How To Install IPTV On KODI

IPTV – or Internet Protocol Television – is a streaming platform that lets people watch content including live TV channels and on-demand shows over the internet.

People choose IPTV over cable because it is cheaper and more customisable, so you only pay for the content you want. There are several ways to set up an IPTV stream.

The main method is to use an Android TV or IPTV box. However, if you have KODI, you can install IPTV to the platform directly for a quick and effective setup.

The first thing you need to do is to enable add-ons from unknown sources. Click on the cog to the top of the sidebar and open System Settings.

From here, you can choose Add-Ons, find the Unknown Sources setting, and enable it. Once you’ve done that, here are the other steps to follow to watch IPTV on KODI.

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Install Fusion Repository To KODI

You need to have a Fusion Repository on your KODI to install and use Ultimate IPTV. Open the cog menu again and find the File Manager settings. Choose Add Source to open the window to add a file or source.

Click on and then enter ‘‘ into the textbox. Enter “Fusion” as the name of the media source.


Install Ultimate IPTV To KODI

Open the sidebar and then the Add-Ons menu in KODI. Click the box on the top-left to open the add-on browser. Choose to install from a Zip file and then choose Fusion.

Open the Kodi-Repos directory, then English to see a host of zip files. Choose the and click OK. You should get a notification an addon was enabled.

Go back to the home screen and then open the Add-On sidebar again. Choose the option to install from the repository and then click on Ultimate Repo and then Video Add-Ons to open the add-on list.

Find the Ultimate IPTV service and f4mTester option. Click on Ultimate IPTV and choose to install it. You should get another notification that an add-on was installed.

If you want to get the best Ultimate IPTV experience, you should also add the Tester F4M addon as well. This video add-on is included in the initial Ultimate IPTV repository.

This time, click on the f4MTester file from the list like before and install it.

You should see the Ultimate IPTV app on your home screen. Open the sidebar and click on Add-Ons and then choose Ultimate IPTV to open the add-on.

The app has several categories to choose from to find and filter content. Ultimate IPTV lists thousands of channels from the United States, the U.K, and other countries.

Be sure to look through some of the configuration options before watching those channels. Move the cursor to the left of the window to open the sidebar to find Add-On Settings.

Open the settings to see things such as a “Set Default Playback” option. This option lets you choose the default playback configuration for Ultimate IPTV.

The settings for Ultimate IPTV is also where you’ll find the filters to find the content you want to watch. For example, you can filter to watch American or British channels specifically.

To add a filter, click on Filter Set 1 and enter the name for the filter, such as “The U.K” or “U.S.” Click on “Choose Your Filter” and then choose the filter and press OK to confirm the change.

Open a channel category to see the different channels in that category. With a USA filter applied, you’ll only see channels from the United States.

The Tester F4M addon you found in the repository also has channel streams included. You should take a look at it to see what’s on offer.

Click on Add-Ons in the sidebar and then choose the F4MTester to open the addon. This should add some new channels to watch.

There are thousands of channels to enjoy with Ultimate IPTV, but not all of them will work. This is particularly true for those with slow connections.

The streams have a good quality but can occasionally buffer or go down if you don’t have the internet speed to support them. Even so, this is a great way to watch IPTV on KODI.

Have fun getting even more out of your KODI and enjoying all your favourite TV shows with IPTV!

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