The 15 best IPTV service providers in 2022

Gone are the days of cable televisions; online streaming sites are quickly taking their place. The change is imminent, and you’re probably here because you, too, want to be a part of it.

But for that, you need to get the best IPTV service provider available. IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is the future, but finding a suitable IPTV package can be quite the hassle for you.

Some IPTV services might provide you with more HD channels, some might have the best streaming quality- but are pretty expensive.

best IPTV service providers 2022best IPTV service providers 2022

So it’s safe to say, finding the right IPTV service can become a daunting task. Lucky for you, we have sorted out the most feasible options available out there in the market and made a list for you.


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Table of Contents show 1 Best IPTV Service Providers – Our Recommendation 1.1 1. IPTVtune 1.2 2. Bunnystream 1.3 3. Worthystream 1.4 4. IPTVspring 1.5 5. IPTVGEO 1.6 6. YouTube TV 1.7 7. AT&T TV 1.8 8. Hulu TV 1.9 9. Vudu TV 1.10 10. HUTV 1.11 11. Sling TV 1.12 12. Comstar TV 1.13 13. Apollo TV 1.14 14. Necro IPTV 1.15 15. King IPTV 2 Best IPTV Service Providers – Buyer’s Guide 2.1 Costing 2.2 Free Trials 2.3 Payment Procedure 2.4 Buffering 2.5 Accessibility 2.6 Apps and other Features 3 What Are the Types of IPTV? 3.1 Live IPTV 3.2 Time Shifted-TV 3.3 On-Demand IPTV 4 Is IPTV Better Than Satellite Services? 5 Frequently Asked Questions 5.1 Is it legal to use IPTV? 5.2 How exactly does IPTV work? 5.3 Do I need VPN to use IPTV? 5.4 What do I need to have in order to use IPTV? 5.5 Which devices are suitable for IPTV? 5.6 Do I really need an android box to use IPTV? 5.7 Why is IPTV becoming more and more popular? 5.8 What are the advantages of IPTV service? 5.9 What are the main features of a quality/good IPTV service? 5.10 What are the prerequisites to use IPTV? 5.11 Should you get the IPTV Service? 5.12 How to purchase an IPTV service? 5.13 Why isn’t a specific service or show available in my country? 5.14 How to get your own IPTV Service? 6 Conclusion

Best IPTV Service Providers – Our Recommendation

Finding a top-quality and affordable IPTV service provider is not an easy job. But we managed to pick 15 top options that will come in handy when you’re out in the market. Enough said- it’s time you give them a go.

1. IPTVtune

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When it comes to an affordable IPTV service with a good lot of Live TV channels- IPTVtune does make the right noises.

It’s one of the top service providers out there and will provide you with 20K+ videos at a cheap rate. From movies, sports, live breaking news to a newly released tv series- IPTVtune provides you with everything.

Its high-quality digital media covers more than 10K+ channels- that’s kind of enough, no matter how much TV you watch.

The beautiful user interface has by far been one of the most efficient and interactive ones out there.  Coming with at least 40K+ TV series and movies as VOD, you don’t have to worry about other streaming services, ever.

The anti-freeze technology is an excellent addition that makes sure you never miss out on live sports.

This IPTV service has a high uptime of 99.99%, so you can easily wave goodbyes to annoying buffering issues.

Moreover, this here is a universal fit that supports most smart devices. You’ll get a 1-day free trial with 10K+ channels for testing this service out.

  • Top-quality digital media with 10K+ channels
  • Supports all smart devices
  • Has over 40K VOD TV series and movies
  • 99.99% uptime with excellent anti-freeze technology
  • Highly interactive user interface
  • It comes with a highly responsive live support
  • Have EPG for 80% of the channels


If you’re looking for IPTV providers that provide affordable plans with good features, give it a go. This user-friendly IPTV service will surely be a comfortable option for you, even if you’re a bit low on budget.


2. Bunnystream

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People have different tastes in a lot of things when it comes to Live TV. Some prefer sports, some prefer music, and some like adult content.

But not a lot of IPTV services come with all of these together. Lucky for you, Bunnystream will help you out with 15K+ Live TV channels that include over 300 Adult Channels. Moreover, you get all of the premium sports channels if you choose this IPTV service!

