Fluxus IPTV- The revolution for IPTV service

Fluxus IPTV is the leading provider in the low-cost market segment. Inspite of the low cost, the service quality is never underestimated because it owns thousands of channels and VOD in high resolution such as HD, FHD.

ill-ftv-iptv Fluxus IPTV- The revolution for IPTV service ill-ftv-iptv Fluxus IPTV- The revolution for IPTV service

Fluxus IPTV – Discover The Revolutionary  Way To Watch Your Favorite  Channels

Unlike other  traditional providers, Fluxus IPTV brings new experiences to change the user’s mind about way to watch TV. Only with one device connected to the Internet, users completely watch every channels you want, even adult channels.

Premium channel package

Fluxus IPTV offers over 4000 channels and 10000 VODs. Especially, its channel package is various when it owns sport, movie, news, and entertainment channels from other areas in the world. Also, it is equiped with a huge number of  premium channels. Most of them are sport channels. Therefore, if you are a big fan of sport, this is really a choice you should not miss! Unlike other providers, it also offers adult channels, which makes it different among many IPTV providers. Moreover, Fluxus also equiped the high image quality for most of the channels and videos. User can easily realized  that the channels are almost in HD and FHD

Different subscription plans

Fluxus offers many subscription plans, depending on the separate demands of users. The plan is usually 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years. Moreover, there are 2 options which are 1 connection and  multiple connections. Inspite of many plans, the price of all the plans is reasonable. The users only pay about $10 per 1 month for 1 connection. However, they have rights to access the huge libary of content from Fluxus. Also, if users want to use many connections at the same time, Fluxux completely meets the demand. Especially, it will be much cheaper if users use 2 connections above.


One thing making Fluxus impressed with users is compatibility. It is compatible with many devices like Android, smart TV, smart phone, PC, Buzz TV, Mag box, and so on. And, all what you neeed is that they are connected with the Internet to start.

Awesome feedbacks from the existing customers

Fluxus IPTV has been highly marked by customer because of the channel quality and a hugr library of channels. Therefore, the number of customers is getting increased more after some running years, and there are more good reviews.

Main benefits and drawbacks of Fluxus IPTV

There are many oustanding benefits for users:

  • Affordable price : Users only need to pay $10 to access the huge library of content
  • Free trial: Unlike other providers, it allows users to test for free in 24h.
  • Compatibility with many devices
  • Adult channels are allowed
  • A variety of plans  are based on the demand of customers

Besides benefits, it exists some drawbacks need improving:

  • Do not have 24/7 support
  • Do not accept to pay by paypal
  • There are few Asian channels

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