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Sportstream delivers live coverage of thousands of games on their unique, ad-free platform. The service is powered by the leading business’s proprietary application, SportsBase, which is delivered directly to users via compatible applications on iPhone, iPad and also on the web.

Various content

SportStream offers a unique second screen experience for various sports that brings the latest feeds, Facebook updates, tweets, photos, highlights and much more to each game and teams across various sports. A premium subscription is required to stream sports with SportStream, but a free trial period gives you the opportunity to test the service for two weeks. The most compelling feature of SportStream is the in-depth coverage it offers.


In order to stream a game, just go to the relevant Game tab in the main menu, click on “Start” button and then “Settings.” If you prefer to stream a specific sports event, just click on the corresponding “Sport Streaming” option from the main menu. The next step is to register an account with SportStream. Just follow the easy-to-follow instructions on the home page to complete the registration.

Unique tools

Once you’re registered with SportStream, you’ll have access to a variety of tools to enhance your experience. You can easily browse through the channel’s listings, find game streams by game type and match date and even search for particular players or sports events. The channel also offers comprehensive reporting tool that allows you to browse all the completed games, sports events and player statuses. In addition, you can set up alerts so you are aware of changes to your favorite teams, players, schedules, injury reports etc. The site settings menu has a “Channel Overview” option which allows you to switch between various channels.

How to watch on

After registering at the site, you need to access the SportStream main menu, represented by a blue “buoy” icon. Selecting the right option will take you to basic options such as channel type, player stats, event start time etc. However, you should be aware that there are several additional options to help you stream various sports including live scoring, chat and user profiles. Each of these features can be modified using a simple set of features which are explained below.


When you click the “plex button” next to the channel name in the channel overview section, the channel will load on your browser as a web cam. You can use this feature to access various features such as uploading and viewing sport related videos. This access is only allowed when you are not connected to the Internet and when you are signed in to SportStream using the main menu button, represented by a blue “buoy” icon. You should see a channel preview and two buttons at the top – one for accessing your own data and one for retrieving data from another site.


When you have signed in to SportStream, you should notice that your data is stored in the common folder that contains other common folders like DLL files and Windows Temporary files. You can access and change your data from this same common folder. When you click “pak”, your data will be uploaded into the SportStream site.

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