IPTV BOX Review: Everything you need to know 2022

With the popular trend of IPTV subscription service, people use it more and more and popular in daily life, and at the same time. it also drives people’s pursuit and choice of IPTV BOX. Especially when it comes to favorite shows and sporting events, most people choose to watch them at home on television. Now also to having a premium IPTV subscription, TV equipment, you also need to use the IPTV box to complete this series of work.

Next, I will introduce to you what is IPTV Box? And everything about IPTV Box Review.


What is an IPTV Box?

Before we learn about IPTV BOX, we should first know that IPTV stands for Internet Protocol television. IPTV subscription service transmits content over the Internet to your device so that you can watch your favorite live TV channels.

But, the IPTV Box allows people to stream Internet or USB device media content to your TV. The IPTV Box can be thought of as like a cable box. the IPTV Box is a portal for dedicated services that can bring you premium media content and let you get the TV content you want.

How does IPTV Box work?

The IPTV Box is used to convert the reception signal over the Internet connection to disseminate video and media content to your TV screen. It needs to be connected via HDMI or AV cable, and can also be connected via WIFI. But the premise is that you must choose a premium IPTV subscription service.

Is IPTV Box Legal?

An IPTV box is legal as long as the content you are accessing via it is free. But, they are illegal if they are changed to access content that is copyrighted or requires payment for a subscription.

How to choose the best IPTV Box?

There are many kinds of IPTV box on the market, from appearance to design to practicality, we need to check. Some get their power from a power source, and some smaller ones get their power from an HDMI connector that plugs into the back of the TV, usually from a USB. Both must a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet.

Before subscribing, but, you need to choose whether the joystick can play your favorite shows. Choosing the right box for you is a matter of preference and convenience. A few things to consider:

priceChoose the IPTV box that suits your price position
IPTV BOX typeThere are usually two types: stick and box, depending on your preference, convenience and practicality
memoryChoose the size suitable for storage space according to your preferences
Compatible with the equipmentThe choice of IPTV box fit should be considered compatible with most of the equipment
Streaming Media OptionsNot all IPTV boxes support the programs and services you should be using.  You need to know before you choose
VPN compatibilityIf you subscribe to a particular VPN, check its compatibility with the box you plan to purchase

What is the best IPTV box for viewing IPTV subscription?

From the many ITV boxes, I have found the best IPTV boxes for viewing on IPTV subscription. If you have a suitable IPTV subscription service in mind, and want to get your IPTV box from it. Then you consider the boxes I mentioned below.

  1. NVIDIA Shield
  2. Amazon Fire TV Stick
  3. MECOOL Box
  4. Formuler Z8
  5. MAG 324


nvidia- shield-2

Regardless of price, the NVIDIA Shield is one of the best options. It is listed as one of the most powerful IPTV boxes running on Android TV outside of Amazon. It can provide load for high-power applications. Both versions are capable of streaming 4K video. High resolution gives users an extraordinary streaming experience.

NVIDIA Shield Features

  • More powerful game processors
  • Supports high quality audio formats
  • Dolby Vision 4K HDR streaming
  • Support access to most apps on Android TV
  • Super fast performance
  • Smooth user experience
  • Useful new features
  • GeForce Now cloud streaming is a game changer
subscription price$149.99 for NVIDIA Shield Stick, $199.99 for NVIDIA Shield Pro
Storage8 GB or 16 GB storage
VPN compatibilityWorks with IPVanish VPN

Amazon Fire TV Stick


The Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular streaming devices for wire cutters. It’s affordable, side-loaded and portable enough to be loved by millions of families. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is the most popular model and can be used on a popular TV.

Amazon Fire TV Stick features

  • Streaming content in 4K ultra HD quality
  • Multi-functional devices that support all major streaming services
  • Elegant design
  • Support access to free streaming services
  • Easy to set up
  • You can access Amazon Prime Video
subscription priceThe Amazon Fire TV Stick is around $49.99
storageIt has 8 GB of storage capacity
VPN compatibilityWorks with IPVanish VPN.



