IPTV Streaming Made Easy – The Ultimate Guide 2022

When you watch TV you often have to wait to do something important until an advertisement break comes along. Sometimes you are outside the house and you miss your favorite television program for the day. It feels like a competition- getting your job done before the program starts, getting home in time to not miss your favorite program, etc.

In all honesty, this does have a different kind of beauty to it. Entertainment that is earned feels merrier, doesn’t it? However, it does not for those who have a lot of work to do. For them and maybe they are like you, looking for a way to cope with the work stress and not letting go of the few things they can enjoy daily.

iptv streaming guideiptv streaming guide

IPTV is one such technology that puts the world of TV entertainment in your hands. In fact, it means, Internet Protocol Television and it eliminates the problems we just mentioned a while ago. You get to watch your favourite show whenever you want to. However, there are a lot of other benefits that IPTV offers.

Through this IPTV Streaming guide, you will understand what IPTV stands for and how you can use it.

Table of Contents show 1 IPTV Streaming Guide: What exactly is IPTV? 2 IPTV vs TV 2.1 What a Television service does. 2.2 What an IPTV service does. 3 How to set up an IPTV connection? 4 How to choose a medium? 5 The Various Types of Streaming Boxes 5.1 1) Android Streaming Boxes 5.2 2) Android TV OS. 5.3 3) IPTV Set-Top Box. 5.4 4) Hybrid Android IPTV Set-Top Boxes. 6 IPTV Streaming Guide: The Various Service Providers 6.1 1. The Location. 6.2 2. The Range of Channels. 6.3 3. The device compatibility. 6.4 4. System Failure and Repairs. 6.5 5. Buffering Time. 6.6 6. The Cost. 6.7 7. The Free Trial. 7 Is a VPN necessary? 8 IPTV Streaming Guide: The Things You have to do 8.1 1) Buy the things you need. 8.2 2) Get the IPTV App. 8.3 3) Subscribe to an IPTV Service. 9 Examples of Good IPTV Services 9.1 IPTVtune 9.2 IPTVGEO 9.3 IPTVspring 9.4 Iconic Streams 9.5 Sports Access 10 The steps to using IPTV on Kodi 11 How to use IPTV services on Smart Television 12 A few tips for a Better IPTV Experience 12.1 1. Use a wired internet connection. 12.2 2. Use Standard Definition. 12.3 3. Try Different channels. 13 IPTV Streaming: The Future 14 In conclusion

IPTV Streaming Guide: What exactly is IPTV?

You already know that IPTV means Internet Protocol Television but do you know what it does? No. To understand what it does, you need to first know what a TV does.

If you own a traditional TV with a traditional TV network then you are either using cable or satellite for getting the channels you watch. Apparently, traditional television network connections have a cable through which it receives whatever is broadcast.

The service provides send out radio signals which reach the antenna in your house and converts to electric signals. Then, your television set converts this electric signal to sound and picture. The same happens with the satellite connection as well- the only difference is that the signal bounces back after reaching the satellite. As you can imagine- all these happen quite fast since you do not really notice the delays.

Now, with IPTV things take a different turn. You get access to everything television shows and have through your internet connection. If you have an internet connection at your place and you subscribe to an IPTV service provider, you can have a television service at your home but with even more facilities.

Therefore, the most basic way to explain what an IPTV is- it is the same service with more user-friendly features of a TV service provider but it is delivered through the use of the internet.


Why shall you get IPTV instead of just seeking a TV service? Well, let us explain what a TV does and an IPTV does to give you a very clear idea of why people are increasingly switching to IPTV.

What a Television service does.

Setting up a television connection is quite easy. Well, it is not very simple for the service provider but for you, it is very easy. But, you do not have a lot of say in what you get.

You pretty much only take whatever the service provider gives you. The range of channels is quite limited and depends upon the choice of your service provider. Then, if you miss a show, you just miss it.

how analogue television service works how analogue television service works

You do not really have the option to record it or play it whenever you wish to play it. This is the problem we initially talked about. While, yes you can wait for a repeat but who knows if you will be free when the show is repeated?

So, television service is helpful but it has its many limitations.

What an IPTV service does.

Now, let us see how an IPTV can provide you with a very different kind of service. The channels you get are pretty much the same as the television service providers of the world provide. And, there is more.

  • A greater range of Channels: With an IPTV service provider, you get to choose the channels you want to view. It is like, you are in direct contact with the manufacturer without any medium between you guys. As a result, you have full authority over the channels you can have on your television.

However, some service providers themselves may limit the availability of a few channels in certain regions. You just have to be aware of that. We will get to a solution to this issue shortly.

