IPTV PLIX – Great Solution for cutting cord


Some appealing features of Plix IPTV

Plix offers beneficial packages for customers

Plix IPTV provides more than 6000 live TV channels from many countries and territories around the world such as the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Austria, Vietnam, Spain, and so on. Besides, this provider furnishes not only live channels but also over 2000 VOD/Series with all genres; therefore, you are free to choose what you want to watch and enjoy. Especially, the Plix service gives customers access to full content including adult channels (about 100 channels) that not all IPTV providers can offer. Another outstanding feature is to support EPG/TV guide on each channel. These concerns will be mentioned if customers have the intention of registering or buying a Plix subscription.

Plix IPTV has strong and powerful servers

It is no doubt that the server is regarded as the most important key that has an effect on the quality of the channels. Plix has the most stable performance of server and also is the only IPTV provider successful in applying cloud server allowing channels to be streamed quickly, and smoothly with high quality. As a result, this allows the service to have uptime as high as possible, sometimes up to 99%.

Plix gives the price of service’s packages 

There has 3 packages for customers, and that are 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. You can refer the price as in the image below:

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Some things should be improved

The first thing that makes Plix not highly appreciated is no free trial version. Hence, it is quite difficult for customers to make a decision to buy a package if they do not have a choice to test the service in advance. On the other hand, the competitors take this action very well when they give customers priority to test the trial at both free and paid version within 1-2 day(s).

Additionally, Plix does not have an online support team so it makes the service more complicated than ever. Every request is sent via email and not all are solved definitely.

There’s more, on their website, there is no list of channels and customers have to contact via email to get the full list, and it will take time quite a lot to get the response.

Last but not least, Plix does not have a refund policy in any circumstance so customers have to make sure if they have actual demand to use Plix’s service.

Reviews by customers

As all things I mentioned above, I rate this IPTV provider 5 out of 10. Also, all comments in Trustpilot are negative and the rate is just 1,9 out of 5.

sssssss IPTV PLIX - Great Solution for cutting cord sssssss IPTV PLIX - Great Solution for cutting cord

Plix IPTV in brief


  • Have adult content
  • Support EPG/Tv guide
  • High quality of channels and VOD


  • No trial in both free or paid version
  • No refund policy in any case
  • No online support so it takes time to solve all requests completely

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