IPTV Premium: Get and activate the best IPTV Subscription

If you are looking for an IPTV Premium service to watch premium live TV. And want to enhance your entertainment with IPTV Premium? So, everything you can learn about Iptv Premium and what is the best IPTV Premium service? Why does everyone like it? How to get the best IPTV Premium service?


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what is IPTV? How does it work?

IPTV is Internet Protocol television, which provides you with quality live TV content over the Internet. Support for most popular devices. These include Android devices, Amazon Firesticks, smart TVs and tablets, and various IPTV boxes. Unlike traditional satellite and cable TV, IPTV transmits data over the Internet. You can check out the video for more information.

Is IPTV legal?

If the content provided by IPTV is licensed by the copyright owner, it is legal for you to watch any content when using this IPTV service.

What is a complimentary premium IPTV?

complimentary premium IPTV is that it does not must any subscription fee and watch premium content channels within the range of free content.

But the complimentary premium IPTV is less, and there are pros and cons. The content and quality stability provided can be as stable as that. So you stick with the premium IPTV service. To ensure that you can be airtight when viewers live the channel.

Where can you find cheap and the best IPTV premium?

There are various IPTV service providers in the market, and most of them are excellent. But not all IPTV services offer subscription packages that fit their requirements. First of all, you need to know the following points, to find the cheapest and best IPTV premium.

  • 1. How good is the streaming quality of the service?
  • 2. Whether the channel provided is suitable for me. It makes no sense for sports fans to choose a service provider that offers a limited number of sports channels.
  • 3. What is the price and payment method of an IPTV subscription?
  • 4. Select the range of regions provided

With these points in mind, you need to know where to find the IPTV premium that is right for you. There are many ways to find it, you can search through the Internet, and you can also search on social platforms, such as Reddit, Facebook, Telegram, and so on. On these platforms, there are often many potential IPTV providers and IPTV resellers to provide high-quality IPTV services.

Are you willing to pay for your IPTV premium?

If I choose the IPTV service that provides the content channel, from all aspects is what I want, and the price is acceptable to me. Then I am willing to pay for my Iptv premium. I’m a sports fan, and it’s much cheaper to choose a suitable IPTV service than pay-per-view or buy a sports package. It’s also much more cost-effective.

Why everyone loves Iptv Premium.

You can see the advantages of IPTV Premium over free Iptv by comparing it to Iptv Premium, which is why everyone likes it. Please check the table below:

Iptv PremiumFree IPTV
Provides premium live content and the latest TV movies and competitions. You can pay for it through IPTVFree includes all free content
To provide customers with high quality and stable service and content, customer service 100%.Customer service was poor
Compatible with almost all devicesApart from the legal free IPTV service, the free illegal IPTV does not support many devices.
Provide high-quality security and privacyFree and illegal IPTV streams are unstable and insecure
The user experience is friendly and provides many excellent functions and servicesPoor user experience
Good data management, combined with quality Internet, and advanced servers. Provide quality IPTV dataFree data for you, but not a lot of data, not enough to meet your needs
Provide quality and stable number of channelsMore channels, most of which are not of interest to them.
IPTV Premium will make you expect better picture and sound quality.Visual and audio are poor compared to good service

Which is the best premium IPTV service?

Speaking of which is the best premium IPTV service, I can definitely tell you that OTV IPTV is definitely your best choice. It provides a powerful service team and advanced servers so that you can watch live channels, TV movies, and sports events from around the world.

Features of IPTV Premium

IPTV Premium lets you access and watch your favorite IPTV channels. It has the following features:

  • Offering premium live channel 9000+, 50,000 VOD movies and series
  • Provide various types of channels, such as movie /VIP SERIES/cartoons/music/NEWS/DISCOVERY/life
  • Customer quality 100%, support 7/24H/365
  • Support for all devices, including third-party applications
  • Support for M3U & MAG& Emigma &IOS & Android & Windows & Linux
  • Timeshift & EPG
  • Free 24-hour service and 7-day test experience
  • The server is stable and IPTV reading is simple and easy to set up

IPTV Premium subscription plan

IPTV Premium subscription timeIPTV subscription price
IPTV Free TrialFree 24 hours
7 days to testUS $5
1 MonthUS $19
6 MonthsUS $55
12 MonthsUS $89
24 MonthsUS $160

IPTV Premium compatible device

OTV IPTV is compatible with all devices and you can use it on third-party players.


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How do I get and activate the best Iptv premium subscription?

