Gt IPTV 3 Review: Install and setup on Android, Firestick, and smart TVs 2022

With the popular trend of IPTV, more and more free IPTV and paid IPTV appear in our life. One of the surprises is a service called gt IPTV 3, which is free. It’s a great app that runs on Android devices, Firestick, and smart TVs. So you can enjoy the best IPTV content.

But, the free IPTV service on the market is not stable, and the quality and content of the stream are much less than that of the paid one. Because no free IPTV is going to beat a good IPTV provider.

For the best IPTV subscription, click here and you can use this IPTV provider as your preferred IPTV service.


What is gt IPTV 3?

gt IPTV 3 is an IPTV-based application that lets you run on your Android devices, Firestick, and smart TVs. It’s free. You can use it to watch your favorite channels and sports events.

Why choose gt IPTV 3?

gt IPTV 3 was chosen because it is free. It offers some free IPTV channels. These include live sports, international live channels, and children’s television channels. But because it is free, there are limitations compared to paid IPTV subscriptions. For example, channel content and functional services are also less. gt IPTV 3 applications cannot get a true IPTV subscription from an IPTV provider, such as OTV IPTV.

Using a premium IPTV service gives you access to up to thousands of IPTV live-streaming channels for you to watch at the lowest cost.

gt IPTV 3 Features

  1. It’s free. There is no fee to pay
  2. Have a custom and quality user interface
  3. Channel types have separate categories
  4. Supports 720p, 1080p and some 4K IPTV channels
  5. You can use Chromecast from within the app
  6. Many languages can be selected within the app
  7. You can visit the news, sports, and movie channels
  8. This application only takes up 9MB of your memory

gt IPTV 3 compatible devices

  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Amazon Firestick and Fire TV devices
  • Android Smart TV

gt IPTV 3 subscription price

gt IPTV 3 is free at no cost. gt IPTV 3 is not available in the Google App Store and App Store, so you will need to install it from a third-party website. It is an IPTV player application for streaming any IPTV content.

gt IPTV 3 for Android TV/ Android Smart TV/TV Box / Phone / Pad/

gt IPTV 3 applies to Android devices and can be installed in two ways. Because it’s not available for download in the Google App Store, you’ll have to open a browser on your Android device and search in the downloader. Another method is to turn on the Apps from Unknown Sources option on your Android TV through the use of a USB flash drive before installing files.

Methods 1

  • 1. Open the android TV, and open the browser input link “” to complete the download.
  • 2. Open the downloaded gt IPTV 3 application.
  • 3. Now, you can open the gt IPTV 3 application and play your favorite TV content.

Method 2

  • 1. On your PC, open a browser input link “” to complete the download.
  • 2. Insert the USB drive and copy the gt IPTV 3APK file you just downloaded.
  • 3. Then, plug the USB drive into your Android TV.
  • 4. Open the USB flash drive. Now you can install the gt IPTV 3 APK file.
  • 5. Now the gt IPTV 3APK file is installed on your Android TV, please remember to remove the USB flash drive.
  • 6. Now you can open the gt IPTV 3 app and play your favorite TV content.

gt IPTV 3 for Firestick

All Amazon Fire TV and Firestick devices have Fire OS, which is like the Android operating system. So, you need to go to Downloader to download gt IPTV 3.

How do I download and install gt IPTV 3?

1. Open the Firestick screen and click the “settings” option.

2. Select My Fire TV.

3. Swipe down and select Developer options.

4. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

5. A popover will appear now, click “Turn On“.

6. On the home screen, tap the search icon.

7. In the search box, enter Downloader and click Search.

8. In The Downloader search bar enters the gt IPTV 3 APK download link ““, and click “Go“.


9. Click Install to install the gt IPTV 3 APK file.

10. Start the gt IPTV 3 application on the Firestick

11. Now you can enjoy gt IPTV 3 application on your Firestick to bring you TV channels.

gt IPTV 3 for Android Phone / Pad/

  1. Open your Android Phone/Pad/ and enter gt IPTV 3 in the browser to download the APK.

2. Open the gt IPTV 3 APK file and click Install.


3. After completing the installation steps, click the Open button

4. After the installation is complete, the gt IPTV 3 main screen is displayed, and you can select the channel category you want.