  • Video on Demand (VOD) Service: This is the most common reason why people shift to IPTV. If you have checked out Netflix, you have seen how the subscribers can watch any movie or series they want whenever they want. The case is the same with IPTV.

You can watch any show of the channels you have on the list at any time you want. This is a great advantage for those with busy schedules. So, you get your daily dose of recreation no matter how much your work fries your brain.

  • Recording and Rewinding Shows: There are certain shows like football matches and live videos that need recording. You can record parts of it or the whole of it through IPTV connections. Apparently, you can even rewind the video when you want to.

Guess what this is good for? Judging with your friends and family. You can keep playing one particular scene to laugh and show it to others.

  • Live Streams: This is something you will find on normal televisions as well. Most matches and other events are broadcasted live. However, the variety is higher on IPTV services. You will come across many types of live streams when you are at it.

Furthermore, the best part about it is the easy interaction. You can easily participate in whatever is going on. With televisions, you had to call and wait in line to get a chance to interact with the show.

how iptv streaming workshow iptv streaming works

But, with IPTV you can do so very easily just by typing or commenting on what you want to communicate.

As you can see, IPTV wins the race when it comes to the various features it can provide compared to a general TV service provider.

How to set up an IPTV connection?

Asking the right questions now, aren’t we? IPTV does a lot for us but what do we have to do for IPTV to enable the exchange? Not much. Just set up the connection and pay periodically.

While the service providers of IPTV have a lot of complex stuff to do, you do not. All you have to do is have the right objects in your home to use the IPTV service in.

This is quite easy as well because you can pretty much get the service anywhere you want. Let’s check out the medium you can use.

  • A Smart TV: Again, a reference to Netflix- if you have seen how Netflix works then you know this one too. Apparently, you can interact with the television set to choose your programs. The advantage of this medium is that you get to enjoy everything on a big screen.

Just take some food and sit or lie down to enjoy your favourite shows! However, the disadvantage is even greater in this case. Do you know how painful it is to navigate with a remote on a smart television? Just clicking is just fine as far as it goes.

But, when you have to type the name of the show- it’s a battle. One-click at a time. Otherwise, smart television is quite a good option. It gives you the feels of a regular television but on a much better scale as well. Only as long as you are willing to take the difficulty of navigating with a good mood.

  • A Smart Phone: With the Android system on your phone, you can easily connect it to the internet and also get the IPTV service on it. In fact, it eliminates the difficulties you faced before with a smart Television. Navigating on your smartphone is like the easiest thing you can do.

Furthermore, you can use other applications while you at it. But, the disadvantage, in this case, is the advantage you enjoy with a smart television- the size of the screen. The phone screen is quite small, isn’t it? While you may just focus on watching what you want to watch, with the time you will only notice the difficulty while watching it.

You cannot lie down or sit the way you want when holding your phone. Again, if you keep your phone somewhere, you have to stay where you are because if you move too far, you won’t be able to see what you were watching, let’s completely forget about subtitles in this case.

  • A set-top box: Solving all the problems of both televisions and smartphones is the set-top boxes. It comes as the balance between both worlds. You have to buy a set-top box separately to use the IPTV service.

What it does is connect to the server and also connect to your television. Thus, you get to watch whatever you want to watch on the big screen. And, what is even better? You do not have to exactly navigate using the television. You do it using the set-top box.

Thus, you can enjoy comfort while also navigating very easily- you lose nothing. Furthermore, set-top boxes are quite compact in size and elegant too. But, if you do not want the unit in view, you can hide it easily wherever you want. It does not need a lot of cable to function so the footprint is quite small.

There are various types of set-top boxes with many features to offer. We will get to them shortly. But, first, let’s figure out what you have to check when you are choosing the method you want to experience IPTV service in.

How to choose a medium?

You have to consider a few things when you are out choosing how you want to experience the great benefits of an IPTV service. Let’s check what you should be wary of.

  • The ease of set-up: You should not have to spend a lot of time connecting the device to the service and then set it up for use. For example, setting a set-top box is quite easy. All you have to do is connect it with your television.
  • The User-friendly Interface: Things do not end after you just set the connection up- you have to keep using it, you have to keep interacting. Therefore, how easily you can get what you want from the service is something you have to consider. For example, when using television you cannot really navigate very easily.

But, with a set-top box or phone, the navigation becomes very easy.

  • The Resolution/quality: The quality of the pictures and videos on IPTV services is quite good. As a result, you have to see if the resolution of the device you plan to stream on is compatible with the service. Or else, you may have quite a bad experience as you won’t be able to enjoy a piece of art in its fullest form.
  • The cost: Throughout all this, you have to consider the value you get out of the device as well. You should not have to spend a fortune on something you won’t even use much. But, if you plan to use the service and the device a lot then it is best if you invest in a good quality device and service.

