MAG 254 vs. MAG 256 for IPTV

When it comes to streaming IPTV, a MAG set-up box is the gold standard.

These streaming media players are incredibly popular due to their fantastic features, ease of use, speed, and top-notch streaming performance.

The vast majority of IPTV streaming providers fully support MAG devices which makes them ideal. But, how do you choose between the MAG 254 and the MAG 256. Keep reading to find out which one you should pick.

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Key Facts About MAG Set-Top Box

But, before we get into comparison, let’s first explore some of the reasons why a MAG set-top box is such a brilliant option for streaming IPTV.

You can connect a MAG box to any TV, and it is easy to set up an IPTV connection. There are a range of features, including EPG, Streaming VOD, and playing offline content from a connected media device.

Many users prefer a MAG box to a standard Android because of its simplicity, the close feel of a TV viewing experience, and the native support of stalker middleware. Both boxes come included with a HDMI cable and a remote.


MAG 254 vs. MAG 256 Specifications

When we get into the specs, both boxes are somewhat similar. They both weigh 190g, and both run on Linux.

They support 1080p HD video and a variety of codecs. MAG 254 is the ever-reliable box and the MAG 256 is a worthy upgrade.


MAG 254 – Still as Reliable as Ever

The MAG 254 has been around for years, and it remains the gold standard for set-top boxes.It is still as reliable as ever, and you can expect top performance once you plug it in.

Once you have set up your IPTV service, you will notice that the interface is incredibly easy to navigate. Switching channels is responsive, and you get most of the features that you would from an Android box.

In terms of pure processing power, it lags a bit behind the MAG 256 and other faster Android systems.

But, that is largely irrelevant since it can efficiently use the processing for its main function of delivering IPTV, in comparison to Android boxes, which are general devices capable of running many apps.

The MAG 254 ranks highly on quality and reliability, which means you can enjoy years of smooth IPTV streaming.


MAG 256 – A Worthy Upgrade?

With the MAG 256, you get an improved and updated version of the MAG 254. Largely, the two devices are fairly similar, but these upgrades can be considered significant enough to consider the upgrade.

One main difference is in processing power, where the MAG 256 has ARM Cortex 1.5 GHz and 1GB of RAM, which is double in comparison to the 254.

It is important to note that these figures don’t make any difference to streaming performance, but it does make the interface smoother and navigating menus just feels better.

The 256 also has the option to play H.265 files which is a higher compression rate, meaning that you can store more content.

There is also USB 3.0 support which leads to faster read speeds. But, if you intend to mainly stream, then these differences may not be worthy of upgrading.


Alternative Set-Top Boxes

The success of the MAG box has led to a variety of competitors entering the space. The DreamLink T2 is a solid device, as is the BuzzTV XPL 3000.

Both natively support Middleware which is a big plus for streaming IPTV. They also allow support for Android, which is not available on the MAG boxes. So if you want more flexibility, they should be considered.

However, neither provides the reliability and true TV experience that can be gained from the MAG. When it comes to just providing a simple and top-notch IPTV experience with IPTV boxes, the MAG still reigns supreme.

If you have an android tv or any smart TV, you can get an IPTV on there if an IPTV set-top box isn’t something you’d like. This allows you to watch live TV with one subscription.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, both the MAG 254 and MAG 256 provide superior IPTV streaming performance. Both of them are top buying choices for those looking for an easy way to stream IPTV.

The 256 has some notable upgrades, but the 254 is still incredibly reliable. You should weigh up the benefits of each before making your final purchasing decision.

The alternatives are quickly catching up, but the MAG boxes still remain supreme when it comes to streaming IPTV.

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