OTT Navigator IPTV: How to Activate and Configure an IPTV subscription

OTT Navigator IPTV is the almost perfect IPTV player with incredible and complex customizations, unlimited possibilities. In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the OTT Navigator IPTV, including how to download and activate and set up an IPTV subscription.

What is OTT Navigator IPTV

OTT Navigator is an Android-only video player specifically designed to handle streaming and VOD content, typically provided by OTT/IPTV providers. The application is just a player, with neither any content nor any content for you.

The preferred playlist format for OTT Navigator IPTV is M3U/M3U8, and you can also add Xtream Codes or Stalker Prota playlists. L In order to use it, you need to have an IPTV provider and configure it in your application.

Features of OTT Navigator IPTV

  • The OTT Navigator app supports IPTV M3U URLs, Playlists, Xtream Codes, Stalker Prota, XML, AFR, DRM, and more.
  • It has an automatic resume feature that allows you to save playback progress and resume at the previous moment.
  • This IPTV allows you to play local files available in the network via UPnP/DNLA.
  • It also supports timeshift and EPG(Electronic Player Guide).
  • It automatically groups channels from your favorite list.
  • This IPTV has a simple and user-friendly interface.

The Features of OTT Navigator Premium Full Version:

  1. Live TV watching.
  2. Groups favorite channels and categories automatically.
  3. Start playing the last channel on launch.
  4. Timeshift support for providers with archives.
  5. PiP picture-in-picture mode (and studio mode for watching multiple streams).
  6. Reminds interesting shows.
  7. Watch archived shows and the media library.
  8. Filters by channels, categories, genres, seasons, years, favorite channels, age, and country.
  9. Search by anything.
  10. Retrieves data from several EPG sources (including user-provided).’
  11. Saving playback progress with automatic resume from the previous moment.
  12. Playback speed.
  13. Browse and play local network files via UPnP/DNLA.
  14. Media library And lots more, including AFR support, DRM support, recommendations, etc.

OTT Navigator IPTV Price

OTT Navigator IPTV is a free to download and use IPTV player that does not provide content per se but acts as a platform for unlimited viewing of IPTV channels. But the player suite is a freemium software, which means you need to buy the premium version to unlock all the features.

Unlock the benefits of OTT Navigator External Player

  1. Unlock the benefits of OTT Navigator External Player (Premium)
  2. The friendly user interface, comfortable to watch live channels
  3. Adjust the price of your favorite channel to your favorites
  4. Store programs
  5. Powerful network system, no advertising distribution
  6. Simple and intuitive interface design

1. The friendly user interface, comfortable to watch live channels

In OTT Navigator External Player, users will have the right to search for attractive TV channels and enjoy great movies. Also, you can watch game shows about children, women, and fun, as well as many music-themed programs. Also, you will have the opportunity to enjoy romantic movies or super scary action movies.

2. Adjust the price of your favorite channel to your favorites

OTT Navigator External Player adds it to the favorites list for easy access and searches for songs. Everyone has a purpose and purpose. Some people like to see this, some people want to see that. You can choose interesting programs for yourself to relax your mind.

3. Store programs

OTT Navigator External Player will provide you with the ability to store the featured programs you want to save. If you want to see a particular movie but don’t have the time, you can store them completely in the library to make it easier to find them next time. Also, you’ll have a filter on a per-channel basis to provide people with the news they need. Also, you have the right to keep records that you view.

4. Powerful network system, no advertising distribution

When using OTT Navigator External Player. you need to connect your mobile device to the Internet or Wifi network to maintain and continue to watch all videos. You need a strong network system to ensure that you can watch compelling and interesting entertainment programs.

5. Simple and intuitive interface design

OTT Navigator External Player impressed many users with its dedicated services. Everything from color to decorative layout must be immaculate and easy to see. Moreover, every sound and image in these episodes is lifelike, giving viewers a more exciting and interesting feeling.

OTT Navigator IPTV Apk for Android TV / TV Box / Phone / Tablet

For users of Android TV devices, you can find this app in the Google Play Store, so you do not need to load or manually install the app on your Android device.

How to Download and Install

To download Room IPTV Apk, click here:

Or head to your device’s app store (Google Play) and search there for the name of the OTT Navigator IPTV app. You must then click Install and follow the on-screen instructions to download and install OTT Navigator IPTV.

It’s worth noting that you might also see OttNav Companion, This app is intended to manage premium features of the OTT Navigator IPTV on devices without Google Play. You can add more devices, remove them, or purchase more device slots for premium functionality.

OTT Navigator Apk for Firestick

Since this live TV player isn’t available in the Amazon App Store, it must be side-loaded onto your Fire TV device using the Downloader app.