The Various Types of Streaming Boxes

When it comes to televisions and phones, you have a lot of things to consider but that involves a lot of other things than an IPTV connection. Therefore, let us check out the various types of streaming boxes, which mainly serve the purpose of mediating the IPTV service.

1) Android Streaming Boxes

These android boxes function a lot like your phones. Apparently, they run on the operating system of Android and Linux. Thus, they are similar to phones.

You can download apps on this unit and also access Playstore. As a result, you can play games, stream media, and also use an application like Microsoft Office. Truly versatile, isn’t it?

Moreover, they are quite affordable and small in size. You can hide them anywhere if you want to. You can access IPTV services by downloading apps that let you do so.

Pretty much everything you do on this unit has to be done by using an application service.

You can also read our 5 Best Android TV Box For Any Budget: Expert Recommendation article to get information more about android stream boxes.

2) Android TV OS.

These are like the generic android boxes functioning like one but with one added feature. You see the addition of the word TV with it. What does that mean?

Apparently, Android TV OS is capable of providing a high-quality resolution. This is much needed for streaming on bigger screens and most android applications are not capable of doing it. Thus, the Android TV OS specifically is good at providing the streaming services at a resolution you want to watch the program in.

This may cost a bit more than the generic android boxes.

3) IPTV Set-Top Box.

As the name already suggests, this type of set-top box is mainly compatible with the IPTV services and nothing else. You can use the Stalker middleware to particularly connect to the IPTV service easily.

Since this set-top box only has one specific use, the unit does its job very well. You can enjoy the best quality of pictures and videos, sound as well through this set-top box. The only con is that you do not really get a lot of flexibility when using it.

You cannot quite download other applications to use the unit in various ways. However, this unit does let you navigate your way through the shows very easily.

4) Hybrid Android IPTV Set-Top Boxes.

As always, a fusion of two things comes to the rescue. The Hybrid Android IPTV Set-top box only provides the best of both worlds. Physically it has the same structure as the two mentioned.

When it comes to capabilities- it is much more advanced. In fact, you can download applications to use the set-top box in any way you find suitable and you can also connect to the IPTV services directly without the use of any app.

Furthermore, the ease of navigating and connecting stays the same. This will definitely cost more than the others as it is offering a variety of services.

IPTV Streaming Guide: The Various Service Providers

You will definitely come across quite a number of IPTV service providers when you start looking for one. What you have to before even evaluating them is setting your own judgment criteria and standard. Let us check out the points you have to keep in mind when you consider an IPTV service provider.

1. The Location.

You may somewhere in Asia and your IPTV service provider may reside somewhere in the USA or UK. As a result, there will definitely be an inconsistency in service, for example, the time of the shows is the greatest concern.

You may have access to certain shows a few minutes to a day late. Thus, decide if such a difference in time will matter to you. Apart from that, various countries have various rules and regulations. Check the terms and conditions out to see if anything in there will affect you.

Finally, choose a service provider from a location that best suits you. It is usually best to choose a local one.

2. The Range of Channels.

Since channels and shows take up a lot of space, IPTV service providers do not always keep all the channels that exist. Therefore, check the range of channels they provide. They may even miss out on your favourite channels and you can do nothing about it.

So, make sure the service provider you choose supplies the channels and shows that you want to watch. Or else, you may end up never using their service after subscribing to them.

3. The device compatibility.

Not all IPTV service providers provide their service for all devices. You may have a huge Television set at your home but the service provider only serves to android phones. So, it will be quite useless for you.

Therefore, check what the IPTV service is compatible with. And, check if you are fine with it. Then you can select the service provider being completely satisfied.

4. System Failure and Repairs.

Any kind of service provider, be it the internet or IPTV experiences system failures or maintenance periods. Now, some experience it more than others and you do not want to experience it more than others. Therefore, check the comments and reviews of other users to see how often the service provider experiences such failures.

You may free up your time to enjoy your favourite show but the IPTV service may fail you. What a waste of a weekend or weekday!

5. Buffering Time.

Maintenance times are something you can somewhat put up with because you know everything is going to be okay in a while. However, buffering is not something you can easily put up with, can you? It just ruins the show you are watching.

Who likes to see the screen buffer when it is the climax scene? You often just give up watching because of buffers. Therefore, make sure the service provider you are subscribing to has good reviews in case of a smooth flow of media as well.

