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With 1000 live channels from many countries all the world which are equipped with high resolution such as HD, Full HD, you can enjoy exploring the programs and channels.

Why is Smart IPTV Pro the fastest, powerful and reliable iptv service provider?

Smart IPTV offers 10000 HD & full HD live channels stream from Europe, USA, Asia, and all other countries. But they do not offer VOD like other providers. They also don’t support xxx content in their channels live. All the channels are covered by EPG.

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About payment methods, they just give option to pay by credit card such as Master Card, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, they lacks of Pay Pal and Bitcoin methods. These methods are common for international payments, especially Pay Pal. You can test their service for free in 6 hours through almost devices like Computer, Kodi, Android box, Smart TV, Enigma2,… But you just can use one device in the same time. Their package doesn’t include multiple connections. They advertise on their web that they have 24/7/365 support through live chat, forum and ticket system. But when I try to contact them through live chat, i can’t get reply. I am really disappointed about that. I try to wait for their answer, but nothing.

Pricing Plans

They offer 3 options for subscription. They are three-month channel package, six-month channel package, and twelve-month channel package:

  • 3 months: 35€
  • 6 months: 60 €
  • 12 months: 120 €

With all these packages, you can watch up to 10000 channels from 120 countries.
Moreover, epg is supported to help users follow easily.  Especially, they has a free trial using in 6 hours. It is useful for users to consider before making decisions to subcribe.

Zapping time

Zapping time is incredible, roughly 0.5 second! Especially, they owns stable and powerful server over Europe. So, they Pro becomes the fastest IPTV service provider


They is compatible with many devices such as VLC / Kodi / Android box / Smart TV / Enigma 2, which is covenenient for users to install and use.

Several minus points

The first one is not having package for 1 month. Smart IPTV provides package at least 3 months. It is unconvenient when the clients want to stop using service.

Besides, they does not support adult content

The technical support of they is not highly evaluated  because of poor support.
Although support is online, when you contact, they don’t respone. That is really bad

The price is much more expensive than other providers( 35€ ) while other providers have just 21€  for 3 months

Reviews by customer

I could not find any reviews about this provider. Maybe they are uncommon and don’t have a lot of customers

In conclusion, i must say that this iptv is not good

I would rate 5 out of 10 points about their quality, reliability, compatibility and the number of content.

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