 With Plex

  1. Download the Notepad++ program on your computer and install it.
  2. Open the following web page: and create your account. You need a Plex account to stream music, pictures, and movies from your computer. This guide focuses on IPTV, but you can use it for streaming without the rest of these steps.
  3. Go to the Downloads section of the main account overview and find “Plex Media Server.” Download the server.
  4. Launch the Plex server after installing it.
  5. You’ll need the IPTV plugin for Plex, which you can get here.
  6. Extract the folder and move the entire IPTV.bundle-master folder to the following location:
    C: /users/”your computer username”/AppData/Local/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins
  7. When you extract the folder, you’ll see a subfolder named contents. There is a file in that folder called info.plist. Right-click on that file and choose “edit with Notepad++” to open the file in Notepad++.
  8. Remove the bold section of the line to leave <string>UseRealRTMP</string>
  9. Open the “Contents” folder and then “Resources.” This is where you download the M3U playlist, replacing the one already in the folder.
  10. Rename the IPTV.bundle-master folder to “IPTV.bundle.”
  11. You’ve finished on the PC for now. Start your PS4 and open the Store. Search for the PLEX app and download it.
  12. Launch the Plex app on your PS4 and sign into your account.
  13. Open Plex on the computer and on the PS4 to watch the channels you added before.



You’re now ready set up and watch IPTV on PS4. Please note that Plex needs to be open on your computer to watch content on PS4. Please also note you must restart both PLEX apps after changing the M3U link.

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