MECOOL Box is an Android Box that runs on the Android TV 10 operating system. Currently MECOOL KM2 is the newest IPTV box in their market.

MECOOL KM2 characteristics

  • The passive cooling system is perfect, and the box itself hardly heats up.
  • Multitasking access and installation of all national languages.
  • The system version update is perfect
  • Easy to set up
  • CPU performance is good
  • There’s more…
The subscription priceThat’s about $78.99.
storage16 GB storage capacity
VPN compatibilityWorks with IPVanish VPN.

Formuler Z8


Formuler Z8 is a professional and Formuler Z8 Formuler Z8 is a professional and advanced case with many premium features that have won the favor of our customers. Has a high-end user interface, excellent EPG and support for many applications. It has a wide range of external antennas, even if your router is on different floors, you can also send the content you want through it. The CPU is powerful and it is the best IPTV box on the market.

Formuler Z8 features

  • MyTV Online 2 IPTV application
  • Recording options with remote storage and USB options
  • Future recordings can be arranged using the season ticket type option
  • User interface and initiator
  • OTA updates for new features and bug fixes
  • Remote control
  • Excellent video on demand (VOD) and IPTV playback
  • All free streaming apps and plug-ins run well
subscription pricePrices range from $100 or more
storageAbout 16 GB
VPN is compatible withcompatible with ExpressVPN

MAG 324


The MAG 324 is a great choice for anyone who wants IPTV streaming, it’s not state of the art. but offers all the basic aspects and features of an IPTV box, plus it’s a very fast device that can connect to a router and maintain a stable connection. It may not have the most loaded features, but it is a solid IPTV box.

MAG 324 characteristics

  • Supports 1080p HD video
  • Powerful processor with Broadcom chipset
  • Support the most fluent high quality content playback
  • Rich features, affordable price
  • Simple design and look

The subscription price

Around $60- $80.


About 1 GB.

subscription priceAround $60- $80.
storageAbout 1 GB.
VPN is compatible withcompatible with NordVPN 

IPTV BOX best combination: IPTV subscription service provider

If you have selected an IPTV BOX. So, if you want to stream the live channels and sports events you want on your device through this box. The first thing you need to consider is choosing the best IPTV subscription service. You need to consider that the IPTV subscription service you choose is compatible with the IPTV box you purchased. Of course, you can also consider the factors I mentioned above.

Here I recommend you to use OTV.SHOP. This IPTV subscription service is compatible with most of the IPTV boxes and IPTV players on the market. It is the best choice to reduce your loss for you. It is also the best combination partner with all IPTV boxes.


In conclusion, if you want to choose the best IPTV box, you need to know and know a lot. It’s a step by step process for you to choose to buy it. Of course, a premium IPTV subscription is the best partner. The ultimate choice is up to you, this article mentioned about IPTV box related content hope to help you.


1. Is IPTV BOX secure?

IPTV boxes are dangerous. When you use them, you need to consider whether there is a danger of electric shock or fire. Also, the IPTV BOX itself is secure. When your network is attacked, hackers may control your BOX Settings and steal your relevant information. So when you choose the IPTV BOX, you need to choose the IPTV BOX of the original manufacturer, so that the security will be high, the BOX quality will be a little better.

2. What are the differences between IPTV BOX and Android TV BOX?

Both of these deliver content to your screen over the Internet, but are Android TV boxes that must you to upgrade your device to Android to use them. In essence, the Android TV Box is more versatile and generally much cheaper than the IPTV set-top Box. But, the downside of the Android Box is the lack of IPTV optimization. The IPTV BOX is used for in-stream IPTV.

3. What is the best IPTV BOX?

Other best IPTV boxes include Fire TV Cube,MAG 322,Chromecast with Google TV. And the IPTV boxes mentioned in the article are all worthy choices.

4. Which is the best IPTV box to slow down the Internet?

All boxes are equipped with the latest 30 and 60fps decoding systems, which can help you get the best results when your Internet speed is slow.

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