The steps below show you how to install OTT Navigator IPTV using an Amazon Firestick Max. This same process works on all models of the Amazon Firestick, Fire TVs, and Fire TV Cube.

How to Download and Install

  1. Download and install the Downloader App
  2. Go to Firestick Settings and find My Fire TV
  3. Nevigate to the Developer option.
  4. Click Install Unknown Apps and turn ON the Downloader app
  5. Open the Downloader and type the following path in the URL text box:
  6. Complete the download and installation steps as prompted

OTT Navigator IPTV for Windows PC

There is no special version of OTT Navigator IPTV for Windows PC or Mac, however, there is a solution that uses the application. Next, we explain what you must do to use the OTT Navigator IPTV on a computer with a Windows operating system.

How to Download and Install

If you want to use the OTT Navigator IPTV on Windows, you will need to install an Android emulator first, which can be BlueStacks, one of the most highly rated emulators on the market.

After downloading and installing the emulator, then click the following link to download the OTT Navigator IPTV Apk.

Once the download is complete, open the OTT Navigator IPTV Apk using BlueStacks to use the application on Windows.

OTT Navigator IPTV for Smart TV

The app is only available for Android, so if your TV is running Android TV/Google TV, it will work perfectly. If you choose an LG/ Samsung TV (currently the only 2 major vendors that don’t use Android), you can also use OTT Navigator IPTV via the TV +TV box (Android TV Box, Firestick, Chromecast, and more).

Here are the steps on how to install OTT Navigator IPTV on Smart Android TV.

How to Download and Install

  1. Open your Smart TV App Store.
  2. Search OTT Navigator IPTV
  3. Click Install and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation process.

How to Setup and Activate IPTV Subscription on OTT Navigator IPTV

You can add your playlists to OTT Navigator IPTV via playlists (M3U or M3U8) and middleware servers (MAC Portal, Stalker Portal, and Xtream Codes).

It is highly recommended to use Xtream Codes/M3U to set up and activate your IPTV subscription.

  1. Open the OTT Navigator IPTV app on your device.
  2. Click on Settings, go to the first option (Provider) in the right menu.
  3. Then click on the first option at the top of the list (Add Provider).
  4. Select a Generic Middleware Server.
  5. Click on Xtream Codes/M3U and add your login information. (Server URL, username, password).
OTT Navigator IPTV 上的 m3u

6. Wait for the channel to load, then watch your favorite show.

Video Tutorial | how to add a playlist or M3u file?

How to add a playlist or M3u file on the OTT Navigator app, The following is a very simple tutorial:

Alternative to OTT Navigator IPTV

OTT Navigator IPTV is a completely free IPTV app available for Android, Firestick and Smart TVS. But some features require the Premium edition to be activated. You can also find plenty of OTT Navigator IPTV alternatives on the Google App Store. Here is a list of the best OTT Navigator IPTV alternatives on various IPTV devices.

Android Alternative: IPTV Smarters Pro, TiviMate, GSE Smart IPTV, XC IPTV, IPTV Extreme, Smartone IPTV, Room IPTV.

iOS Alternative: IPTV Smarters Pro and iMplayer

Smart TV Alternative: Smart IPTV, Flix IPTV, NET IPTV, SET IPTV, SS IPTV, and IPTV Smarters Pro

Firestick Alternative: IPTV Smarters, GSE Smart IPTV, IPTV Extreme, XC IPTV,OTT Navigator IPTV

Windows Alternative: VLC Player, IPTV Smarters Pro

OTT Navigator IPTV FAQ

Is OTT Navigator IPTV Legal?

Yes. this app is 100% legal to install and use. But the app doesn’t offer any streaming content, so you’ll need to look for a reliable IPTV subscription service, such as OTV IPTV.

Is OTT Navigator IPTV free?

Yes. You can download and use OTT Navigator for free, But some features require the Premium edition to be activated.

What devices is the OTT Navigator IPTV available on?

OTT Navigator IPTV is an Android IPTV media player that works perfectly with your chosen provider playlist on any available Android device such as Android TV, TV Box, and Smartphone.

OTT Navigator IPTV Review

OTT Navigator IPTV is a responsive player that makes sure that you haven’t missed any enjoyable content stimulated from your interests. From live TV shows to archived ones, it can seamlessly play everything with a playback speed option given to control your watching experience. It demonstrates features that can address your needs like PiP, studio mode, timeshift, and many more to explore. 

If you are looking for an IPTV player for your IPTV subscription, then OTT Navigator IPTV would be a good choice.

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