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OTT Navigator IPTV Subscription is compatible with OTV IPTV and gives you access to over 13000+ live channels, sporting events, and PPV programming. and more from around the world. Offering VOD on Demand 50000+ in all countries, you can activate, use and watch it on all devices.

OTT Navigator IPTV subscription


OTT Navigator IPTV Plans

OTT Navigator IPTV is compatible with all devices and supports M3U links and the Xtream Codes API.


After payment, please contact us through our service channels.

All Devices Supported

OTT Navigator IPTV Subscription is compatible with the most popular devices including Android devices, Amazon Fire TV, FireStick, Smart TV, Apple TVs, PC, etc…


Why Choose OTT Navigator IPTV Subscription

OTT Navigator IPTV is compatible and inexpensive with your OTT Navigator IPTV. Choose OTT Navigator IPTV Subscription, you can enjoy the following functions.


OTT Navigator IPTV compatible devices

OTT Navigator IPTV is compatible with all devices including SMART TV, Android Box, Apple TV, Mapbox, Formuler Z, phones and tablets, and computers.


OTT Navigator IPTV subscription live TV

OTT Navigator IPTV subscription provides premium live channels with stable service. 4K,1080p,720p and low bandwidth.


Global Quality Channel

Choose a OTT Navigator IPTV subscription, which gives you access to live channels and VOD movies in all countries and languages around the world.

Live updates on TV movies

A large number of movies and TV live updates, available in many languages.


High-quality server

Choose a OTT Navigator IPTV subscription, which allows you to have many servers and select the best connection point closest to your location.


7/7 Customer service

We offer you the best after-sales service, including installation tutorials, live chat and email help.


OTT Navigator IPTV subscription Live Channels


USA, Canada, UK, Arab, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Albania, Romania, Latino, Brazil, Turkey, Africa, India, Pakistan ……

Features of OTT Navigator IPTV

OTT Navigator IPTV

Premium edition OTT Navigator IPTV

  • The OTT Navigator app supports IPTV M3U URLs, Playlists, Xtream Codes, Stalker Prota, XML, AFR, DRM, and more.
  • It has an automatic resume feature that allows you to save playback progress and resume at the previous moment.
  • This IPTV allows you to play local files available in the network via UPnP/DNLA.
  • It also supports timeshift and EPG(Electronic Player Guide).
  • It automatically groups channels from your favorite list.
  • This IPTV has a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Live TV watching.
  • Groups favorite channels and categories automatically.
  • Start playing the last channel on launch.
  • Timeshift support for providers with archives.
  • PiP picture-in-picture mode (and studio mode for watching multiple streams).
  • Reminds interesting shows.
  • Watch archived shows and the media library.
  • Filters by channels, categories, genres, seasons, years, favorite channels, age, and country.
  • Search by anything.
  • Retrieves data from several EPG sources (including user-provided).’
  • Saving playback progress with automatic resume from the previous moment.
  • Playback speed.
  • Browse and play local network files via UPnP/DNLA.
  • Media library And lots more, including AFR support, DRM support, recommendations, etc.

Choose OTT Navigator IPTV Subscription benefits

  • √ Full HD & 4K Channels
  • √ 13000+ Live Channels
  • √ Time – Shift & EPG
  • √ 99.99% Uptime
  • √ Support all devices
  • √ A free 24-hour trial is available
  • √ Support 7/24H/365 customer service

Install and activate OTT Navigator IPTV subscription 3 Steps

Install OTT Navigator IPTV application

Premium Edition OTT Navigator IPTV You can install the OTT Navigator IPTV application by downloading it from the Google App Store.

Subscribe to the OTV IPTV

Go to the OTV IPTV website, choose the subscription plan that suits you, and contact customer service. and send the relevant M3U links and Xtream Codes information.

Activate OTT Navigator IPTV subscription

Open the activation interface of the OTT Navigator IPTV application and enter the relevant M3U links and Xtream Codes information obtained from customer service. The activation is complete.

Tips for OTT Navigator IPTV

Note: OTT Navigator IPTV is a free downloadable and usable IPTV player that does not provide content per se but acts as a platform for unlimited viewing of IPTV channels. But the player suite is freemium, which means you need to buy the premium version to unlock all the features. 

Unlock the benefits of OTT Navigator External Player

  1. Unlock the benefits of OTT Navigator External Player (Premium)
  2. The friendly user interface, comfortable to watch live channels
  3. Adjust the price of your favorite channel to your favorites
  4. Store programs
  5. Powerful network system, no advertising distribution
  6. Simple and intuitive interface design

2022 Best OTT Navigator IPTV subscription

OTT Navigator IPTV is a responsive player and it is free, yes, but if you want to unlock its advanced features. you need to unlock OTT Navigator IPTV Premium. You can explore its picture-in-picture feature, studio mode, time shift, and more exploration features available.
If you are looking for a player that matches the OTV IPTV, it is recommended that you choose an OTT Navigator IPTV subscription. Their perfect match is the best. Affordable price, good stability.

Choose an OTT Navigator IPTV subscription, which gives you access to 13000+ live channels and 50000+VOD on-demand services. Offering the best paid live channels and quality VOD on demand, all content is available in OTT Navigator IPTV Subscription Plans.

OTT Navigator IPTV subscription provides the best high-end IPTV server and anti-freeze technology to stream media without interruption. Support all channels, all devices, and third-party applications.

OTT Navigator IPTV subscription offers a 7-day money-back guarantee to test our IPTV service without risk. We offer a 7-day beta package for all premium channels for $5. So choosing an OTT Navigator IPTV subscription is the best option.

You will not miss your favorite sports events and live channels with an OTT Navigator IPTV subscription. Whether you’re a native or a foreigner, you can access millions of full HD channels.

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OTT Navigator IPTV FAQ

1. Is OTT Navigator IPTV Legal?

Yes. this app is 100% legal to install and use. But the app doesn’t offer any streaming content, so you’ll need to look for a reliable IPTV subscription service, such as OTV IPTV.

2. Is OTT Navigator IPTV free?

OTT Navigator IPTV has a free version, if you want to unlock more advanced features, then you need to unlock their premium version.

3. After subscribing to OTT Navigator IPTV subscription, when can it be delivered?

  • Please select the OTT Navigator IPTV subscription plan from the list after payment. we will send the subscription account details to the email or Whatsapp provided by you.
  • Orders are usually processed.
  • We will send subscription account details within 5 minutes to 12 hours of payment. Working time: within 5 minutes; Closing time: Within 12 hours.
  • If not received in time, please send your spam at the same time. Or contact us via Whatsapp at +447517113922.

OTT Navigator IPTV subscription Reviews

Paul Southern
Paul Southern@username
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I have selected OTT Navigator IPTV on OTV IPTV for 3 months, and they cooperate very well. Very stable. In particular, the player has some of my favorite features. I have to say they're good!
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I was surprised to find this page because it gave me so much information about OTT Navigator IPTV. I tried both their free beta and their new 7-day beta experience. It's fantastic. The service is affordable. Lots of live channels and VOD libraries. Watching sports events is steady and reliable.
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This service is great! Stable 4K Ultra HD! Is a reliable service! It is a perfect match with OTT Navigator IPTV.
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