Two Years SS IPTV Subscription


  • Two Years SS IPTV Subscription
  • Support 7/24H/365
  • Time-Shift & EPG
  • Uptime 99.99%
  • Support all devices
  • Over 9,000 4K, Full HD, HD and SD channels.
  • Over 50,000 Movies & Series.
  • Famous Premium Sports & PPV Events
  • Stable Servers, High Availability, No Buffering.
  • M3U & MAG& Emigma &IOS & Android & Windows & Linux

Note: The subscription is a one-time payment (No Recurring nor Pre-approved).

When a subscription expired, you have to make a new transaction to renew.

Contact us via WhatsApp before buying to get a 24 hours free testing.

We offer 7 days of experience testing, and you can enjoy premium TV channels for $5.

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Two Years SS IPTV Subscription

Two Years SS IPTV Subscription allows you to watch all live TV channels, sports events, and TV movies on Android TV / TV Box / Phone / Tablet, Firestick, Windows PC, and Smart TV.
OTV IPTV is compatible with your SS IPTV and is inexpensive. Offer you the best SS IPTV Subscription. You only need to install and activate SS IPTV, and we will provide you with premium live TV and VOD content.
After payment, it is recommended that you chat with us on Whatsapp using your order number, we will provide VIP service whenever possible!

Content of our Two Years SS IPTV Subscription

By purchasing our Two Years SS IPTV Subscription, you can access thousands of millions of full HD TV channels. and VOD movies from many countries/regions on devices compatible with this IPTV player application.
  • The full channels package Included Arabic / Asia / Europe / Latin America / North America
  • Various types of programs: Movies / VIP Series / Cartoon / Music / News / Discovery / Life
  • KIDS Premium channels: Carton Films / Music / Disney+ Action
  • Premium Sports channels: UK Sports / Arabic Sports / France Sports / Germany Sports / USA Sports / Canada Sports

Live Channels: With over 9,000 English and foreign channels: Arabic, Saudi Arabic, UAE, Turkey, Kurdish, Kuwait, USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, AUS, NZ, FR, DE, IT, Spanish, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Portugal, Brazil, Africa, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Japan…

Movies (VOD): over 45,000 movies of all genres, including weekly updates of recent box office movies

Series (VOD): more than 5,000 series, including regular updates of all your favorite series

Note: If you are not familiar with the service, it is recommended that you take a free 24-hour test. If your 24-hour test is not enough, you can buy our 7-day test with a $5 subscription. To understand the long-term subscription once the service is stable.

Click here: Subscribe to OTV IPTV 7-Day Trial.

Click here to find out more about the SS IPTV Subscription program:

Warm note: Buy our Two Years SS IPTV Subscription. Our prices are more affordable than monthly purchases!!!

How to use an IPTV subscription on SS

To install the SS app and configure the SS IPTV subscription

SS IPTV itself does not provide IPTV service. It only allows users to access content provided by IPTV subscription providers.

  • 1. Search for the SS IPTV app in the Google Play store or browser downloader to complete the download.
  • 2. The second method can provide the SS IPTV application through the OTV IPTV website download link “” to complete the download.
  • 3. Open the SS IPTV application page.
  • 4. Launch SS IPTV and go to Settings.

  • 5. Click on the Content option in the left menu.

  • 6. Now select the “External Playlist” subscription.
  • 7. Then select the “Add button” and enter your playlist title and link in the required fields. (M3U playlists will be found in your subscription email.)
  • 8. Finally, click on the “Save” option. Now, your playlist will be displayed in the folder on the main screen of the application.

OTV IPTV Quick Tip:

You can go to and enter the M3U link in the box below to shorten it before adding it to step 7.

For more detailed tutorials: SS IPTV: How to Activate and Configure an IPTV subscription.

Check out the tutorial on how do I install SS IPTV on Smart TV. I hope it can help you.

Related FAQ

Where can I download APK?

You can download the SS IPTV application to your device from the IPTV APP page. or you can download it from the Downloader application or browser on your device.

Can I try a free SS IPTV Subscription?

You can get a free trial of IPTV by chatting with us on WhatsApp

When is SS IPTV delivered when subscribing?

  • Please select the subscription plan from the list after payment. we will send the subscription account details to the email or Whatsapp provided by you.
  • Orders are usually processed.
  • We will send subscription account details within 5 minutes to 12 hours of payment. Working time: within 5 minutes; Closing time: Within 12 hours.
  • If not received in time, please send your spam at the same time. Or contact us via Whatsapp at +447871034646.


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