IPTV ONLY – Plagiarism Other Providers

IPTV only avtIPTV only avt

Features iptv only

They offer 3 options for subscription:

  • 1 month: 15 €
  • 3 months: 25 €
  • 6 months: 45 €
  • 1 year: 75 €

With these feature:

  • Instant account activation
  • Online 24/7
  • They have more than 190 best and stable servers. Customers do not need to worry about the stability of the server
  • They are providing services to over 1.500.000 customers, 37.000 Reseller partners and 20.000 Re-streamers in the world.

So, it’s up to everybody to decide whether or not farmer only


  • They have automated systems
  • Customers can renew by paying online on the website.
  • Excellent list with more than 10000 channel all over the world come with EPG for all-important channel


  • Customers can use both mag and m3u for subscription
  • Do not have xxx content
  • Don’t have option for 2 connections in the same time
  • Do not have refund policy

The important thing is they copy content from other provider. This is not accepted! So, as wise customers, you should consider if you want to give this experience

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