But that’s not all of it. Coming with a quality antifreeze technology, you won’t face the issue of buffering unless your internet is very slow.

If you’re a fan of VOD movies and series, then you’re in luck here. It has more than 40K+ TV series and movies. You can take their IPTV subscription for a day- completely free, as a free trial.

Live support is a crucial feature with IPTV apps because users often face different issues with different channels.

Luckily, this company isn’t like others; they have a 24/7 Live Chat system for any kind of support regarding the connection.

It supports other smart devices, so accessibility isn’t a problem as well. Also, it comes with an Electronic Programme Guide, a feature not so common in other IPTV services.

  • Around 15K+ live TV channels
  • Has all of the major sports tv channels
  • Provides 300+ adult TV channels
  • Has around 40K+ VOD movies and TV shows
  • Antifreeze technology with 99.99% Uptime
  • Excellent interactive 24/7 live support
  • Not applicable for underage people


Truth be told, the primary specialty of this IPTV provider is that they have the option to keep adult channels; otherwise, it has similar features and price-points as our first pick. So, if adult content is a necessity for you, you can go for it.


3. Worthystream

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There’s a common misconception about IPTV services- that you don’t get good quality videos as promised in the advertisements.

While that might be true with unverified IPTV services, it’s mostly a hoax. Leading IPTV services like Worthystream will provide you with one of the best picture quality and excellent streaming services, so your TV watching experience will be as smooth as anything.

While watching HD quality live channels, many users complain about IPTV- that it buffers and sometimes gets stuck.

It’s never the case with this one, as the creators are confident that their service will give you bufferless streaming. They claim that this IPTV will have zero interruption and that their EPG service is unique and second to none.

No freezing is impressive, but that’s not all with this one. Be it the NBC sports channels or ESPN- the whopping 500+ sports channels cover them all.

Apart from that, it is compatible with most smart devices like smartphones, apple tv, android tv, and others.

Moreover, if you’re a fan of live events, you’re in luck with this one. They cover a good lot of live events. The installation procedure is quite simple and easy as well.

  • A wide range of live event programs is available
  • Has over 10K+ channels
  • 40K+ VOD movies and series that are regularly updated
  • EPG service provided
  • Compatible with most smart devices
  • Effortless installation with zero interruption and buffering
  • It doesn’t have any free trials


Overall, if you have a standard internet connection at your place and if you want seamless, buffer-free HD channels, then this is an ideal pick. You may not get a diverse IPTV service as such in other places.


4. IPTVspring

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Not everyone wants to watch thousands of international channels every day. Some people like to keep it simple.

A decent amount of HD channels, quality customer support, and a user-friendly program guide EPG- and they’re happy!

This very IPTV provider gives you just that. It doesn’t boast of 20K+ channels, but it ensures that the channels you do get to watch- you can watch them comfortably.

Unlike many, this one comes with a minimal 8K+ channels. That includes around 200 important sports channels and above 150 movie channels.

It does have the standard anti-freeze technology and 99.99% uptime, but that’s not just it. With 15K+ movies and tv shows, you’ll surely not get bored if you take their deal.

While it’s true that there are IPTV services that provide more channels and options- this one makes sure that the channels they provide are of top quality.

Compatibility is a concern with many of these IPTV services, but luckily this one is compatible with most smart devices. With a very interactive program guide EPG, you’ll have a good idea about tv schedule and live channels.

Moreover, their customer support service is impeccable. They’re always there, 24/ 7, whenever you need them. Just take a free trial of 24 hours and see for yourself!

  • Anti-freeze technology
  • 99.99% uptime rate
  • Interactive electronic tv guide
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support service
  • Compatible with most smart devices
  • 200+ Live sports events covered
  • Lacks in the number of channels provided


While it is true that compared to other IPTV providers, it lacks in the number of channels, you can give it a thought if you want top performance with relatively fewer live channels.



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When you’re looking for a budget IPTV service, even the smallest amount of money matters. While it is true that most services have similar monthly and yearly pricing, there are some that’ll prove to be a touch bit inexpensive.

IPTVGEO is just that. It provides you with the lowest pricing available but gives one of the best IPTV services available.  If your internet service provider can give you stable internet, there won’t be any buffering from their side, ever.

