IPTV Guide: How to install & use OTV Premium Pro on Nvidia Shield TV?[2023]

How to install and use the OTV premium Pro app on your NVIDIA Shield?

NVIDIA Shield is a streaming media player and game console developed by NVIDIA. It runs on the Android TV operating system, one of the best Android devices on the market, supports 4K HDR playback, and offers a wide range of games and streaming services.

If you have one of these awesome guys and want to watch IPTV content on your NVIDIA Shield, you need to read this article carefully as we will explain how to install and use the OTV premium Pro app on your NVIDIA Shield.

IPTV installation tutorial: OTV Premium Pro on Nvidia Shield TV

OTV IPTV is one of the best Android IPTV providers, as well as one of the best perfect IPTV plans. You can enjoy the world of unlimited entertainment. Includes the latest season of exclusive originals, popular movie library, NFL, NBA, PPV, and various sporting events.

Before installing the IPTV app, you need to subscribe to an IPTV plan so you don’t miss any live sporting events. Here are the detailed steps:

Get OTV IPTV on Nvidia Shield

If you have already purchased our OTV IPTV plan, you can go to the next step. If not, don’t worry, here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Type our website into the search bar: https://otviptv.shop/.

Step 2: Click on “Subscription” in the top navigation bar.

OTV IPTV subscription

Step 3: On the subscription page, Scroll down and you will see “IPTV Test Package” and “IPTV Subscription Package”, click on “Buy now” to select.

Please note: If you are new to us, we recommend that you try our free 24-hour trial to check the stability of our servers before purchasing. If the 24-hour free trial isn’t enough, you can subscribe to a seven-day trial at a discounted price.

Step 4: After you subscribe, our automated distribution system will send the IPTV code to your user center and email. It usually takes less than two minutes. It’s your credentials to activate the device.

Install OTV Premium Pro Apk

How to install OTV IPTV on Nvidia Shield TV. Scroll down for a more detailed step-by-step installation tutorial.

How to open unknown sources?

Be sure to enable unknown sources before installing the downloader and OTV IPTV APK. Here’s how:

  • 1- Open Settings and choose Security and Restriction from the menu.
  • 2- Choose Unknown sources and turn on the toggle.
Opening unknown Sources2
  • 3- Third-party applications can now be installed on your Nvidia Shield.

How to install the Downloader?

Since our OTV IPTV subscription has a separate app, it is not available in the App Store. Therefore, you must download the OTV APK file through the Downloader sideloading method. The procedure is as follows:

1- Open the Nvidia Shield homepage.

3- Start the Google App Store and search for the Downloader.


4- Click on the Downloader icon, and then install it. Click “Open” when you are complete.


5- After the installation is complete, open the download file. Follow the prompts to allow everything.

How to install the OTV Premium Pro Apk?

1- open the “download”, on the home page on the menu, insert the URL:https://otviptv.shop/pemiumpro.apk, and click on “go”.

download otv iptv apk1

2- Wait for the OTV Premium Pro to download.

download otv iptv apk2

3- The downloader application will run OTV IPTV. Click Install.

4- After the installation is complete, follow the prompted steps to allow everything.

Now you have finally installed OTV Premium Pro on Nvidia Shield TV.

How to activate the IPTV code?

If you already have an IPTV subscription code and have OTV Premium Pro Apk installed on your device, here is the final step to activate your IPTV app. Here are the activation steps:

1- Open the OTV Premium Pro Apk and go to the login page.

2- Enter the Activation Code.


Note: If you have any questions, please contact our customer service by email, Or chat with our customer service via WhatsApp.

3- Then click “LOGIN” and a number of worldwide channels and videos will appear on your screen.



Now that you’ve learned how to install the OTV IPTV app on your Nvidia Shield TV, open it up and enjoy the great content. If you still have questions feel free to contact us and click OTV IPTV for IPTV tutorials for other devices.

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