Guru IPTV: Features, Prices and Channel list

This article introduces Guru IPTV, including its features, price points, channels, etc. However, I believe many IPTV users are not new to it as Guru IPTV is one of the popular IPTV set-top boxes which offers various Indian TV channels. It is launched for Indians living in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Without further ado, cut to the chase to know more about Guru IPTV.

About Guru IPTV


  • Over 100 live Hindi channels
  • Pause or rewind live TV
  • 24*7 technical support and customer service
  • Rewind live HD channels for up to 7 days
  • Enjoy the world’s largest Bollywood library
  • Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali/Bangla, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Gujarati TV channels

Guru IPTV safe?

This is because Guru IPTV is not available in well-known app stores such as the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store. This is sometimes a warning sign


It is available for all Indian language channels and on-demand videos.

  • Hindi Channels
  • Gujarati channels
  • Punjabi Channel
  • Malayalam channels
  • Bengali channels
  • Kannada Channel
  • Urdu channel
  • Tamil channels
  • Telugu channels
  • Marathi Channels
guru iptv channels

In addition to Indian channels, Guru IPTV services are available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.


  • 1 year subscription – $230
  • 2 year subscription – $250
  • 3 year subscription – $270
  • 5 year subscription – $300

How to stream GURU IPTV on your TV

(1) Unbox the Guru IPTV set-top box and check that the necessary wires are available.

(2) Connect the cable to the set-top box port and move it towards the TV.

(3) Plug the other end of the cord into the HDMI port of the TV.

(4) Connect the power cord and turn on the set-top box and TV.

(5) Go to the home screen and select the content to be streamed on the TV.

Pros and Cons of Guru IPTV


Has a user-friendly interface

Long-term subscriptions: 1, 2, 3 and 5 years

Huge library of Indian language channels and VODs

Has 24/7 round-the-clock customer service


The price of the device is quite expensive

Can only be paid by credit card

Sometimes buffering freezes

Other IPTV Services

Guru IPTV is known to mass users and it really deserves to be known by so many people. Now the IPTV market is still expanding, and there are many new IPTV providers that are worth our attention.

OTV IPTV provides users with the most stable and high-quality IPTV subscription service, including 9000 IPTV channels and 50,000 VOD movies and TV series. This IPTV subscription service is compatible with all devices and all applications, and the provider will send you the M3U URL and Xtream code when your order is complete.


Why buy an IPTV subscription?

If you are worried that the bill for a paid (encrypted) satellite channel may be too expensive to afford the monthly payment.IPTV is an alternative to traditional cable TV services. With an IPTV subscription, it enables you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies online from anywhere by connecting to the Internet. An IPTV subscription will save you a lot of money on your TV bill

What is Guru IPTV?

Guru IPTV is an IPTV service that provides live channels at an affordable price.

What channels are available on Guru IPTV?

This IPTV service has over 700 channels in multiple categories, including news, entertainment, sports, international and more

On which devices can I install this IPTV service?

Guru IPTV: The IPTV service can be installed on any device running the Android operating system. This includes Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and any Android device. OTV IPTV: Support for all devices.


Guru IPTV offers over 700 live channels with standard packages starting at under $20.00/month. Most of these channels fall under the Indian category related to news, entertainment, music, etc.

Guru IPTV is good IPTV service, of course it will not reach perfection, many IPTV services are coming out in the market and good ones are available, if you are bored with the IPTV service you are using, check out more IPTV providers, some of them will offer free trial opportunities without the fear of being duped.

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