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If you are having an Android device and if you are planning to watch IPTV on it, you can take a look at Perfect player. It is one of the most popular methods of enjoying IPTV as well. From this article, we are planning to share the steps on how to set up and configure IPTV on the Perfect player app that you have installed within your Android device.

What is Perfect player?

The Perfect player IPTV is an application, which is in a position to simulate the experience delivered by a set-top box. Even if you don’t have a set-top box, you will be able to simulate the experience while you are using Perfect player. Then you will be able to use that simulation for watching IPTV content.

This method is smooth and it can deliver you the chance to enjoy IPTV content on all the major Android enabled devices. They include smartphones, tablets, and smart televisions as well. However, you should keep in mind that Perfect player is not offering any of the IPTV channels to you.

Before you start using Perfect player, you should have obtained a new IPTV connection. This is where you should contact one of the IPTV service providers. Perfect player will not do it for you. When you make a payment to an IPTV service provider and obtain the IPTV connection, you will be shared with an M3U file. You will need that M3U file while you are trying to configure Perfect player to watch IPTV. Therefore, we encourage you to get your M3U file and go through the steps. Then you will never get stuck in the middle of the process. You can simply proceed and get the job done.

Perfect player is available for all the leading operating systems available out there. They include Linux, iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows.

Since we are going to focus only on Android, I will share the link that you can follow and download Perfect player to the Android device. This app is available in the Google Play Store. Hence, you can search for it on the Google Play Store and download it as well.

Download link for Perfect player –

Steps to add IPTV channels into the Perfect player app

Step 1 – You should initially download and install the Perfect player app on your device. If you can stick to the above-mentioned link, you will be able to directly download Perfect player on the Android device. Upon downloading, you will have to go through the installation steps as if you are installing any other app on the Android device. You can do this on your Android smartphone or Android tablet. Make sure that you have enough memory, so that you can install the application without facing any issues.

Step 2 – Once you are done with downloading Perfect player to the device, you can open it. Then you will need to navigate to the Main Menu of the app. This is where you should click on the option provided named Settings.

tap-to-setting Set up IPTV with the Perfect player app
tap-to-setting Set up IPTV with the Perfect player app

Step 3 – You will now be able to enter the IPTV M3U URL. As mentioned earlier, you will have to obtain the M3U URL from your IPTV service provider. Along with the subscription payment that you make, it is possible to get this M3U URL sent to your email inbox. Upon adding the M3U URL on Perfect player, you should click on the OK button.

enter-your-link-m3u Set up IPTV with the Perfect player app
enter-your-link-m3u Set up IPTV with the Perfect player app

Step 4 – The next step would be to click on the option called GUI. You can clearly see it on the interface of Perfect player that you configure.

Step 5 – Now you will need to select the option Show Channels Groups as Folders.

Step 6 – Now you have come to the last step. This is where you should get back into the main menu of Perfect player. In the main menu, you will be able to see how the channels have been loaded. All these channels are updated into your Perfect player app. Hence, you will have the freedom to click on any channel and proceed with enjoying it. Make sure that your Android device is connected to the internet and you have sufficient bandwidth so that you can enjoy the channels.

In order to get the best channel viewing experience out of Perfect player, you should also ensure that you are trying out the different decoder options provided by Perfect player. You are provided with the chance to access all these different decoder options by navigating into the settings of the Perfect player app.

How to overcome playback issues

While you are using Perfect player to enjoy IPTV content, you might come across playback issues in some of the instances. There are steps available for you to follow and overcome these playback issues as well.

Stuttering is one of the most common playback issues that you will encounter while you enjoy IPTV content. Likewise, you will have to experience buffering as well.

By navigating to the settings of Perfect player app and tweaking the settings, you will be able to get some assistance with overcoming these playback issues. Hence, you are encouraged to complete those tweaks, before you look for any other method.

When you navigate to Settings in Perfect player, you will be able to see numerous decoder options. You will be able to change these decoder options based on your preferences. When you use Auto, Perfect player would go ahead and load the beat default decoder available. If you can switch to HW+, you will be asking Perfect player to load the second best decoder. The third option available to you here is called Hardware. If you are using a really slow internet connection, you should pick on the decoder option called SW. You can make one change and see if the quality is getting improved. If not, you will need to do another change and check whether your playback has improved.

Here you can find a Free IPTV M3u list.

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