Purple IPTV: How to Activate and Configure an IPTV subscription

IPTV service is a streaming service used to watch TV channels and sports events on your streaming device. In this article, we’ll discuss the Purple IPTV application; if you’re not familiar with it, check this article out.

This article will provide complete details about Purple IPTV. In addition, we provide you with the process of installing Purple IPTV on your streaming device.

What is Purple IPTV?

Purple IPTV is a TV content streaming service that allows third-party applications to broadcast TV content through the IPTV service. You can watch all TV content, such as movies, shows, and other entertainment. In addition, you can watch live TV shows on the Purple Internet Protocol TV service.

Purple IPTV features

Purple IPTV can provide the best service for its users. The following are the features of Purple IPTV:

  • Customization – You can customise and rebrand the Purple TV service as you like on your device.
  • Multi Profile – The Purple Smart IPTV allows you to use this service on many devices.
  • P2P – There, we have a P2P feature available in Purple TV.
  • Live TV – Also, you can watch Live Television programs on the Purple TV service.
  • VOD, EPG – You can also access the Video on demand and the EPG service on your device.
  • Xstream Code – There, we had Xtream Code API support.
  • Parental Control – By using this parental control, you can lock and unlock the necessary content from your children.
  • Wi-Fi – It provides a quick Wi-Fi connection and the settings section.
  • VPN – The Purple Smart IPTV had an in-built VPN service, and it connects automatically for smooth streaming.

Pros and Cons of Purple IPTV

People like a lot of things in Purple IPTV. We mention a few in the space below.

1. In-Built VPN.
2. P2P.
3. Customization and Rebrandable.
4. Multi Profile.
5. Live, VOD, and EPG.
1. There is no daily subscription plan

Purple IPTV For Android

Since you are installing third-party apps on Android, you can download and install Purple IPTV directly from the Play store. Here are the detailed installation steps:

How to Download and Install

  • Start by opening your Android device and going to the Play store. In the search bar, search for Purple IPTV. Or click the download button below.
  • When the installation is complete, start the application.
  • After enabling Purple IPTV, you must select TV or mobile mode to display the best interface.
  • Select yes or no when starting the device.

Purple IPTV for Firestick

Since the Purple IPTV APK is not available in the Amazon App Store, you must use the Downloader application to side-load it to your Firestick device.

How to Download and Install

  1. Download and install the Downloader application.
  2. Go to Firestick Settings and find my firestick navigation to Developer options.
  3. Click Install Unknown Application and open the downloader application.
  4. Open the downloader and enter the URL download link in the URL text box, then click “GO”.
  5. Complete the download and installation steps as prompted.

Purple IPTV for Windows PC

If you want to run Purple IPTV on a Windows PC, you will need to have Bluestacks, an Android emulator, or another emulator. Here is the installation guide:

How to Download and Install

  1. First, install Bluestacks on your PC, then click the link to download them.
  2. Open BlueStacks and log in to your Google account.
  3. Then go to the Google Play store and double-click on the icon to open it.
  4. No ads can now be installed on the search Purple IPTV-PC.
  5. After clicking the “Install” button, Purple IPTV will be automatically installed on Bluestacks. You can find the application under Bluestacks’ list of installed applications.

Purple IPTV for Smart TVs

Below is a tutorial guide on how to install Purple IPTV on an Android smart TV.

How to Download and Install

  1. Open the Play store on your Android smart TV.
  2. Search for and install Purple IPTV on your Android smart TV.
  3. When the installation is complete, click the Open button.
  4. Select TV as the device option, and click the Next icon.
  5. Grant access to data from your device, and click the Next icon.
  6. Install the available plug-ins in the application plug-ins screen.
  7. Select any of the available languages and click the Next icon.
  8. You have now successfully set up the application.

How to activate and configure IPTV subscriptions on Purple IPTV?

Step 1: After opening Purple IPTV, you must first select TV or mobile mode to display the best interface.


Step 2: Select yes or no when booting the device


Step 3: Skip the registration or login step (skip)

Step 4: You now need to press the + button to add your playlist


Step 5: Select the LOGIN WITH XSTREAM URL method to add a playlist


Step 6: Enter the credentials sent by the IPTV provider and click “Log in“.

Step 7: Wait a few minutes for the IPTV playlist to load up on your screen.

How to extract Xtream Codes login information from M3U URL?

Finding these details from the M3U URL is not complicated, just a little confusing.

Here we will help you find these details easily.


There are the details you need to log in to IPTV through Xtream Codes

  • Server Address: http://Server.Address/
  • Username: otviptv
  • Password: 123456

The best alternative to Purple IPTV

Android Alternative: IPTV Smarters Pro, GSE Smart IPTVXC IPTVIPTV ExtremeSmartOne IPTV

iOS Alternative: IPTV Smarters Pro and iMplayer

Smart TV Alternative: Smart IPTV, Flix IPTV, NET IPTV, SET IPTV, and SSIPTV

Firestick Alternative: IPTV Smarters, GSE Smart IPTV, IPTV Extreme, XC IPTVott navigator IPTV.

Windows Alternative: VLC Player, IPTV Smarters Pro

FAQs about Purple IPTV

What is a purple IPTV player?

Purple Player includes smart features like Parental Control, External Player, Recording, Multi-Screen, and In-Built VPN, Multi Profile, P2P, Sub profile feature, etc.

Is the purple player free?

Price: Free Download Price inclusive of VAT if applicable. This app needs permission to access: Access information about networks.

What is Purple IPTV compatible with?

Compatible with the following: Android Smartphones 、iPhone / iPad、Android Devices、iOS Devices、Android TV、Amazon Fire Stick TV、Mac、Desktop Windows、Mag Box


Purple IPTV is the most advanced of all IPTV media player applications. However, it does not contain any IPTV content and you will need to obtain the M3U link or Xtream Codes provided by the IPTV provider to activate and set up the IPTV channel. Get the best IPTV subscription.

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