Perhaps the best feature of this IPTV service is that it gives you all the premium sports channels available.

It has around 9K+ channels and over 20K+ movies and TV series on VOD. Moreover, it has the service of a program guide EPG, so finding the right channel at the right time shouldn’t be an issue.

It doesn’t matter if you have an android tv box or ios device- it will be compatible with anything.

Fast and seamless streaming is ensured here with the anti-freeze technology-enabled. With 98% uptime and M3U support, TV watching just got a lot better and comfortable with this one!

All these features in an IPTV legal service seem pretty unreal when you realize the monthly plan has one of the most affordable prices! Their customer support service is quite satisfactory, to say the least.

  • Fast and stable streaming with no buffering
  • Anti-freeze technology with 98% uptime
  • It comes with an electronic program guide (EPG)
  • One of the cheapest monthly plans out there
  • Compatible with all smart devices
  • It doesn’t have enough channels compared to others
  • Lacks in the number of VOD contents


If you want to save some money and still get decent, seamless service, you should consider this one. While it’s true that it doesn’t have a plethora of international channels like some, it covers up with its efficiency and excellent customer support service.


6. YouTube TV

YouTube TVYouTube TV
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YouTube TV is, hands down, one of the most expensive options out there. And there’s a reason behind this. Apart from being one of the best IPTV service providers, it is as legal as anything.

Despite having only 85+ channels, it’s still a top IPTV service provider because it redefines the idea of IPTV streaming.

It is as premium as it can get, so its quality is beyond expectations even though you get a significantly lower number of channels.

This here is an IPTV provider that knows its business- it always has. Not many services can boast of a 4K streaming quality and offline recording like this one.

Truth be told, the cost can be significantly minimized when you understand that the monthly cost of $65 can be shared with a maximum of 6 accounts, and you can stream 3 of them simultaneously!

But that’s not all. Its unlimited storage brings about a new era and sets a standard for up and coming IPTV providers.

Moreover, you can finally customize your live tv guide! Gone are the days of dull and monotonous program guides (EPG)s; it’s time for some customization!

Lastly, this premium service has no hidden costs, so all you got to do is pay the amount upfront, and you’re good to go!

  • Unlimited storage space for recording
  • Customizable program guide
  • No hidden costs; you can cancel it anytime
  • Dedicated live tab for easily choosing channels
  • 3 simultaneous streams with 6 accounts in one plan
  • Top-notch streaming service with minimal buffering
  • A bit too expensive considering others
  • It comes with only 85+ channels


If you have the money to go for a premium, top-quality IPTV provider, then you should give this one serious thought.

Unless you’re a fan of scrolling past thousands of channels simultaneously and have the budget for it- ’there’s no reason you should miss out on these premium services.


7. AT&T TV

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Here comes another premium and fully legal IPTV service that is even more expensive than Youtube TV.

But don’t be disappointed so early, there’s a reason behind it. This one comes with an HBO Max subscription, which means you get to watch worldwide hits like Game of Thrones, Westworld, True Detective, and many more- legally!

Even though it comes with a bare minimum of 65+ channels, AT&T TV excels in another sector.

It has around 40,000+ VOD movies and series and will provide you with 20 hours of cloud space for recording your favorite tv moments.

If you spend $10 more, you can get unlimited storage as well. This very IPTV provider also supports Netflix and a thousand other apps, but you’ll have to subscribe to them separately.

Perhaps a downside to their service is that they don’t provide any free trials. Their service comes with a free delivery depending on your region.

Also, the setup process is relatively easy; just plug and play! Be it fire tv sticks or android tv boxes- this IPTV service is compatible with all of them. They have a decent customer support service, and if you can spend more, they’ll provide more channels.

  • Free HBO Max subscription
  • Cloud space of 20 hours
  • Compatible with most smart devices
  • 40K+ VOD movies and series
  • It comes with around one thousand effective apps
  • Lacks on the number of channels provided and doesn’t have a free trial
  • Way too expensive for people with a limited budget


If you’re wary of unverified IPTV services and the potential risk they pose, you should know that safety doesn’t come cheap.

Yes, there’s no denying that considering the number of channels, this is quite expensive. But if you want premium service and money isn’t an issue- then it’s a good pick.


