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If you are finding a provider that has full channels for children and adults, Limitless IPTV is an ideal choice for you. Limitless IPTV has thousands of channels and VOD from many countries all over the world, so users can easily select what they really want to watch.

Some plus points about Limitless IPTV

The goal of Limitless IPTV is to supply customers with a well-organized, cost-saving, and user-friendly platform from which they can catch up with their favorite TV programs and movies everywhere with the use of any devices, not limited to the standard television. The solutions that Limitless IPTV sets up supply clients with a superior quality of TV viewing experience. They also back clients’ purchases with a mind-blowing support experience that even not all their competitors can’t match up. They have invested huge amounts of both money and time into the creation of a support network dedicated to giving clients a helping hand no matter what time of day it is. Their help desk will ensure that not one man is left behind.

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Affordable price

Limitless provides users with a full package that includes channels for both children and adults. However, its price is very competitive. Especially,  Limitless makes an impression on the users by selecting packages. It has 2 packages depending on the demand of users. If you want to access the full content, you can choose the below package:

  • 48 Hour Trial – 2.50 USD
  • 1 Month – 10 USD
  • 3 Month – 27 USD
  • 6 Month – 50 USD
  • 12 Month – 80 USD

If you only want to watch VOD, you can choose the second packages which is much cheaper. Thus, you can save a lot of money.

  • 12 Hour Trial – 1.30 USD
  • 1 Month – 5.50 USD
  • 3 Month – 11 USD
  • 6 Month – 20.50 USD
  • 12 Month – 41.50 USD

Unique content

Besides competitive price, the content of channels is an outstanding point of Limitless. It owns over 2200 TV channels and over 2900 movies and TV shows from many countries. Limitless not only gives the users the channels from the UK, US, Europe, and Canada like other providers, but also brings a variety of specialty channels from Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, and so on. Especially, it also offers a large number of local channels and regional TV stations which the users are not easy to find in other providers.

Some disappointing things about Limitless IPTV

  • There is no free trial. The user still has to pay from $1.3 to $2.5 for a 48-hour trial
  • There is no EPG for most channels
  • Limitless IPTV only support some devices such as Android, PC, and mobile phone
  • A number of channels do not work properly. Also, switching channels is not as smooth as that of other service providers

limitless-review Limitless IPTV- Top choice for IPTV service limitless-review Limitless IPTV- Top choice for IPTV service

Limitless IPTV is highly evaluated because of content, quality, and value, but reliability is a minus point. It is given 61.5/100 by users.

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