Thunder IPTV – Quantity goes hand in hand with Quality

Thunder IPTVThunder IPTV

With a library of channels and VODs/Series plenteous and multiform, Thunder IPTV satisfied more than 30000 customers all around the world by offering their favorite live sports, breaking news, Can’t-miss events, and current TV shows. The belief of customers also comes from services’ quality.

Enormous quantity is always parallel with high quality

In the gallery, Thunder IPTV features more than 14000 live TV and VODs in which there have 11000 HD & FHD channels and more than 4000 VODs. All of them have EPG available and are always updated free and continuous. Despite channels in profusion, their quality is irreducible or gets stuck or freeze. The provider has promised to accommodate customers with high-grade channels package along with stable and fast transmission. Thunder IPTV is proud of itself to be the provider possessing powerful & reliable servers all around the globe; therefore, streaming is smoother and without delay.

Thunder IPTV’s services are compatible with all devices such as Smart TV, Android, IOS, Windows, Mag, Firestick, and so on, yet only 1 connection at the same time is used.

For service purchases, customers can pick one of the two available packages that is one month and one year paid by Credit cards or PayPal.

Capture5 Thunder IPTV - Quantity goes hand in hand with Quality Capture5 Thunder IPTV - Quantity goes hand in hand with Quality

But, customers should experience a 24-hours free trial to see whether this service meets their demand. Besides, Thunder IPTV has a 7-days refund policy. Nonetheless, the provider also warns that once customers request a refund they can not subscribe again to the service at any time in the future. Consequently, customers should bear in their mind.

During the use, customers will have a 24/7 technical team supported via email, LiveChat, and Ticket.

How Thunder IPTV appears in the eyes of customers

The majority of customers have given good comments about the services’ quality of Thunder IPTV. The provider has furnished a large number of channels at affordable price. Furthermore, they are satisfied with the fast transmission and wholehearted serve of the support team. All issues they meet are resolved quickly, in a very short time.

Capture7 Thunder IPTV - Quantity goes hand in hand with Quality Capture7 Thunder IPTV - Quantity goes hand in hand with Quality

Meanwhile, the remaining few have reflected that the server does not work in the right way or they can not log in their account.

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Summary pros and cons

– Variety of channels and VODs
– Have 24 hours free trial
– Compatible with all devices
– 24/7 Live support
– 7-day money-back guarantee

– No xxx content
– Only have 2 packages: 1 month and 1 year
– Only 1 connection
– Quite expensive
– Servers sometimes does not work

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