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Simple IPTV has brought customers simple yet adequate utilities that can meet the basic needs of customers. The list channels is not too much, but enough to watch and there are special channels for some viewers.

Some features about Simple IPTV

Customers can enjoy more than 7000 IPTV channels with EPG available from all over the world including more than 2000 TV channels over 2200 radio stations and more than 30 free TV channels including BBC, ITV, and many more.

Channel List

When using this IPTV, customers will get certain benefits that other providers cannot provide. Customers can watch online videos on Youtube, view online photos on Picasa, connect to internet streams, and play online games. In particular, they also has its own package of UK channels including 280 local channels, 27 adult movie channels, more than 4400 video clubs, and 2400 radio channels. The quality of the TV channels may change between Low, SD, and HD due to strong or weak transmission. That is not really an ideal factor for customers to choose this provider.

Compatible Devices

They supports certain devices and applications including MAG Box, Smart TV, Android Device, Stalker APP, VLC and all have full and detailed instructions. Another thing is that customers can only use 1 connection at a time.
They gives customers the channel packages they want, including:

Capture1 Simple IPTV - Simple but adequate Capture1 Simple IPTV - Simple but adequate

But before that, customers should experience a free 24-hour trial if they use MAG Box, Stalker app because they only supports trial for this device and application. If a customer wants to buy a MAG box and a cable to connect from this box to the TV, the supplier sells them on their website.
One more thing is customers can only pay using Credit cards or PayPal.

Customer’s reviews when using service

Many positive comments about the provider’s service regarding the quantity and quality of the channel and transmission line. They found that accessing IPTV through the applications and devices supported by the provider was quite smooth, with fewer errors. However, due to the limited number of channels, customers often request to add the channels they want. Moreover, since the carrier only supports certain devices and applications, customers who use other devices and other applications will have difficulty accessing IPTV or only those who use the correct device will get the right support. In addition, they only provides technical support and answer the questions of customers via email, so it is often not possible to thoroughly solve customer problems.

An overview of Simple IPTV


• Have adult content channels
• EPG available for almost channels in the playlist
• Free trial available for 24 hours


• The channel quality is quite low
• The trial is only applicable to Magbox and Stalker app which is limited for clients to use other devices
• Only 1 connection can be used
• Few payment methods on their website: credit cards or PayPal and no option for visa or coinbase
• Only support via email, no online chat

Conclusion about Simple IPTV

Overall, if you would like to seek out an IPTV provider which offer a service value for money and a good quality service, Simple IPTV is one the best choice nowadays. Clients are able to get subscriptions from their website and enjoy the quality after that.

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