Smart STB: Activate, Install and Configure IPTV Subscriptions

Smart STB is an Android application that can be installed on Samsung, LG, Sony …… Smart TVs.

This application allows you to get premium IPTV services with Portal, just like MAG and Formulate boxes, with all the features that can be expected from MAG and Portal boxes.

Why choose Smart-STB TV?

  • Smart-STB is more affordable than your provider’s set-top box.
  • No extra remotes and no cables hanging on the floor and walls all the time.
  • No bad picture and sound caused by poor wiring.
  • No geo-locking, allowing you to use the application from anywhere in the world.
  • Smart-STB provides seamless and automatic updates so there is no more need to fill out outdated set-top boxes, such as door stops and paper forms.
  • All updates are automatically downloaded for the best viewing experience.
  • Complete portal support and very easy to configure.
  • Secure download with no obligation and no credit card details are required to access your 7-day free trial.

Smart-STB Activation: How to Activate your Smart-STB IPTV trial

You will first need to find the MAC address of the software required for application activation on the Smart-STB website.

To find the MAC address of the software, please follow these instructions.

Go to: System Settings > Device Information.

Here you will find some information about the device and the Mac address.

  • The software MAC address is required to activate the application on the Smart-STB website.
  • The virtual MAC address is required to activate the service on our IPTV server.

How to install Smart STB on a Smart TV

Step 1: Install the Smart STB application on your TV and open it. After a few seconds, you will see the following message.

When you see this message, press one of the number keys (0-9) and the following screen will be displayed.

You will need to enter the activation code you will receive later here.

Step 2: Open the website and go to the “Trial and Purchase” tab and select Activate New Trial Version.

Depending on the region, you may see a “Software ID”. When you enter the code, the Software ID will automatically appear.

On the same page, you should fill in the Software ID and our SMART STB Portal URL

(sent via email after your order). You can enter it on this page or later from the application on your TV. Finally, click Continue.

Enter the activation code on the TV.

If you did everything right, you should be seeing this message on TV right now.

Step 3: Please enter all the details required for registration and you should see the trial version in your shopping cart as shown below.

Step 4: After successful registration, you should see this screen in your browser.

Important: You must provide us with your (virtual MAC address: 00:1A:79: …)

To allow your STB SMART application to access our portal.

Step 5: If everything is set up correctly, you should see this loading bar on your device.

Activate the paid license

Considering that the Software MAC address and account registration at the Smart-STB side are already completed, upgrading to a paid License is very simple and easy.

Step 1: Log in to the smart-STB website and go to “MY LICENSE”.
The clock is “Active”.
Step 2: Click “Upgrade”.
Step 3: These are the following monthly and yearly paid licenses you can subscribe to.

For example, if you subscribe to a lifetime subscription, the subscription status on the device information page will change to Paid and expire as Never, since it is a lifetime subscription.

How to add IPTV to Smart STB

Step 1: Login to your account. And select Try and Buy > My License.

Step 2: Select the TV you want to change.

Step 3: Scroll down to Device Information and click Portal URL Management.

Step 4: Write down your virtual MAC and provide it to your IPTV reseller.

In exchange, it will provide you with a URL that you will enter in 2. In 2, you will enter the name you want, and if you plan to install multiple IPTVs, it will only find its way to you.

Then, click Update Custom Portal URL.

Also, if your reseller successfully sent the IPTV stream via the MAC address provided, you can simply turn on the TV and your STB application again.

Step 5: If everything is set up correctly, you should see this loading bar on your device.

Video Tutorial: How to install and add an IPTV list on your TV?


What is Smart STB?

Smart-STB is an app that allows you to watch anything and everything you want, and it’s extremely easy to set up.
Installing Smart-STB is as easy and simple as any other App on your TV, mobile, or computer and it opens your own portal to the world of IPTV.

Is Smart STB app free?

Yes, all app users can have 7 days free Trial of the Full version of the app. Trial version starts as soon as the user agrees to the Terms and conditions inside the app. The Trial version is not limited in any way except that it works for 7 calendar days.

How to add the m3u link on Smart STB App?

The same method as Portal links, only instead of placing portals, m3u links are placed.

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