6. The Cost.

Since the present world is quite a competitive world, almost all service providers are doing better than before and each other. Now. What you can use to differentiate among them is the price they come at. You need to be well within your budget, don’t you?

Therefore, check out the price of various service providers and determine a medium budget for yourself not too low, not too high. You can look for a service provider within this budget.

7. The Free Trial.

Most IPTV service providers give you a free trial at the very beginning. It may be for a month or a few days, make sure you use it well. Through it, you can judge whatever content the service provider provides and how it provides them. You can also determine if it is the right provider for you.

Other than that, you can compare among the various service providers through this method. In the end, you will have a clear answer to who you want as your own service provider.

So, this is how you can choose the best service provider for yourself. You can check our recommend Best IPTV Service Providers Review: The Top Three for more information about IPTV service provider.

Is a VPN necessary?

Let’s first answer what exactly is a VPN? Well, VPN quite simply stands for Virtual Private Network. What it does it decrypt whatever is passing between you and the site you ask information from.

In this case, what you are contacting is the IPTV service. VPN is not absolutely necessary but it can be in certain cases. For example, there may be some channels that your country or region forbids. In this case, a VPN will let you have access to that channel because without the barriers knowing what is being passed, the barriers cannot stop what you want to access.

Other than that, there is one more serious case. Apparently, some service providers may block the IPTV service itself. In these cases, you have no other option but to use a VPN to experience the IPTV service.

So, whether you need a VPN service or not depends on which region you reside in and the internet service provider you use.

IPTV Streaming Guide: The Things You have to do

You know what you need but you do not quite know yet how to use what you are going to get. Or, even, how to get what you want. So, let us check out the steps to getting your own IPTV Service.

1) Buy the things you need.

As you already know you have quite a few options as to what you can use to access the IPTV service. You need some devices. It can be your phone, your television or a set-top box. Whatever it is, you should have more pros for your than cons from it.

After you buy the device, you have to check how you can program it to let you access the IPTV service. Set the device up and you will be ready to move on to the next step.

2) Get the IPTV App.

You have the device and now you need the medium through which you can get the service. And, this medium is the IPTV app. You will actually find lots of apps available in Google Playstore.

Now, you have to choose among the various apps. It is best if you check the reviews while you try to find out which app will be best for you. Other than that, you can also consider the amount of space the app needs. Another thing of consideration is how user-friendly is the app.

You have to be able to understand how the app works first. Also, make sure the app is fast at doing what it does.

3) Subscribe to an IPTV Service.

Now it is time to get the real deal. You have to contact and pay for what you want to enjoy. Accessing the internet through your set-top box or whatever device you are using, subscribe to an IPTV service. You already know what factors to consider when you are subscribing to a certain service.

What you have to do next is connect your device to the service. Once you choose and subscribe to a particular service, you have to insert the m3u link that the service provider will provide to your device.

This will activate and enable your device to receive the service from the IPTV service provider. Then the device will connect to your television, or you can access the IPTV services from your phone as well. And, that is about it. You have your own IPTV service in your hands.

Examples of Good IPTV Services

You already know what to consider when choosing your IPTV service. But, you will come across so many different options that you will definitely feel lost again. Therefore, let us show you a few examples of the best IPTV services out there.


IPTVtune is quite a famous one among the IPTV services. It actually comes at quite a price. However, you do not get to enjoy a lot of features. What this one does best is to give you a very good quality of service. The quality of the pictures will be great. Also, the speed of the service will amaze you too. The features are easy to use as well. Read more about IPTVtune.


Looking for a budget-friendly IPTV service? Then, this is probably it. Apparently, it has quite a few features and is quite easy to use. However, the lower price also cuts out some features. For example, you will get a lower amount of Video On Demand contents in this case. You can read full IPTVGeo review.


This service here is quite a reasonable one coming at a reasonable price. You get a lot of features and along with the features you get the ease of use. Furthermore, it leaves room for modification. You can add more connections to it while it mainly comes with two at first. Check out the IPTVspring review.

Iconic Streams

If you want a service that is very easy to handle then this Iconic Streams should be able to satisfy you. You can use these versatile services on anything you want.

Sports Access

This is an IPTV service provider that is a great choice for Kodi users. Because it makes everything so easy on Kodi with its Kodi compatible features. Furthermore, it does not require you to download any extra media player for it to run on.

Apart from all that, the quality of the service is great as well.

The steps to using IPTV on Kodi

Kodi is apparently an app you can download that works as a media player software. You can use the IPTV service through this app. This app offers some particular advantages as well. These advantages are:

  • You do not require any third party APK or add-ons.
  • The M3U file works directly on the Kodi player.
  • It supports EPG.

