How to Setup IPTV on Amazon Firestick & Fire TV

OTV IPTV is the best IPTV subscription for Amazon Firestick & Fire TV, in this tutorial, I will show you how to set up IPTV on Firestick & Fire TV.

7Days Trial

  • 7 x 24 Hours
  • M3U URL & Xtream Codes
  • 9,000+ Live TV & 50,000+ VOD
  • Support for All Devices & All Apps
  • This 7Days Trial Package does not support refunds.
  • USD10 Coupon was available for 6 months & 12 months when the 7Days package ended.
  • USD10 for 7 days Trial

How to install IPTV and Setup IPTV on Firestick & Fire TV

Follow these steps to install our IPTV for firestick & Fire TV

If you have not already installed the Downloader application on Firestick, please watch the following video to install the Downloader application on Firestick.

After installing the downloader application, you’ll see something similar on your screen when you open it.

Now we will use this downloader to download our application.

Install any of the following applications. All of these applications have different layouts, and you can choose one of them. If 1 application does not work properly, try another application.

Option 1: Premium TV

Option 2: Premium Pro

Option 3: Smarters Pro

After installing our application, you will be asked to enter the username and password that we have emailed to you.

To obtain your username and password, you must purchase our IPTV subscription.

If you don’t already have an IPTV subscription, please buy one and we offer 7 days of testing for $10.

Here to buy:

You can also install any IPTV player to use our IPTV subscription.

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