8. Hulu TV

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Hulu is probably the most heard of name on the list, and that’s not solely based on their widely acclaimed streaming service.

They provide top-notch IPTV service as well, and it doesn’t come cheap. Then again, quality service never does, and truth to be told, users of Hulu can agree upon the fact that they’re worth the money.

It doesn’t come with a lot of channels; 75+ is considered relatively low compared to many- but the addition of Hulu streaming services makes the whole deal quite lucrative.

The 50-hour cloud DVD storage that comes with it is considered more than enough for a regular watcher of TV.

Add that with the option to watch Hulu superhits like Community, Killing Eve, and many more- and suddenly, the pricing does seem reasonable!

It comes with the option of add-ons, so with individual subscriptions, you can watch Netflix and other streaming services using Hulu as well!

Hulu is well known for its customer support, so if you’re facing any issues, they’re there to help- anytime!

You can download and watch from their streaming site, and their live TV guide is a brilliant option for people who face difficulties choosing channels. Overall, Hulu and its premium service are considered a benchmark in the IPTV industry as a whole.

  • It gives you the option to record tv programs for up to 50 hours
  • A maximum of 6 users can use one plan
  • Live TV guide for navigating through channels
  • 7 days of a free trial
  • Add-ons to other streaming services allowed
  • It doesn’t support VOD or PPV
  • Quite expensive considering the features


If you’re a fan of premium brands and top-notch services, then you’ll have to pay up and go for this Hulu option. Try the 7-day free trial, and see if the relatively lesser number of channels is fine with you or not.


9. Vudu TV

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Now comes a unique IPTV provider that’s free. It might come as a surprise to you, but it’s true.

Vudu has no subscription fees, and you can watch some content for free once you sign in. Obviously, there’s a catch because a business won’t survive without money.

The catch here is, you’ll only get to watch a handful of free movies and series, that too with ads. And as expected, you won’t find recent superhits in the free section; that’s kind of a bummer.

But don’t be disheartened because Vudu has paid options as well. They act as a store, so you can rent movies and tv series from other streaming services through Vudu if you want.

This is an excellent option for people who prefer to watch only a few series and movies every month. Instead of paying a hefty load of money for monthly subscriptions- they can just go to Vudu and pick the ones they specifically want to watch. 

If you buy a movie through Vudu, you can keep it forever in the cloud storage.  It doesn’t have any free trial, mainly because there are no subscription fees, to begin with.

You can access it from anywhere, be it fire tv, android tv boxes, or your smartphone. Also, there’s no limit to the number of devices here because the subscription is of zero cost!

  • No subscription fees needed
  • You get to cherry-pick your tv-series/movies by renting them
  • Has over 10K full free movies and TV series
  • Unlimited amount of devices to stream from
  • New releases are instantly available for renting on Vudu
  • It doesn’t have a live sports streaming system
  • The rental fees are often a bit too high


Day by day, the popularity of live tv programs is decreasing, and many are already dependant on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

For people who want only to spend money on specific movies and tv shows, Vudu is a fantastic option. Even if you’re broke, you can still watch the 10K+ contents from their library- all for free!


10. HUTV

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HUTV is a premium IPTV provider that offers around 1K+ channels, including channels from the USA, UK, Canada, and other countries.

They came to prominence with their excellent HD quality and nearly seamless streaming. Unlike many IPTV services, they have their own app, so it’s very easy to download, install and set the whole thing up in less than 5 minutes.

People are still doubtful about IPTV boxes and similar products, primarily because of the insurgence of counterfeit IPTV providers.

However, HUTV is as trustworthy as it can get. It has an efficient customer support service and comes with an EPG to enhance the streaming experience. You are free to try it for free with their 3-day free trial option.

Compatibility is another key feature of this IPTV as it is fit to use with android boxes, Macs, Smart TVs, and other devices. With more than 10K movies and TV series, this is undoubtedly a smart pick for people who want a safe medium of IPTV.

  • Safe and trustworthy IPTV service
  • 10K+ movies and series with seamless streaming
  • Premium HD quality streaming service
  • Comes with an Electronic Program Guide
  • HUTV has their own app, so easy installation
  • It doesn’t have enough VOD movies


This is a safe option that doesn’t cost you a fortune like other premium IPTV providers. It’s pretty efficient, gives you excellent service, and should be within your budget. So, keep this in mind as a sensible budget option.


