Review about the best Canadian IPTV providers

Recently, the Internet entirley contributed to changing many aspects of the human life, especially entertainment.  Humans take advantage of the Internet to create a new service to watch live television and VOD. It is IPTV which is more and more popular all over the world, especially in Canada. To meet the demand, there are more IPTV Canadian provider. Thus, choosing the top quality provider from Canada is a tough and time- wasting task. It requires users to search many feedbacks about the IPTV providers to find the best one.  In the post, some of the best Canadian providers are chosen to review.

Online IPTV Pro – known as best provider with strong server

There are some reasons why Online IPTV Pro should be chosen. Firstly, it is the channel package. Online IPTV Pro offers over 900 live channels including the best sport, new as well as 3000 movies and TV shows. Moreover, the provider also  support catch up which helps user watch the missed program. Furthermore, the service also have epg for all the channels, so users can eaily follow and update the showtimes of their favorite programs. Another advantage of ONLINE IPTV PRO is its compatibility. It supports all the devices  except Roku. That is why it is renown as strong server with 99% uptime. One thing which make this service unique is the free trial. It allows user to use for free in 3 days. It is much longer than other competitors because most providers have the free trial in 24h.

However, Online iptv pro has 2 subcription plans to select. You can refer them in the below picture:Online-1 Review about the best Canadian IPTV providers Online-1 Review about the best Canadian IPTV providers
Besides advantages, this provider has some downsides. At first, subcription plans do not have many options. There are only two options which are trial and 1 month while other providers offers many options for their clients. One more thing I dislike in this provider is the price. Its price is much higher than others. However, the number of channels is not too huge. Moreover, this service does not have 24/7 support. If users has problems or questions, they need to send them via emails, which is unconvenient.

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SnapIPTV – the best server

The next provider in Canada highly recommended is SnapIPTV. SnapIPTV made an impression with a huge number of channels and VOD. It offered over 10000 channels and 9000 VOD  from 56 countries in the world. Moreover, all the channels have epg , so users do not worry about missing the favorite program. Another plus point is the image quality which it brings. The resolution this provider offers is high (for ex:HD, FHD), so the image of channels and VODs is clear and sharp. Especially, Snap IPTV is known for the strong server which helps the uptime always stable.

snap Review about the best Canadian IPTV providers snap Review about the best Canadian IPTV providers

Another spoint making impressive is various plans. There are 4 options for users to choose. They are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. Moreover, the price snapiptv offer is reasonable. You can see its price in the picture:

price Review about the best Canadian IPTV providers price Review about the best Canadian IPTV providers


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