My IPTV is blocked – What should I do?

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IPTV is blocked

Have you experienced that you cannot stream your IPTV content as you did yesterday? Then there is a high possibility to have your IPTV blocked. IPTV blocking is not something uncommon. It happens from time to time. Luckily, we are capable of discovering alternative solutions, which can assist us with enjoying IPTV content as we move forward.

If your IPTV is blocked, you can still use a VPN. If the IPTV works on VPN, you need to know that your internet service provider has blocked it. However, your internet service provider will not be able to block VPN. Hence, you can use the VPN and keep on enjoying IPTV content.

Once you come up with the decision to use a VPN to proceed with watching IPTV, we strongly encourage you to think about sticking to a non-UK VPN. That’s because IPTV is blocked in UK as well. If you are using a UK VPN, there is a high possibility for you to experience another block. But if you are using a non-UK VPN, you will be able to bypass the restriction and enjoy content without facing any major challenges.

Upon purchasing an IPTV device, you should configure VPN properly in it. There is a possibility for you to configure VPN on the router and enjoy IPTV on all the major devices that you use, such as Fire TV, Zgemma, and MagBox.

Take a look at the below mentioned steps during an IPTV block. Then you will be able to discover a solution on your own. If you fail to discover a solution on your own, you may go ahead and contact our support team. We will be able to deliver our assistance and help you with getting back the chance to enjoy IPTV content.

  • Double check and see of the IPTV device is properly connected to your VPN router hr block

As the very first thing, you must check and see if the IPTV device that you use is properly connected into the IPTV router. Some of the customers have confusions with this connectivity. Along with the confusion, they just use their IPTV devices connected into the router shared by the ISP. You need to understand that this will not help you with enjoying IPTV content. That’s because your service provider has already blocked IPTV. Hence, you must connect the IPTV device to the VPN router.

You will be able to run a VPN within the IPTV. Device. Then you will be able to go ahead and connect it to your VPN router and get the desired functionality offered.

  • How to check if you have connected the IPTV device properly h and r block

In most of the instances, you will have to use the Wi-Fi connection in order to go ahead and connect the IPTV device into the VPN router. Or else, you can create a wired connection as well. In here, you should take an Ethernet cable and proceed to make the connection. If there is a spare port available within your VPN router, you will be able to do this without facing any struggles.

Once you connect the IPTV device to VPN router, an IP will be assigned to you automatically. This IP address will be something that is assigned to you internally from the VPN router that you use. Hence, it would look something like 172.20.X.XXX. If you are using a special IPTV device, such as Zgemma or Smart Television, you will be asked to enter all the network settings manually before you can proceed with the configuration. In here, you will not be able to complete configuration using DHCP.

  • What is the correct country that I need to pick?

No VPN connection that we offer can be locked by the internet service providers out there. Hence, we encourage you to use any country when setting up the VPN. However, it is better if you can locate a country that is located closer to yours. Then you will be able to get a better experience with streaming content.

For example, assume that you are from UK and IPTV gets blocked in UK. In such a situation, you should think about using a VPN from France. Then you will be able to unblock IPTV content again and enjoy content.

You can log into the VPN and change the country at any given time. This is a simple change and it will be completed within few seconds. Hence, you are also provided with the chance to proceed with trial and error method, so that you can try out different countries and pick the best one out of them. If you have all the time to do it, you will be able to proceed with this option as well.

  • My IPTV connection is not yet working on my block

If your IPTV connection is not working, even after you connect through a VPN, you might be dealing with a different problem. Hence, we encourage you to get in touch with the IPTV service provider. For example, if the service is down, you will not be able to watch IPTV content. Your IPTV service provider will be able to provide you with a solid answer in here and help you to overcome the issue that you are facing.


In some of the instances, the IPTV block users as well. For example, if your user is being used by multiple IP addresses, there is a possibility for your service to get blocked. The IPTV service providers do this mainly with the intention of tightening security. They may assume that your IPTV credentials are leaked and a person from another country is using them. Hence, your IPTV account can get temporarily disabled. In such a situation, you will have to get in touch with the IPTV service provider and get the issue resolved. Expert IPTV service providers will be able to deliver all the support in here to help you with arriving at a solution.

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