IPTV HDR PRO – Meet all the expectations


Offering a huge number of channels and VOD from many countries in the world, IPTV HDR PRO easily receives a lot of affection of the user. Especially, it also support epg, so users can easily follow the program users like.

1 Channels Over 12000 Ordinary & Premium Channels Instantly
2 VOD Library Over 21000 Movies & TV Shows (VOD)
3 Adult Do not have adult content
4 EPG Do have EPG for almost countries
5 Payment method Pay Pal / Bank Transfer
6 Trial account No trial
7 Package 1 month / 3 months / 6 months / 1 year
8 Support device Iphone / Ipad / macOS / Android / Smart TV / Window / Mag 250 / STB / Enigma / Dreamlink / Openbox
9 Multiple connection Do not have multiple connections
10 Customer support 24/7 Customer Service.

Channel Packages of IPTV HDR PRO

There are 3 packages. They are 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. You can refer the price for each package as follow:

  • 1 month: £ 20
  • 3 months: £ 39
  • 6 MONTHS (Most Popular): £ 69
  • 1 YEAR (Best Value $10/Month): £ 120

ww-300x69 IPTV HDR PRO - Meet all the expectations ww-300x69 IPTV HDR PRO - Meet all the expectations

Some unique features

IPTV HDR PRO brings over 12000 Channels and 21000 VOD, which allows users to enjoy exploring. One plus point of IPTV HDR is that it includes ordinary and premium. Furthermore, all of them are equiped with HD and SD. Thus, image quality is always ensured

Next, IPTV HDR PRO has TV Guide (EPG), so it is very convenient for users to follow the favorite programs.

Another point making IPTV HDR PRO different is AntiFreeze Technology. IPTV HDR PRO is one of some providers owning this technology, so most of the channels run stably, and smoothly.

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Disappointing points

  • Their price is much higher than other iptv providers
  • It does not support multi connections
  • It does not have xxx content
  • You can not use mag device and m3u link in one subcription. This is not good for customers. Like this:
  • It does not have many options to pay. Customers just can pay by pay pal and bank transfer
  • 48 hours cost fee

Reviews by customer

They get good review on website

262020-300x197 IPTV HDR PRO - Meet all the expectations 262020-300x197 IPTV HDR PRO - Meet all the expectations



Although it owns rich content, for example, plenty of channels, HD streaming quality, minimal buffering, and an EPG that coverage of all the popular channels that most users will watch regularly and a huge VOD library, I would rate IPTV HDR PRO 6/10 Star because of unaffordable price, limited method of payment. I think this IPTV HDR PRO is not a good choice.

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