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FreeInterTV is a relatively new IPTV portal that offers great value for the money spent. Its popularity has been on the rise in recent months and years, as people have started to realize its capabilities as an IPTV solution. This is a web-based program that can be installed and accessed with a web browser. The software offers users full access to all of their favorite TV channels, including the likes of HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Vh1, E! and many others.

A huge library of content

FreeInterTV is just one of many lesser-known streaming services out there. It gives you unlimited access to more than 200+ channels without you having to pay a single cent. There are, however, several other great features on this web-based streaming service that will be discussed further in later articles. But first, let’s take a quick look at how this unique service works. If you’re wondering how it can possibly offer “unlimited” TV channels, here’s how:

Live TV

FreeInterTV works through its interactive website. When you visit the site, you’ll be greeted by a desktop widget that contains an animated channel map. The map is divided into three sections, and depending on where you are in the World (Asia, Africa or Europe), you’ll see one or more segments of your favorite TV channels. If you’re currently living in the United Kingdom, for example, you can choose from popular channels like Comedy Centrals, BBC America, The Block, HDTV Plus, You Tube, and The Sky Digital TV Store.

How to watch on FreeInterTV?

Once you have visited the FreeInterTV site, all you have to do is login and activate your account. Logging in is quite simple – all you need is your user name and email address. Once that’s done, you can start enjoying the benefits of this amazing web-based TV watching service.


There are a few ways to gain access to your favorite TV shows, and these are by signing up for a “VIP” or premium account. A VIP or premium account is a little bit more expensive than the basic, free access offered to all users. However, VIPs usually have access to more premium channels and have better stats and search features, like being able to track your favorite TV shows by genre, actor, or network. Premium accounts are also the fastest way to receive channels in the US, as they can instantly receive your favorite shows as soon as they air.

Purchasing movie tickets

Another great feature of FreeInterTV is the ability to purchase movie tickets on the web-based television service. So if you’re planning a weekend trip and don’t want to miss any of your favorite movies, all you need to do is visit the FreeOnTV website, create an account, and add the movies you want to see. You can then enter your information, including your date of birth and credit card number, so that FreeOnTV can process your order and ship your tickets to you. FreeOnTV makes it easy to watch your movies on the web. If you ever have a problem or question regarding your order, simply log in to the free service, and your questions will be answered immediately.

Outstanding benefits

As you can see, FreeOnTV provides an outstanding service that expands the definition of online video. Not only does it allow its members to watch US TV channels like your regular cable provider does, but it lets you view international TV channels, like the ones the British satellite company Sky offers. The biggest bonus is that with a free, web-based service like FreeOnTV, you can enjoy videos on pretty much any device you have, including mobile phones, PDAs, computers, and many other electronic gadgets you might have. That’s because FreeOnTV streams the videos to almost any computer or gadget you have. If you have an iPhone, for example, you can watch FreeOnTV on the App, which is currently available for download from the iTunes store. It’s a very slick way to watch FreeOnTV on the go, since all you really need is your laptop.


The free on demand service offered by FreeOnTV is just one part of what the company claims is a comprehensive movie watching experience. The business also offers special features like a premium movie selection and access to popular streaming services like Hulu Plus and EpiSuite. It’s a remarkable product that combines a powerful web browser with an intuitive user interface. It’s a good idea for people who may not be able to invest in a home television or have access to a broadband connection, but who still want to enjoy their favorite videos on the web. In fact, FreeOnTV may be the perfect solution for the millions of people out there who miss being able to watch movies at home.

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