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LiveTV website was launched with the idea of providing all the entertainment and news channels to the customers. This was done after the concept of cable television came into existence. It is different from cable television in many ways.

The history of LiveTV

The concept of LiveTV was launched in July 2021 with a mission of providing the world with the most thrilling sports and high-quality live transmissions from all over the world. The first step towards the launch of this website was the launch of the “Live TV on PC” application for the computers. This application was made by an internet television network and its launch brought about a revolution in the field of online television. It offered the new LiveTV experience to everyone as well as opening a new platform for the users.

LiveTV offers many powerful features

As the name suggests, the main aim of LiveTV is to provide a high-quality and consistent service to its users. As everyone knows that you cannot watch sports or the latest news if you are not on your PC, the LiveTV website tried to solve this problem by providing a wide range of web streams. From basketball games to the hottest international matches; you can enjoy almost all live sports on your computer by logging onto any one of the websites offering LiveTV. The major aim of LiveTV was to provide a variety of high-quality webstreams for all the visitors to the website.

What are in LiveTV?

Some of the most popular LiveTV websites have the LiveTV sport package available for the customers. This package provides you with two LiveTV sport streams that can be watched by the users at your convenience. These are the NBA TV stream and the NFL Sunday Ticket stream. You can see the best played and watched sports matches without any problems. The LiveTV website provides you with the latest information about the game as well as the scorecard.

In addition, there are also various other sports events, tournaments, music concerts, and movies being streamed on the LiveTV website. In fact, LiveTV is one of the biggest websites for cricket fans as they can now watch live action in the ongoing cricket matches. In the category of movies, the most-watched and downloaded movie is Ice Age, which has over 25 million views on the worldwide web. Apart from cricket matches, LiveTV provides you with many channels of other sports including Motor racing, Formula 1 car racing, Boxing, Football, soccer, UFC boxing, and much more.

If you want to follow your favorite football team, then you must have to log on to the LiveTV website. One can either watch the live matches on the website or can even watch the recent videos taken by the fans. If you are looking for the most-watched telecasts, then you should know that the NFL Sunday Ticket is very popular among sports fans. Apart from that, there are also news and weather reports, which are very useful if you are following particular news. With such facilities, you can easily tune into the internet service provided by the satellite television company.

User-friendly design of LiveTV

Apart from providing you with access to various channels of popular sports, LiveTV also provides you with a clean interface and a user-friendly navigation system. The interface of LiveTV is enhanced by the various functionalities like the channel search option, pause, fast forward, and rewind functions, and the video highlight option. Apart from this, the innovative multi-tasking features of the browser make it very easy for the users to perform multiple tasks at a single time.

The LiveTV website is not just limited to offering you the most popular sports TV channels. Troypoint also offers you the best free streaming sites. You can visit the websites and stream live sports on the Troypoint server right from your desk. You don’t have to download any software or install any software to stream live sports on Troypoint.

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