The Best Premium IPTV Service with IPTV Sensation

IPTV Sensation is a long-running IPTV service offering over 3000 channels and a ton of other great features. Install IPTV Sensation on your Kodi box, Android TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the entire service!

IPTV Sensation Overview

IPTV Sensation has over 3,000 live streams with all the blockbuster movies, TV shows, and sports such as Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, World Soccer, and much more in HD.

Sensation IPTV service is assorted with Android devices accompanied by IPTV Sensation apk, iOs, Kodi, Roku, and the Enigma 2 with apps available.

IPTV Sensation has channels from all over the world with the premium IPTV service with over 5,000 multilanguage VOD as well as catchup TV and has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

You will get 24/7 support and immediate delivery. IPTV Sensation has a free 24-hour trial to test out the service.

Some features of IPTV Sensation


You can arrange your list of channels – whether it’s adding, subtracting, or changing the length of your lists. Your Mag or Enigma box can have multiple connections immediately and you do not need to worry about how to concatenate them (especially if you’re not good at technology). No other IPTV provider can provide a better hands-on experience straight from the power of your smartphone. Or as we like to call it, remote control.

High Quality

Let forget about missing the latest football game. The high resolution from their IPTV service can make you feel like you’re watching as an onlooker live. All you need is to lie comfortably on your sofa with a snack and beer in hand. But if you’re at work or school after halftime, you can leave your screen to record the rest of the match for you alongside your other favorite shows. You don’t need to worry about missing anything.


They will keep your options open. They have apps accessible for your Android device, iOS, Kodi Addon, and the Enigma 2 plug-in, where you do not have to multitask with so many remote controls or programs that do not make sense. Instead, you will have it all in one place, one go, and it is as easy as clicking a button worldwide.


They are proud of their IPTV Sensation as the best IPTV service provider. Their entire list of channels includes 2000+ programs that are screened from different countries globally, especially in Europe and North America. Other shows do not take you around the telenovelas of Spain, wine tasting classes in France, casino programs in China, and blockbuster hits from the USA. The best part? Programs that are playing at the same time automatically get recorded for you to watch later on (or this very second). You would not need to miss a thing.

Reasonable price

It is said that IPTV Sensation brings the service at a competitive price compared with another provider. The price is the following:

IPTV Basic: 9.16$/monthly with 1 connection
IPTV Premium: 11.60 $/monthly with 3 connections
48hr Pass: 4.99 $/48hr with 1 connection

Price-of-sensation-300x115 The Best Premium IPTV Service with IPTV Sensation

They allow one user to use 3 connections at the same time in the IPTV Premium package that costs 11.6$ per month.

Technical Support

Furthermore, the 24/7/365 customer support will help you address your issues related to IPTV like how to set up IPTV in your devices or others, you name it. The support team is flexible, get ready to support you whenever you want.

Multi connections

Sensation IPTV also supports muti-connections that you can use many devices in one line at the same time. Unlike others, Sensation IPTV allows users to have 3 connections (in max) to use at that time at an affordable price. What a great deal you shouldn’t go through!

These are some typical channels which they own:

iptv-sensation1 The Best Premium IPTV Service with IPTV Sensation

Some limitations from IPTV Sensation review

  • Do not support Adult programs
  • Just have a monthly payment, not have another package like 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc
  • Do not have a free trial for beginner to test the quality first

Overall, we evaluate IPTV Sensation 7 out of 10 points about their content quality, customer support service, and compatibility. You can start a trial on:

Reviews of the customer about IPTV Sensation

IPTV Sensation is rated with Medium quality in Trustpilot which is one of the most trusted reviews websites.

Sensation IPTV receives Average feedback from clients about their quality on Trustpilot with Trustscore is 3 out of 5 points in the evaluation.

review-of-sensation-1-266x300 The Best Premium IPTV Service with IPTV Sensation

How to Install IPTV Sensation on Android TV

This guide shows you how to install IPTV Sensation on the Android TV Box.

Download the IPTV Sensation APK

Click here to download the IPTV Sensation APK and move it onto a USB stick.

Move IPTV to Android TV / Kodi Box

Plug your USB into your Android TV box. If you can’t access your USB stick to launch the APK, then install ES File Explorer from the Play Store and then you’ll be able to access files on the USB.

Run Installer

Launch the APK and follow instructions on the screen to install the IPTV application on your device.

Launch the app

When you are done, you’ll find the program in your Apps section. When you launch it for the first time, you’ll have to enter in your IPTV Sensation username and password.

Click on the “Live With EPG” link in the app to download the TV guide for the app. The TV guide will give you a grid style view of each channel in the service and will show you what is playing.

How to Install IPTV Sensation on Amazon Fire TV

  1. Download and setup the Downloader app for the Fire Stick.
  2. Launch Download and enter in a URL of
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the IPTV application on your Fire Stick.

Again, the first time you run the program you will have to enter in your credentials before you get access into the program.

And you are setup to run IPTV Sensation on your Android TV or Fire TV box.

IPTV Sensation Alternative

Clearly, when looking for the best alternative to watching live and sporting events online with IPTV Sensation, we must prioritize providers that offer premium streaming as well as premium channels.

Among them, OTV IPTV stands out, for example for $19 per month, offers a 24-hour free trial, has a home 4K viewing experience, a large number of premium channels as well as being available on all devices.

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