Is GURU IPTV Worth the top IPTV provider?

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The other day I was looking at the product page of the Guru IPTV series. There were four products in this series for sale, all of which looked very nice. The only real differentiating factor between the products was whether they supported Windows Vista or Windows XP. Vista and XP run very different operating systems, but both of them can support the Guru into hardware. So I decided to look deeper into this to find out what the differences between the four products are and if they are worth the extra money.

Let think twice about devices’ price

The first difference that I came across was in the price. The price of all equipment is higher than similar equipment from other companies. It is also priced exorbitantly since there are so many features and options packed into each unit. Vista, however, is much less popular than it once was, so prices have really gone down on this platform. You could probably expect to pay 50% more for a Vista system when you go for the providers instead of the standard one.

Compatibility with Microsoft’s Vista OS

One of the features that sets this apart is the compatibility with Microsoft’s Vista OS. The reason why Microsoft required that manufacturers include this feature is because of the fact that XP actually performs significantly worse than Vista in terms of networking capabilities. This feature would allow you to take advantage of much better speeds, which should make for a much smoother user experience while using your hardware.

Unique feature: Channel Guard

In addition to the compatibility feature, GURU IPTV also includes an incredibly useful security feature called Channel Guard. This is a software feature that works to prevent unauthorized access to your channels. It works by blocking the channel on non-authorized computers and allows you to easily identify whether or not the access is authorized. This feature takes away a lot of the risk that comes with using your networked computer systems without the security of a firewall or antivirus program protecting you from outside threats.

There are a number of other features that you may find interesting as well. For example, Guru has designed its network products in such a way that you will be able to add on new network functions whenever you want to. This means that you never have to be stuck with an appliance that does not meet your needs. If something should happen to an existing network connection, you can easily add it to your existing setup and expand your reach.

However, adding on new network functions should not really be done on a whim. Instead, you should consider what you need and how much bandwidth you are using with your network. Do you use streaming media on your network? If so, then you should seriously consider purchasing a product with higher maximum bandwidth. Or do you prefer having the ability to configure many more channels on your devices than the average user actually uses?

Advantages and disadvantages of Guruiptv


  • Have a user-friendly interface
  • Have long-term subscription: 1, 2, 3, and 5 years
  • A huge library of channels and VODs in Indian languages
  • Have 24/7 customer service


  • The price of devices is quite expensive
  • Only can pay by credit cards
  • Sometimes, streams are freezing or dead


GURU IPTV gives you a unique experience by providing a number of options that are a part of the Indian lifestyle. GURU includes many channels for children and news channels, which are particularly important for youngsters. As a result, this innovative network has proved to be a real boon for the viewers. As a result, most of the network providers are offering different packages for different needs and requirements. If you wish to know more about GURU IPTV, you can get all the information and details on different networking websites or can contact the customer support executives of different GURU IPTV companies.

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