The Steps to using IPTV on Kodi:

  1. The first thing is first- you have to open the app. From the home screen, go to Add-ons and from add-ons navigate to PVR.
  2. Then, select the PVR IPTV Simple Client and configure it.
  3. Then, you have to enter the M3U link of your IPTV service provider.
  4. Enable the IPTV Simple Client if it was disabled.

How to use IPTV services on Smart Television

Here is one way using the Perfect Player app that you can experience IPTV services on your television. Let’s see how this works.

It is actually not only simple but very convenient. Because you get to enjoy everything on the big screen. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Open Google Playstore on your television and download the Perfect Player app.
  2. Go to general after opening the app and select the Playlist.
  3. After selecting the Playlist, you will be asked for the M3u Link. Just provide the link and your television will have access to the service. Other than that, you may have to use the EPG cable to connect the android box to your television.

So, you see, the process of accessing your IPTV service is quite easy once you have the devices you need.

A few tips for a Better IPTV Experience

It is always so irritating when you are watching something and it buffers. While cable television networks offer advertisements and the network goes away at times completely- it is for a short while. But, when you have to keep experiencing a loading show- it can get quite frustrating. And, that is exactly what happens when you are watching something using the Internet.

Now, here are some tips that will help you have a higher speed.

1. Use a wired internet connection.

While a wireless internet connection is what everyone uses now and it is probably the most convenient thing to use- with an IPTV service, a wired connection will do much better. Apparently, while the wireless connection does connect to a number of devices and it is quite easy to access- it is not the most effective.

The security is weaker and the speed is lower too. And, for a faster speed that offers no buffer, a hardwire internet connection will do much better. Yes, the range of devices you can use will decrease but the speed will increase manifold.

2. Use Standard Definition.

We all know how hard it is to resist the High Definition, great motion pictures, right? If you want to experience something while paying for it, you may as well experience the best. However, nothing is perfect in this world, is it? So, is not the internet or the IPTV service.

When you want high definition pictures, it takes up more energy and space for which the speed gets slower leading to buffering videos. That is why, putting up with a little bit of disadvantage, that does not really make a lot of difference you could choose the Standard Definition picture.

This way, you do not have to sacrifice much but the speed will improve and you will be able to enjoy a buffer-free video. But, that also depends on the quality of the internet connection you have, But, it sure will improve the speed to some extent in most cases.

3. Try Different channels.

Apparently, the various channels on IPTV services are broadcast from various places. As a result, they differ in their speeds at different times. So, if your channel is slow, another channel is not slow. So, what you can do is switch to that other channel. Then, you can have a better experience.

IPTV Streaming: The Future

You can pretty much see how Amazon Prime and Netflix are rising up the ladder and gaining more and more popularity. Despite the extra cost people are going for these. The same is the case with IPTV streaming.

For those who love traditional channels and want the extra convenience are moving towards IPTV services. Whether you have Netflix or not, every home has a television (well most do). As long as there is a television, IPTV services will gain more and more popularity.

Because despite the advent of new technology and services, television is something routine and people hold it close to heart. Thus, the advanced features of IPTV will really take over the world. And, there will be more and more convenient features being added to be.

You can also expect mergers and collaborations among companies in this case.

In conclusion

Since the invention of the great Internet, there has been more and more technology coming into being and making our lives easier and merrier. Well, it has been going uphill since the invention of computers actually. Now, even the traditional television sets have so many services in them that people often just sit there and feel confused about what they should actually do.

Now, you know why people are starting to prefer IPTV services over the traditional cable networks. They provide quite a few advantages. Also, it is not at all easy to choose the devices you need to access the IPTV services.

So, you have to be very careful when choosing the devices and make sure that you are getting good value for your money. Furthermore, it is not only the device you have to choose right, but you also have to put in a lot of effort to choose the service you want as well.

Yes, a lot of work, isn’t it? But, through it all, you get something that will really make you happy. Since you are going to spend money on the device and service- you may as well spend it in the right place. So, research more, check out the available services in your region and enjoy your life!

Disclaimer: OTVIPTV.Shop does not verify the legality or security of any add-ons, apps or services mentioned on this site. Also, we do not promote, host or link to copyright-protected streams. We highly discourage piracy and strictly advise our readers to avoid it at all costs. Any mention of free streaming on our site is purely meant for copyright-free content that is available in the public domain.

Disclosure: OTVIPTV.Shop is a reader-supported blog. When you buy a product(Hardware, device, accessories, or VPN, we’re not affiliated with any IPTV service or app) through links on our site, we may earn a commission.

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