11. Sling TV

Sling TVSling TV
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Truth be told, with the world moving so fast, there is very little time for busy people to watch television. In most cases, their cable tv or IPTV subscriptions are not utilized properly.

These people don’t require thousands of channels, they just want to spend their weekend watching a handful of their favorite channels – with the best streaming quality. If you’re one of those people, then Sling TV is a good suitor for your Television.

Sling TV comes in 3 different packages; Sling Blue, Sling Orange, and Sling Blue+Orange. If you have kids at home, then Sling Orange can be helpful as it has more kid-friendly channels, and if you want the package all for yourself, then you can opt for the Sling Blue package with more News and Sports channels.

Even though they lack in the number of channels, they never compromise in quality streaming. With good internet service, you’re surely getting premium HD streaming, that’s for sure. Moreover, their packages come with 50 hours of cloud DVD storage and you can even rent your favorite movies from them. All and all, Sling TV is a decent option for people who prefer quality over quantity.

  • The subscription options are flexible
  • Top-quality streaming performance
  • Movie rentals allowed
  • Provides the most popular channels available
  • Comes with a lot of add-ons, so customization is easy
  • Free streaming services alongside frequent promotional offers
  • Has 50 hours of cloud DVR storage
  • Quiet inexpensive considering the premium quality
  • Doesn’t have a high number of channels
  • The distribution of channels is confusing
  • Only available inside the USA


While it’s true that Sling TV doesn’t give you a lot of channels, their quality and pricing are one of the best on our list. So if you don’t really prefer to have 1000+ channels and don’t want to spend a fortune on IPTV, you can give this service a thought.


12. Comstar TV

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User-friendly, hassle-free, and probably the most extensive VOD collection on the list- is Comstar. They’re widely recognized as one of the top IPTV providers, and that is all because of their quality service and variety of features.

It is available in over 150 countries in the world, and you get to watch over 10K satellite channels live on it. As things stand, 10K+ channels should be more than enough for a regular person.

Another interesting feature of Comstar is that its service is relatively inexpensive. Especially if you consider the yearly plans, you get to save a lot of money through it.

To convince you about their performance, they’ll give you a 24-hour free trial. Moreover, their interface is super easy to use, so setting up the IPTV service on your devices shouldn’t be an issue at all.

With Comstar, you can use up to 4 devices. They will provide you with 24/7 customer support, and their server is strong and stable enough to acclaim the 99.99% Uptime.

Last but not least, the newly-added anti-freeze technology makes it a perfect option for a comfortable TV-watching experience.

  • It comes with 10K+ channels
  • 99% uptime with anti-freeze technology enabled
  • Relatively inexpensive considering the features
  • Has a 24/7 online customer support
  • Over 9K movies and TV shows in VOD
  • Some movies and series in VOD might not be HD/good quality


If you’re a massive movie maniac and want an enormous movie and tv shows library, then you can seriously give this one a thought. It’s pretty inexpensive and has excellent seamless performance as well.


13. Apollo TV

Apollo TVApollo TV
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This here is another no-nonsense IPTV service that never compromises with their quality.

Their monthly package is a tad bit higher compared to similar services, but that’s because safety, security, and high performance don’t come cheap.

Perhaps the unique feature of this service is that you can use it anywhere- on the road, on a bus stand, on a beach- basically anywhere with an internet connection.

Coming with around 1K TV channels, they’re never short on great tv options. You can use it on five different devices, so that’s more than enough for a family.

It has the m3u URL features and has very efficient customer service. Their VOD library consists of 5K+ movies and series that they update on a regular basis.

What’s more, ApolloTV is accessible from almost all the countries in the world, so you don’t have to worry about using a VPN at all.

  • It comes with 1K+ channels, including premium sports ones
  • Easy access even when you’re on the go
  • Works on all the smart devices
  • VOD library with 5K+ hit movies and series
  • Bill can be paid through PayPal
  • Doesn’t have a free trial as of now


It’s always smart to pick an IPTV service that is available in the maximum areas possible. If you’re a traveler, you should know this even more.