First of all, I would like to recommend OTV IPTV, an IPTV premium subscription service. He needs a third-party player app to activate it. Let me walk you through how to get an IPTV subscription and activate the IPTV service.

Step 1: Get an IPTV subscription or a free trial

  • 1. Go to the IPTV subscription page or IPTV trial page of the OTV IPTV website and choose the package service that suits you.
  • 2. Get subscriptions or test codes from customer service through email, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other online tools

Step 2 Install the IPTV application TiviMate IPTV.

Tivimate IPTV, one of the most popular IPTV players, is free to download and use, and if you want to unlock the premium version, the option costs $4.99 per year. A greatest of five devices are supported. It supports Android devices, Firestick, and Windows PCS.

  • 1. Search the Google App Store or download the official TiviMate IPTV in your browser.
  • 2. You can also pass on Firestick input via the download link “HTTPS: / / www.otviptv.com/tivimate/” to complete the download and install.

Step 3: Activate the Iptv premium subscription service on the TiviMate IPTV

You can activate an IPTV premium subscription on TiviMate IPTV in three ways. For example M3U Playlist, Xtream Codes, and Stalker Portal.

Note: Since the M3U Playlist is too long and prone to typing errors, it is recommended that you log in using the Xtream Codes API.

  • 1. Open the TiviMate application.
  • 2. Select Add Playlist.
  • 3. Select the Xtream code.
  • 4. Enter the user name, password, and server URL

Note: The relevant Xtream Codes login information is where you have before obtained the relevant information from IPTV providers.

5. Wait for the app to load your favorite live channels and VOD movies

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TiviMate Player: How to Activate and Configure an IPTV subscription.

Add EPG (TV Guide) on TiviMate

Most IPTV services come with a dedicated EPG (Electronic program Guide) as shown below.

If you don’t see an EPG enabled in the TiviMate app, consider enabling it in the app’s Settings.

As I mentioned above, the main features of TiviMate are in the paid version. You’ll need to pay for a premium version to get the full potential of TiviMate.

TiviMate will ask you to upgrade to advanced when you try to access any advanced features without a premium account. For example, TiviMate prompts you to upgrade your application when you try to add a channel to your favorites list. If you wish to continue using the free version, you can click Cancel and continue using the free TiviMate application.

To purchase the Premium version, you’ll need to use the TiviMate Companion app in the Google Play store.

TiviMate alternatives

TiviMate is a terrific IPTV player, and you’ll find the charm of this app when you unlock its premium edition. You can also find many TiviMate alternatives on the Google App Store. When your device is installed with TiviMate, you can use these players to replace it.

Android Alternative: IPTV Smarters Pro, GSE Smart IPTVXC IPTV, IPTV Extreme, SmartOne IPTV

iOS Alternative: IPTV Smarters Pro and iMplayer

Smart TV Alternative: Smart IPTV, Flix IPTV, NET IPTV, SET IPTV, and SSIPTV

Firestick Alternative: IPTV Smarters, GSE Smart IPTV, IPTV Extreme, XC IPTVott navigator IPTV.

Windows Alternative: VLC Player, IPTV Smarters Pro

FAQ about IPTV premium

Is premium IPTV legal?

If IPTV offers a free service, it’s illegal. While some TV networks have their own specific IPTV and can offer free streaming services (Channel 4’s All4 service in the UK is one example).
Most legal IPTV services must have a subscription to use. And there is a fee to pay, which means that a legitimate IPTV subscription can be more expensive than using an illegal website. But it’s a reasonable price to pay to enjoy high-quality on-demand streaming without finding yourself in legal trouble. getting hacked, or installing malware on your device.

Is TiviMate Legal?

Yes. The TiviMate is legal and safe because it is officially available in the app Store. But the app doesn’t offer any streaming content, so you’ll need to look for a reliable IPTV subscription service, such as OTV IPTV.

How do I add M3U Playlist in Premium IPTV Subscription?

1. Open the TiviMate app.
2. Select Add playlist.
3. TiviMate will ask you to add a playlist using an M3U link, Xtream code, or Stalker Portal. Select the M3U playlist.
4. Enter your M3U link and press Next.
5. After a minute or two, you will see the content of the IPTV service appear in the TiviMate application.


In short, if you want to use IPTV premium service to meet your needs to watch live TV. Then the OTV IPTV mentioned in this article will be your best choice. While they offer a 24-hour trial for free, you can also opt into their 7-day trial experience for $5. See the IPTV tutorial on this website for details on how to subscribe and activate.

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