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StreamLive is an online IPTV service offering premium and free access to its registered users. The free service is for all and any visitor can easily access the site to watch live content for free, however, the free access is quite slow on loading and unavailability of live channels on streaming services due to the heavy usage by other visitors of the same site. You get a great TV experience with this site. There are quite a lot of benefits of subscribing with StreamLive such as;


Unlike other online IPTV services, with StreamLive you are allowed to manage your network based on your needs. If you are using a personal computer or laptop, you can connect it to the internet and access the site without any hassles. On the other hand, if you want to connect it to the internet through a wired connection, you can use a cable; this will give better quality in terms of picture and sound. The reason behind this is that the streams are delivered through high speed internet connections. It means that if you use a broadband connection, you will get better quality of video and sound from Stream LIVE than from internet television.

Great Customer Support

Customers often complain about not getting good service when they subscribe with other online IPTV services. However, with Stream LIVE, you get great customer support on the phone, live chat and email. This proves that the company takes great care to provide the best service for their valued customers. If you have any trouble in your subscription, you can always ask for customer support and get all the necessary assistance.


Watch Live TV on Mobile Phone

Stream LIVE has been designed for mobile phones and tablets. There is a special application for the iPhone and other popular mobiles which will allow the user to watch the TV online using their phones. The application can be downloaded directly to the phone and will provide all the required functionality. You don’t need any extra hardware or software to view the streams. You just need a good internet connection. To watch live TV on the go is a great idea as you don’t need any extra equipment to do so.

Control your Privacy

Stream LIVE offers the users with various options to manage their privacy. You can set your limits on the number of friends you want to share your screen with and also choose the kind of connection you want to stream with. You can also choose between an open and private browsing. Thus, you can control how much information you want to share with your friends.

Enhance the Entertainment

You can also use Stream LIVE to enhance the entertainment experience. One can easily create, rename and edit videos easily. One can also burn their favorite videos and convert them into the most compatible format. One can also share their photos using Gallery. Thus, this is one service that you definitely should look for.

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