This is why you can choose this very service. While no free trial is a problem, their yearly plan is one of the cheapest out there- keep that in mind too!


14. Necro IPTV

Necro IPTVNecro IPTV
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Two specific features separate Necro IPTV from the others. One is the price. At $11.99, this is easily the cheapest of the lot.

The other is its catch-up option. If you’re a busy person, then the chances are that you will miss out on your favorite tv show every once in a while. With the catch-up option, you can rewind to a max of 7 days to catch up with the episodes you’ve missed.

Coming with 2000+ channels, it will provide you with an HD display and a full EPG view. One thing is for sure; you’ll be satisfied with their picture quality.

Alongside the affordable rate, they also allow you to play it on two devices simultaneously! Moreover, the M3U URL and a decent library of quality movies and shows make it a great option. 

IPTV subscriptions like these are rare, underrated golds these days.

  • Highly inexpensive monthly plan
  • Catch-up option to rewind already aired tv channel contents
  • Provides a full EPG view
  • 2000+ channels
  • Supports fire tv, apple tv, and most other smart devices
  • No free trials provided


If you’re very low on budget or don’t want to spend much on this, this is a sensible option. Yes, it won’t give you 10K+ channels, but you’ll get the premium ones at an affordable rate- it can’t get better than this!


15. King IPTV

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There are people who actually like to scroll past channel after channel, and they never really settle for anything less than at least 10K channels.

For people like these, King-IPTV has brought a challenge. Their package actually consists of a whopping 12K+ live channels alongside 14K+ VOD content.

This is massive, and no matter how much you watch TV, you surely can’t keep track of 12K+ channels!

Considering the number of VOD and live channels, the one-month subscription plan seems quite reasonable. They give you free trials as well, and their customer care service is pretty decent.

Another thing to notice with this IPTV is that it’s very easy to install; the whole process doesn’t even take 5 minutes! It is pretty compatible with devices like fire tv, Mac, Apple TV, and other smart devices.

  • It comes with 14K VOD content and 12K channels
  • Has M3U URL and EPG view
  • Free trials allowed
  • Full free 24/7 customer care service
  • Easy installation process
  • Some VOD contents might not be HD or SD


For someone who loves to scroll past new channels, this is a heavenly option. With nearly 12K channels to roam through, TV enthusiasts may very well pick it as a feasible IPTV service.


Best IPTV Service Providers – Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have a basic idea about the best IPTV service providers, it’s time for you to know the criteria they’re based on. Now you need to figure out what to look for in IPTV providers when you hit the market.


First things first, it’s not wise to go for IPTV providers that don’t have monthly plans. Most reliable IPTV service companies will provide you with monthly plans, so stick to that.

The choice of how much you want to spend on it depends entirely on your budget. Unless you’re willing to stream through 1000+ channels every day, just pick a moderate plan.

That being said, if you’re sure about IPTV streaming and you trust the IPTV provider- then a yearly plan won’t be so bad, considering it costs significantly lower than the monthly packages.

Free Trials

This is crucial because IPTV providers often give you a hard time, especially when it’s your favorite show running and it’s buffering. This can happen with unverified IPTV services as well.

So, you must check if your IPTV provider gives you a free trial of, say, one month. A month of live channels should be enough for you to decide.

Payment Procedure

Next, another crucial thing is the procedure of payment. Most IPTV services come with PayPal as the payment procedure.

PayPal is very efficient because if there’s a problem with their service, they can easily refund your money through it. So, no matter how trusted IPTV streaming services are, try your best to pick one that has PayPal or similar features.


Now comes a crucial issue that happens with every other IPTV service. Buffering. This is the most common issue, and even the best IPTV provider might face the problem.

It’s understandable that even with excellent internet service, streaming can buffer-so, you need to pick one that has deficient buffering.

Now, if you have HD quality channels, they might buffer, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking the service with a lot of HD channels.

Make sure to choose the service provider that has a high uptime rate in this regard. The anti-freeze technology helps a lot in this regard, so keep an eye on it.


You don’t really get an IPTV subscription just to use on one single device. So it’s a prerequisite for the best IPTV providers to have access to multiple devices.

