Falcon IPTV Review: Install and setup on Android, PC, Firestick, and smart TVs 2022

Falcon IPTV is a popular IPTV service provider. Do you want to know all about Falcon IPTV? So, follow our Xiaobian to continue to view this article. What is Falcon IPTV? How to install and set up Falcon IPTV on Android, PC, Firestick, and smart TVs? And about Falcon IPTV Review and Falcon IPTV alternatives.


What is Falcon IPTV?

Falcon IPTV is one of the best UK IPTV and US IPTV services. It has a large number of server cables, providing you with 4000+ live programming and 20000+ video on demand. This service classifies TV videos for you to find and access. You can find different movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc… Falcon IPTV is compatible with many devices. You can install it on Android, PC, Firestick, and smart TVs.

Falcon IPTV Features

  • Support for M3U links and EPG guidelines
  • Built-in video player, support external video player
  • We have 24/7 customer support
  • Compatible with most devices and supports third-party applications
  • Free trial for 24 hours
  • Provide more than 4000+ live channels and 20000+VOD on demand
  • Offers major sports packages, PPV, etc
  • Triple base package
  • VPN friendly

Falcon IPTV subscription Plan

Falcon IPTV has 3 subscription plans. The most popular is a 12-month plan at a reduced price. They offer 24-hour testing for free. See the table below for detailed IPTV subscription prices.

IPTV subscription timeIPTV subscription price
3 Months$ 25.99
6 Months$ 48.99
12 Months$ 90.99
IPTV Free TrialFree 24 hours

Falcon IPTV-compatible device

Falcon IPTV is compatible with the most popular devices, where you can watch live channels from around the world.

Falcon IPTV for Firestick

If you want to install Falcon IPTV on Firestick, you will need to enter the APK download address in the downloader.

1. Start your Firestick device, locate “Search” on the home screen, and open it.


2. Enter Downloader in the search box.

3. Choose the app from the suggestion list and select Download to install the app on Firestick.

4. Return to the Firestick home screen.

5. Select Settings and click on My Fire TV.

6. Click on “Developer Options” and select Install Unknown apps.


7. Scroll down and select Downloader.

8. Enter the Falcon IPTV download link in the link box in the downloader and click “Go“.


9. Click Install to complete the installation and download.

10. Now you can stream your favorite IPTV content on Firestick. Enjoy it.

Falcon IPTV for Android

  • 1. Open a browser on your Android device and type Falcon IPTV Apk.
  • 2. Select the official website and download the Falcon IPTV Apk program
  • 3. Click Install to download the program to your device.
  • 4. After the installation is complete, start the Falcon IPTV activation screen.
  • 5. Enter the login information you got from the IPTV subscriber. Click log in.
  • 6. Now you can enjoy your live channels and sports on your Android device.

Falcon IPTV for smart TVs

1 Select a browser on your PC and type: Falcon IPTV apk download.

2. You will need to select an informed site to download Falcon IPTV Apk to your PC.

3. Connect the USB drive to your PC and copy the Falcon IPTV Apk to download the file.


4. Remove the USB drive and insert it into the USB port of your smart TV.

5. Locate Settings on your smart TV and select Security and Restrictions.

6. Click on Unknown apps and enable it.

7. Now paste the Falcon IPTV apk file onto your smart TV and install it.

8. Open the Falcon IPTV Apk program

9. Enter your IPTV subscription activation information.

10. Now you can enjoy your live content on your smart TV!


Android devices are definitely popular, many IPTV services are compatible with it, and it works with most IPTV players, free IPTV players or premium IPTV players.

Falcon IPTV forWindows and Mac PC

1. Open the browser on your PC.

2. Input the link “https://www.bluestacks.com/” in the search bar.


3. Click Download to download the BlueStacks emulator to your PC.

4. Open BlueStacks and log in with your Google account.

5. Select Play Store on the home screen.

6. Start the application and enter Falcon IPTV in the search bar.


7. Click Install Complete to complete the download.

8. Open the Falcon IPTV activation screen and enter the related IPTV subscription activation information. (M3U URL).

9. Now you can enjoy your favorite live-streaming content on your Windows and Mac PC!

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View the video on downloading and installing the Falcon IPTV installation tutorial

Falcon IPTV Review

Falcon IPTV is a stable IPTV service. It has an amazing selection of channels. So far, I’ve checked some of the entertainment channels about it. You can delete duplicate audio and listen to the original audio. You can also choose English subtitles. The service’s VOD is great. The service was excellent.

Best Alternative to Falcon IPTV

If you are looking for a better IPTV subscription service, you will have a helpful price, a wider choice of channel content, and a more stable viewing experience. Then, you can choose the best replacement for Falcon IPTV: OTV IPTV.

OTV IPTV will provide you with the most stable and Premium IPTV subscription service, including 9,000 IPTV channels and 50,000 VOD movies & series. They offer a free 24-hour trial, and if you want to get a quick look at the stability of their services.

I recommend a 7-day trial experience with premium live channels, TV movies, and sporting events for $5. The service is compatible with all third-party players. It can be said that OTV IPTV.SHOP is definitely the best replacement for Falcon IPTV.

Related FAQ

Is Falcon IPTV safe?

You can scan the Falcon TV website URL via VirusTotal, which is secure without virus plug-ins.

Falcon IPTV Legal?

OTV IPTV cannot determine whether an unverified IPTV service holds the appropriate legal license. As long as the content provided by Falcon IPTV is within the scope permitted by the copyright holder, it is legal.

Does Falcon IPTV alternative offer a free trial?

Falcon IPTV replacement: OTV IPTV, which offers a 24-hour free trial. They have a great 7-day experience where you can get a premium IPTV experience for $5.

How to get a better IPTV premium service provider than Falcon IPTV?

If you are looking for a better IPTV premium service than Falcon IPTV. We recommend you search Google for “IPTV subscription“. You will find the best IPTV premium service. Please use the IPTV Trial version for the test first. To ensure their stability.

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