5. Now you can enjoy it.


Android devices are definitely popular, many IPTV services are compatible with it, and it works with most IPTV players, free IPTV players or premium IPTV players.

View gt IPTV 3 app’s channel category presentation video

gt IPTV 3 Review

gt IPTV 3 is a free IPTV app that allows you to watch some free channels. You can select the list of IPTV categories according to your preference. There are national, international, FOX Premium, sports, and kids channels. The program is also loaded with all the premium HBO channels like HBO, HBO 2, Family, Signature, and HBO plus. For users keen on premium IPTV providers, gt IPTV 3 is an excellent free IPTV streaming backup to these premium IPTV providers.

gt IPTV 3 is the best alternative

There are many free IPTV services available. Same as gt IPTV 3. If you want to watch more channel content, high-quality pictures, and more functional IPTV premium service. Then I recommend you to use OTV IPTV.SHOP.

OTV IPTV will provide you with the most stable and Premium IPTV subscription service, including 9,000 IPTV channels and 50,000 VOD movies & series. They offer a free 24-hour trial, and if you want to get a quick look at the stability of their services.

I recommend a 7-day trial experience with premium live channels, TV movies, and sporting events for $5. The service is compatible with all third-party players. It can be said that OTV IPTV.SHOP is definitely the best replacement for gt IPTV 3.

Related FAQ

Is gt IPTV 3 a free IPTV application?

Yes, gt IPTV 3 is a free IPTV app that doesn’t must any more subscription fees.

What TV channels come with the gt IPTV 3 app?

1. National Channels
In this category, you will get to choose from channels like Channel 3, Channel 7, television, TN 23, Guatevision, Visof TV, Telephone, Play Medios, Television, Canal Antigua, TV Landscape, TV Azteca Guate, TVs, TDS, TV USAC, RTV Rhema, Nuestra Imagen, RTVida, Peniel, NimTV, Like Before TV, etc.
2. International Channels
In this category, you will get international TV channels such as Azteca Uno, CNN Chile, RT Espanol, CDO, TVP, Azteca Mas, TSI, Channel 11 HN, HCH, Channel 5, Cachi Pum TV, City TV, Once TV, Telemusica, DW, ADN 40, Bolivision, SNT, ATV, FoxMix, etc.
3. Premium TV
You can also catch some premium TV channels like Telemundo, Las Estrellas, Azteca 7, TNT, TNT Series, AXN, Space, AMC, Cinecanal, Cinemax, Discovery Channel, ID, Discovery H&H, History, NatGeo, GoldenFX, Max Prime, A&E, Warner Channel, etc.
4. Kids’ TV
Included in GT IPTV are many premium kids channels such as Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Disney Channel, Discovery Kids, Tiin, NatGeo Kids, and Nick Jr.
5. Sports
The app also includes a live sports section where you can get popular sports IPTV channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, Fox Sports, Fox Sports 2, TDN, UDN, and Fox Sports 3.
6. Fox Premium
If you enjoy Fox content you will like this category which includes Fox, Action, Family, Cinema, Life, Movies, Series, and Classics.
7. HBO Go
Also, the app covers all the premium HBO channels which are HBO, HBO 2, Family, Signature, and HBO plus.

Download gt IPTV. 3 Is APK safe?

When selecting gt IPTV 3 application applets, you need to check the site to see if there are any junk plug-in installations. You are advised to download the gt IPTV 3 APK file from the official website.

What do I need to start the IPTV service?

1. IPTV Box / Smart TV / Smartphone
2. IPTV App
3. IPTV Subscription
First, you need to Buy an IPTV subscription and then install the IPTV Player App on your device. Once the installation is complete. launch the IPTV App and enter your subscription information to stream TV programs using IPTV.

How to get a better IPTV premium service provider than gt IPTV 3?

If you are looking for a better IPTV premium service than gt IPTV 3. We recommend you search Google for “IPTV subscription“. You will find the best IPTV premium service. Please use the IPTV Trial version for the test first. To ensure their stability.


This tutorial on gt IPTV 3 setup on Android devices, smart TVs, and Firestick will help you. GT IPTV is a great small IPTV application that is ideal for use as a backup to streams from your primary IPTV provider in case you have any downtime with your current IPTV provider. But if you are looking for an alternative to get IPTV 3, then you use OTV

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