Cable TV faced similar problems, but a smart IPTV should not. So, make sure the service you’re preferring has the feature of multiple accessibilities.

Also, check for the option to run the tv service in multiple rooms on the subscription plan. If it’s enabled, then all you’ll need is a standard cable. Look for an Electronic Program Guide or EPG- it should come with the package.

Apps and other Features

The best IPTV services will come with various different features like apps, live chat, a 24/7 online helpline, and many more.

The IPTV apps will come in handy when you’re setting it to different devices like smartphones, laptops, and smart tv.

In this era of technology, people prefer to link their devices- and IPTV apps are an excellent way to do that. Check if the service allows google play store- that way, you can add more apps.

Moreover, IPTV users often face various issues like buffering and many more. In this regard, live chat and mail support can be beneficial to users as a helpline. Also, check for the free IPTV services available for you, including the IPTV app and many more.

What Are the Types of IPTV?

In general, there are three common types of IPTV services available. But before we dive deep into their descriptions, let us tell you about the two genres of service providers- legal IPTV services and the unverified ones.

As expected, unverified services will cost you less but cannot be trusted properly, whereas the legal ones will provide you with reliable IPTV services.

But in a more general sense, here are the three types of IPTV services- Live IPTV, Time-shifted TV, and On-demand IPTV. We’ll give you a short briefing regarding all of them.


If you’re a big fan of sports live events like the UEFA champions league, NBA, or NFL- this type of IPTV service is good for you.

Not just that, you can also find breaking news, historical moments, and live shows here. Even though they might come a bit late than cable tv channels, the quality will amaze you if you have a strong internet connection.

Time Shifted-TV

Not everyone has enough free time to go through every live match on sports channels. For busy bees like that, this kind of service is great.

It allows them to watch previously broadcasted content from their favorite tv channels. However, the IPTV service providers will only keep the recorded content for a while, so don’t be too late!

On-Demand IPTV

This is basically the same as other OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.

Once you get this IPTV subscription, you get access to thousands of different movies and TV series that you can watch any day, anywhere. If you’re not a fan of live tv channels, this type may be for you.

Is IPTV Better Than Satellite Services?

Unless you’re old school and just need to watch cable tv channels because you’re used to them- you’d indeed find IPTV a better alternative to satellite services.

There are plenty of reasons behind it. It’s more efficient, as it has access to multiple devices. It has an affordable price compared to the cable tv services with hidden costs like set-top box rental costs.

Now it’s true that the overall quality of the channel is definitely better with satellite services because tv streaming depends on a lot of things like internet speed.

But with satellite, that isn’t the issue. But at the same time, they’ll provide you with a minimal number of channels and will cost more. With live TV streaming through IPTV- you get any channel you want. Now that’s a privilege you can’t ignore!

Moreover, IPTV gives you a lot more of your favorite tv channels in HD or FHD, a feat not so common in cable tv or satellite services! So in order to watch more international channels, an IPTV subscription is a must!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to use IPTV?

In most countries, IPTV is legal and perfectly fun if you’re taking service from legal IPTV providers.

However, there are a lot of fraudulent service providers, so you need to be aware of them. Usually, most tv channels allow internet access through apps, so if IPTV streaming is legal, it’s completely alright for you to use it.

How exactly does IPTV work?

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is the latest technology that outsmarts the ancient cable tv channels and brings a revolution on watching TV.

The best IPTV service providers usually use super-fast fiber internet to download every stream and show it on your smart tv.

It also gives you the option to watch recorded live events and download them if you wish. At an affordable price, you can easily use IPTV and watch live tv!

Do I need VPN to use IPTV?

Like we said, most countries in the world allow the usage of IPTV. So it’s perfectly legal to use it; no VPN is needed. However, if you’re unlucky enough to be in a country that doesn’t consider IPTV legal, you might have to use VPN.

What do I need to have in order to use IPTV?

First, you need a good, stable internet connection in order to have a seamless IPTV streaming experience.

Next, you need to have a smartphone, laptop, or smart FHD TV. In the case of a smart tv, you’ll need an android box to connect with the IPTV. Now, you need to install the required app for your preferred IPTV, and that’s all!

Which devices are suitable for IPTV?

