Comstar IPTV Review 2022 – Channels List & my 3 month experience

Are you getting tired of the exaggerated cable connection and satellite systems? Do you want to enjoy your favorite TV programs, Series, and Live TV channels without waiting for the specific time a broadcast goes on air? If so, you are lucky to be at the right place.

In today’s Comstar IPTV Review, I will clarify all the features, services, and pros and cons of this IPTV service provider. Is Comstar IPTV service safe? How many channels does Comstar IPTV offer? Do they provide good customer support? I will answer all of these questions and let you know whether this service is worth it or not.

Comstar IPTV comes with many TV channels and VOD content, including movies, TV series, Electronic Program Guides, and other catch-up content. Moreover, they offer 24/7 customer support to solve users’ streaming issues.

I would go deep into the information that you need to decide if this service is suitable for you or not. The article might be long as I have compiled all the detailed information. I would suggest you read the whole article until the end. If you cannot do so, jumping to a conclusion should be a consideration. 

Can’t wait to put your hands in it? Let me Dissect it for you.

What is Comstar IPTV?

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In this constantly evolving World, it is entirely unpredictable to assume what tomorrow brings for us. The World is growing faster than ever due to the technological development that every department of life is changed, from the automotive industry to everyday life and, most importantly, the entertainment industry. 

Tremendous advancement in media and entertainment has created many luxuries for humanity. One of them is the IPTV technology, which lets users cut the cords of their traditional Cable connection and enjoy their favorite content at the ease of their fingertips.

While so many IPTV service providers are entering the industry, Comstar IPTV is one of the most popular services. This is the delivery of many live TV channels, VOD content, customer service, and cheap pricing.

They offer over 10 thousand Live Premium TV channels and over 9 thousand Video demand (VOD) content. Not just that, they are also providing 24/7 customer support service. It is compatible with a large number of devices and is very affordable.

How Many Channels does Comstar IPTV offer?

Comstar IPTV comes at one of the top spots in the IPTV industry when providing premium TV channels and VOD content. They are offering over 10 thousand premium live TV channels from all over the World. These channels are from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, UAE, Asia, and Europe.

Moreover, Comstar IPTV has a vast number of over 9 thousand Video demand(VOD) content. With this help, users can watch their favorite movies, TV series, Electronic Program Guide (EPG content), Pay Per View, and other catch-up content without effort. 

Another thing I love about Comstar IPTV is that it offers channels and interesting VOD content for every family member, including kids. It has a large variety of media, from sports, news, documentary, and fashion and lifestyle channels to cartoon channels for kids.

Plus, it has a unique recording feature that allows you to record the content you are streaming and enjoy them. You can add our loved Tv channels to your favorite section so you can find them easily whenever you want. 

Do They Provide Good Customer Service?

I have been highlighting the importance of Customer support for a company or organization’s success in almost every article I wrote. But why? Because it is one of the most mandatory features of an IPTV service that leads it across the stairs to success.

Comstar IPTV offers 24/7/365 customer support service to its customers with the help of its ever-ready customer support team. When I encountered an issue while watching one of my favorite movies. I complained to their customer support team. I was impressed that they had settled my cases within a few hours.

Therefore, customer support is not a thing to worry about. If you face a problem or streaming issue, whether it’s in the software or your hardware, just let them know via their email address. And they will most likely resolve your issues in no time. 

In my experience, they offer extreme customer support service around the clock. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed by their customer support service.

Device Compatibility

Now that we have discussed the customer support service let’s talk about the device compatibility that Comstar IPTV provides. It is undoubtedly one of the few things that might pop up in your mind once you think of an IPTV service for your device.

To make things clear, Comstar IPTV comes with a large number of compatible devices. These devices include Android, IOS, Android TV, Apple devices such as iPhone, Ipad, and much more. 

Honestly, I was confused if I could run it on my Apple TV. When I went to their official website, I found this device in the compatible devices list.  

Here is the large number of devices that are compatible with the Comstar IPTV service :

  • Android devices, including phones e.t.c
  • Android  TV Box
  • IOS devices, including iPhone and iPod
  • Apple TV device
  • KODI
  • Amazon Firestick TV
  • Amazon TV
  • GSE Smart IPTV
  • IPTV Smarters
  • Samsung TV
  • Verizon, Lenovo tablets,

If you own any of these devices, you can utilize the Comstar IPTV service without trouble.

