Lista IPTV – It’s really a Myth for IPTV service!

Lista IPTV is currently known as one of the best providers in the IPTV market. That is why it is called a myth of IPTV service. It can meet all the demands of customers, even strict customers when it offers a variety of content such as sport, news, movies, music in the high image quality with the lower rate.

What makes Lista IPTV an ideal model for the IPTV provider?

Although the price is preferential, Lista offers the service which cannot be better with  thousands of channels and VOD in the high image quality.

Channels 6000 channels
VOD Library over 10000 VOD
Adult do not have adult channels
EPG full epg source
Payment method master card, credit card, visa, bitcoin
Trial account 24h free trial
Package 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years
Support device PC, KODI, Android Box, Android, IOS (iPhone and iMac), Apple TV, Smart TV (Samsung and LG), Roku, MAG BOX, Fire TV, Dreambox are the supported platforms
Multiple connection allow multiple connections
Customer support support online on Website and via Email

Channel & quality

Like many other providers, Lista IPTV brings a huge numbers of sport, news, and entertainment channels, as well as VOD to users from many countries in the world. It is really wonderful for users who want to follow the international programs. Moreove,  However, the quality of channels make it become more attractive to users. Most of the channels are premium channel with high resolution such HD, full HD. High-definition and FHD channels ensure that you always are not going to need to leave them on constantly all day long. It means that you can save on money that otherwise would have gone on other premium services. Therefore, users do not worry about the image of channels

Some unique functions

Lista is a new version of IPTV with specialized features such as recording, playback, streaming, and remote control. It is the ideal option for your home or small to medium size business. It is also similar to other standard providers  so that you can watch the content online without any difficulty. You can watch  all of your favorite premium television channels, movies, music videos, documentaries, TV shows, sports and much more through your television system.

Affordable price

Additionally, Lista IPTV offers a cost-effective monthly subscription plan that allows you to enjoy unlimited television programming with one affordable monthly fee. With nearly $10, the service is available in over 120 countries. Therefore, it gives you the ability to view live events in high definition and many channels of your choice.

Outstanding benefits and drawbacks

There are some benefits which have made this provider become special and deserve the leading provider. That is the main reason why users should choose Lista IPTV.

  • Affordable price: Users only pay about $10 to access over 5000 channels and VOD. It will be more cheaper if the users subscribe in more months
  • Various payment methods: This provider acceps many different payment methods such as master card, visa, credit card or bitcoin
  • A lot of subscription plans: Lista has many different plans such as 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years to meet the demands of customers
  • Compatibility: The provider supports most of the devices such as: Android, FiresticK, Mag, IOS, Enigma 2, PC/ laptop, mobile phone. Therefore, it is easy to select the suitable one
  • Multiple connections are allowed

In addition to benefits, it exists some drawbacks:

  • Do not have suport 24/7
  • Do not accept to pay by Paypal

In conclusion, Lista IPTV is the service which is worth experiencing at the low price, but the users can access the huge content.

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