If you have a smart tv, a smartphone, or a powerful laptop, you should be fine to use IPTV. But for further specification, we have made a list of it.

The list includes Samsung and LG Smart TVs, MAC, PC, Apple TV 4 & 5, iPad, iPhone, Android TV, Android Box, and most other smart devices.

Do I really need an android box to use IPTV?

It mainly depends on the type of your device. You won’t be needing one if you use it on your laptop, smartphone, or mac.

But if you plan to use it on a smart TV that already doesn’t have an android operating system, then you can’t download the app required to set up IPTV services.

In such cases, you need an android tv box that will connect with your TV and then operate the app and set up IPTV.

Why is IPTV becoming more and more popular?

Like we said earlier, more than 100 million people all over the world use IPTV services, and it’s because, gradually, cable TV is losing its interest and OTT-based platforms are uprising.

Many people, especially the young generation, prefer Netflix over cable TV and only choose to watch TV when live sports happen. IPTV gives them that- only at a much lower price. It’s no surprise that IPTV is getting more popular, is it?

What are the advantages of IPTV service?

Perhaps the best advantage of IPTV is that it can be used with any kind of IP-based service like high-speed internet and VOIP. Next, you get to see both live and pre-recorded videos on IPTV, something that’s not on cable TV.

IPTV doesn’t need cables; it will use your computer network instead. Last but not the least, the VOD (Video on Demand) format lets the user have a plethora of movies and TV shows to choose from.

What are the main features of a quality/good IPTV service?

The number of HD channels matters a lot when you’re choosing a good IPTV service. The more, the merrier! Then comes the compatibility issue, how many devices are compatible with the IPTV service and all.

Next, the pricing and VOD contents. Unrealistically inexpensive services are often unverified, so be aware of that. A quality IPTV service should have at least 10K+ VOD content and excellent customer service.

What are the prerequisites to use IPTV?

You don’t require a lot of features to use IPTV services. You need a strong internet connection that doesn’t drop and a device where you plan to watch the IPTV contents. It can be your smartphone, Smart TV, or laptop. If your TV isn’t smart, you can still buy the IPTV box, connect it to the TV and work accordingly!

Should you get the IPTV Service?

As of today, around 100 million people are using IPTV worldwide- the number speaks for itself! IPTV is an excellent alternative to the usual cable TV, mostly because they offer way more channels at a relatively lower cost.

Alongside usual channels, you also get tons of movies to watch in the VOD segment. Overall, if you’re alright with streaming channels, you can get the IPTV service.

How to purchase an IPTV service?

You can use either PayPal or your credit card to purchase the IPTV service. Most websites use Stripe for secure payment. So, if the website has Stripe, you can rest assured about the safety. Some sites accept bitcoin as well.

Why isn’t a specific service or show available in my country?

It’s because those services or shows are country-specific. To put things into a simpler perspective- say Netflix India would show more Indian content, and Netflix Germany will show more German content. You won’t find most of them in other regions. If you find a show to be unavailable in your country, it’s because of that.

How to get your own IPTV Service?

It’s not a very difficult procedure, truth be told. First, contact your local IPTV service provider to open an IPTV channel for you. There should be different plans for starting a new IPTV service, so according to your budget, choose one.

Once that is done, you need to start uploading content there. Gradually, you’ll gain followers and subscribers!


Be it for streaming your favorite English tv channels or for watching an FHD movie- IPTV services are currently taking the lead over the usual cable TV.

With no more hidden cost and a plethora of channels- it’s only fair that more people are moving towards it. However, finding the best IPTV service provider was no easy task. At the end of the day, it depends on your budget and your preference entirely.

But we hope our detailed list of the top service providers was of help to you. We wish you all the best in your IPTV experience!

Disclaimer: OTVIPTV.Shop does not verify the legality or security of any add-ons, apps or services mentioned on this site. Also, we do not promote, host or link to copyright-protected streams. We highly discourage piracy and strictly advise our readers to avoid it at all costs. Any mention of free streaming on our site is purely meant for copyright-free content that is available in the public domain.

Disclosure: OTVIPTV.Shop is a reader-supported blog. When you buy a product(Hardware, device, accessories, or VPN, we’re not affiliated with any IPTV service or app) through links on our site, we may earn a commission.

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