How to Capture Your Own Video and YouTube to Add Media Features to Your My IPTV Service

What is My IPTV?

What is My IPTV? In simple terms, it is a new version of IPTV wherein a subscriber can watch live TV shows through the World Wide Web using an internet TV box or a computer. This service has many components including a high-speed internet connection and a device that receives the signal and broadcasts it via the airwaves. Compatible devices and apps are other factors in this service. As there are already so many options available for internet TV, it becomes hard for an average user to choose the right one for their needs.

MDUcyaO How to Capture Your Own Video and YouTube to Add Media Features to Your My IPTV Service MDUcyaO How to Capture Your Own Video and YouTube to Add Media Features to Your My IPTV Service



Some oustanding features

Compatible devices with My IPTV

If you use a computer or a laptop as your main device, then you can simply install an apt app from the marketplace. For those who would use a mobile device, there are also specific IPTV apps that can be installed. A popular device among internet TV users is the iOS and Android devices that run on Jellybean and Kit Kat. These devices are said to be more compatible with their services due to their high-end cameras and sensors.

 Subscription plans

Unlike other providers, My IPTV offers many different plans for users to choose. It has 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years plan based on the demand of customers. Most of their plans is affordable. The user only pay about $10 per a month for 1 connection. With $10, you can access about 5000 channels and thousands of VOD. Also, if you want to use many connections, the price will be much cheaper.

How to set up My IPTV

Another advantage of this plan is that it comes pre-loaded with popular video tutorials. You can use these video tutorials to learn how to control your television, including controlling your picture from your handset, by watching these videos on your TV. When you purchase your package, you can activate the application and have instant access to various video tutorials. If you already have My IPTV but you do not have the video tutorials, you can purchase the application and download the video tutorials from the internet. Most reputable satellite TV providers offer the software that will allow you to activate the application with your existing satellite television plan.

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For example, if you are looking for an IPTV solution but do not have a laptop, you should consider getting a portable laptop or mobile device. One option for doing this is through PDA’s, such as the HP Elmo Mobile Phone. As an additional note, if you record your own captured video, you can also save this footage to your laptop or mobile device. In the event that your mobile device does not work properly with the IPTV data plan, you can easily transfer your captured video to your computer. This will allow you to continue using your mobile device while also accessing the IPTV service on your computer.

Why should My IPTV be more appealing?

There are many oustanding benefits for users:

  • Preferential rate
  • Various payment methods
  • Compatibility with most devices
  • Multiple connections are allowed

Besides benefits, Dynasty has some restrictions which need improving:

  • Do not have 24/7 support
  • Do not accept to pay by paypal
  • The channels are mostly from Western countries

To sum up, My IPTV is one of the  best providers which user should not pass because its quality service is good with a huge library of content, high image quality , and stable server. Enjoy the free trial now.

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