Key Features

Take a look at some of the features of the Comstar IPTV service

  • Offering a vast number of over 10 thousand TV channels all across the World
  • It comes with over 9 thousand Video demand (VOD) content, including movies, TV series and 
  • It provides a unique recording feature that is very rare to see in the IPTV industry
  • Offer 24 hours continuous customer support service with their swift customer support team
  • Compatible with a large number of devices, including Android phones, tablets, and Apple devices, plus much more
  • It contains no extra charges, and once subscribed, there will be no hidden charges
  • Comes with multiple device connections – you can enjoy different streams on different devices under a roof and with one subscription package
  • All the channels are available in high quality – come with 720p, 1080p, and HDR quality
  • The best choice for the customers who want to cut the cords of their old cable connection and enjoy their favorite channels anywhere they want.


Some users, including me, encountered that some out of 10 thousand channels might not work.

While I was steaming some of my favorite movies, I observed that there was a fault in the skip button. For some reason, it is automatically pressed. Remember that it only happens when you start to watch a movie for the first time.

Payment Methods

Next, you might be wondering about the payment methods that Comstar IPTV provides. Of course, I understand as it is crucial to be worried about not only an IPTV service but every product in the market.

Comstar IPTV comes with several Payment methods. You can choose any of them according to your interest and preferred method. It supports Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express for payments.

I love that all the payments you make through any of their payment methods will be completely safe and secure. None of your information could be stolen by hackers or leaked to advertisers, as all the sources are entirely encrypted.

Moreover, there is something that I want to clarify for the sake of your information. As soon as you complete the payments, wait for an email that you will receive right after the costs that you will make. This email contains the link for their official app and the login information to let you stream your favorite movies and the other TV channels and VOD content.

Pricing and Plans

Comstar IPTV service is quite similar to the Iconic Streams IPTV, but not when it comes to pricing and subscription plans. I said because it is even cheaper compared to Iconic Streams.

The standard one-month Subscription costs a total of about 14.99 dollars per month. And it goes all the way to 79.99 dollars per month on the annual Subscription. 

Here are the subscription packages and plans that Comstar IPTV has to offer, along with their exclusive features.

Monthly Subscription

As I told you above, the monthly subscription package costs about 14.99 dollars per month. In addition, it allows access to over 10 thousand live Premium channels and over 9 thousand Video-on-demand content. Keep in mind that it provides only one connection at a time.

Quarterly Subscription

The 3-month subscription plan comes in about 29.99 dollars every three months. It also allows access to over 10 thousand Live TV channels along with 9 thousand VOD content. It offers more than one connection at a time.

6-month Subscription

The half-year subscription plan costs about 49.99 dollars every six months. It also provides access to over 10 thousand live TV channels and over 9 thousand VOD content. Plus, it offers more than one connection at a time.

1 Year Plan

Unlike all other packages and plans, the annual goal is the most budget-friendly and will work for you in the long term. It costs about 79.99 dollars annually, and you will save a reasonable amount of money every year.

Final Verdict 

Now we are at the end of the article; I would like to clarify things in a nutshell. Should I recommend you go for this service? Would Comstar IPTV satisfy your needs? Let’s talk about it.

After using Comstar for over two months, I can say that this service gives more than it costs. 14.99 dollars per month for the monthly Subscription at. 

Moreover, they provide a vast number of TV channels over over 10 thousand per month and over 9 thousand Video-on-demand content. Their customer support team impressed me a lot. Due to their effective customer support service, I got my issues resolved within a few hours. 

In addition, the wide-scale device compatibility is one of its features that makes it unique among such a big crowd of IPTV providers. It is compatible with almost every device, including Android, Apple, and Amazon FireStick devices. Furthermore, you choose any of the available payment methods as you prefer. 

To sum up, I would personally recommend this service provider to everyone. Get a monthly plan for yourself as a test trial, and I can assure you that you will never be going back.

Also, don’t forget to tell me your thoughts about this article in the comments section. Ittoa is the means a lot to me

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