NET IPTV: How to Activate and Configure IPTV Subscriptions

The Net IPTV application is an alternative to SMART IPTV, which is developed with good performance and stable player codecs.

NET IPTV is available for all SAMSUNG Smart TVs (Tizen OS) and LG (WebOS) since 2016. It is also available for all Android, iOS and Fire Stick devices, either in the Play Store or via direct download.

Features of Net IPTV

Net IPTV is one of the IPTV applications that you can use to download M3U playlists and stream them to your Smart TV.

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The following are some of the features.

  • It supports m3u links.
  • You can access multiple lists (m3u links).
  • It provides better search options.
  • You can add channels to the favorites list.
  • It supports subtitles and available streaming languages.

How to configure a subscription on NET IPTV?

1 – After installation, launch the application to find its mac address. If it is not displayed on its interface, click the red button to display it.

2 – After retrieving the mac address of the application, go to this link:

3 – On the site page, enter the mac address of your NET IP TV application, confirm the verification code, and then click Add List.

4 – On the next page, paste your m3u link and click Add List. If you find a button with “Update” in yellow, you already have a list on your application.

Note that you can add up to four playlists (m3u links) to the NET IPTV application.

5 – The last step is to return to Smart TV to restart the NET IPTV application in order to load the playlists. You can also press the number 0 on the remote to update it and reload the list.

Activating NET IPTV

The NET IP TV application is not free, but it offers you a 7-day trial period. After the trial period expires, you can continue using it with two activation plans

  • 24 months (2 years) for 5.79€.
  • 13.79€ for unlimited or lifetime.

Here is the direct link to the activation page: https ://

To activate your application, select one of the two plans and accept the terms of Net ipTV activation and payment, then enter your email and the mac address of your NET IP application TV.

Don’t forget the verification code before clicking “Click to pay”.

On the payment page, fill in the required information and confirm to complete the activation of your purchase.

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