Xtream IPTV: The Best IPTV Subscription Service 2022

With the development of IPTV’s popularity, IPTV subscription services have entered most households. becoming one of the ways for them to watch live broadcasts and sports events. and TV and movie entertainment. This article introduces you to Xtream IPTV, the best IPTV subscription provider for 2022. Let’s read on!


What is Xtream IPTV?

Xtream IPTV is the best IPTV Premium service, provider. He also has a name: OTV IPTV. It has a strong service team, offering live channels. premium international channels, sports channels, and TV movies from all over the world.


Xtream IPTV features

  1. Support 7/24H/365
  2. 4K/UHD, HD, and SD quality
  3. 9000+ Live Channels
  4. 20,000 Movies+ 15,000 Series
  5. Famous Premium Sports & PPV Events
  6. Time-Shift & EPG
  7. Uptime 99.99%
  8. Support all devices

What does Xtream IPTV subscription offer?

  • M3U & MAG& Emigma &IOS & Android & Windows & Linux
  • The full channels package Included UK/ Arabic / Asia / Europe / Latin America / North America
  • Various types of programs: Movies / VIP Series / Cartoon / Music / News / Discovery / Life
  • KIDS Premium channels: Carton Films / Music / Disney+ Action
  • Premium Sports channels: UK Sports / Arabic Sports / France Sports / Germany Sports / USA Sports / Canada Sports
  • Live Channels: With over 9,000 English and foreign channels: UK, Arabic, Saudi Arabic, UAE, Turkey, Kurdish, Kuwait, USA, Canada, Mexico, AUS, NZ, FR, DE, IT, Spanish, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Portugal, Brazil, Africa, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Japan…
  • Movies (VOD): over 20,000 movies of all genres, including weekly updates of recent box office movies
  • Series (VOD): more than 15,000 series, including regular updates of all your favorite series

Xtream IPTV subscription plan

NameIPTV subscription price
IPTV Free TrialFree 24 hours
7 days to testUS $5
1 MonthUS $19
6 MonthsUS $55
12 MonthsUS $89
24 MonthsUS $160

Xtream IPTV-compatible device

Xtream IPTV is compatible with all devices and you can use it on third-party players.


Why is Xtream IPTV the best IPTV subscription service?

Xtream IPTV: The best affordable IPTV subscription service

Xtream IPTV is an IPTV subscription plan package that is much cheaper than most IPTV subscription services. For sports fans, it is more affordable and more selective than buying sports packages. With good value for money, this is definitely an IPTV subscription service that most people can afford.

Xtream IPTV: Stable and reliable best IPTV subscription service

Xtream IPTV has more than years of stable advanced servers and a quality service team. With live channels, TV movies, and sports channels from all over the world, the picture is stable and reliable. When you watch a sporting event, there’s basically no buffer. 2022 is the most stable and reliable IPTV subscription service.

Xtream IPTV: The best IPTV subscription service for a free trial

Xtream IPTV offers a 24-hour free trial, effective immediately. It costs nothing and they have one more feature. If you feel that the 24-hour test time is too short, and worry about the instability of buying more than a month’s package. They’re offering a seven-day trial, but you pay $5 for seven days of service. Gives you a quick idea of the stability of the service.

Xtream IPTV: Best premium IPTV subscription service

Xtream IPTV is a premium IPTV subscriber with over a number of years. OTV IPTV Subscription Plans 1, 6, 12, 24 Months IPTV Subscription gives you access to over 8000 + Live Channels Including Sports, Movies, PPV Events, And 50000 + VOD Content, Easy to install and use. You can get a free 24-hour IPTV trial and a 7-day IPTV subscription package at a discounted price before subscribing to the IPTV service on a long-term basis.

How do I get an Xtream IPTV subscription?

Getting an Xtream IPTV subscription is simple.

You just need to get the IPTV subscription package at OTVIPTV.SHOP, or contact customer service directly via WhatsApp to get the test or subscription information you want. Customer service will also contact you in the first place to send you test and subscription-related MAC and M3U information.

How do I activate and set Xtream IPTV?

Download the Xtream IPTV-enabled Flix IPTV application.

Before we do that, it’s important to know that Xtream IPTV supports third-party players and will run on most players. Below I will give an example of setting up and activating Xtream IPTV on Flix IPTV.

Flix IPTV is an IPTV player similar to Smart IPTV that lets you stream content. The application does not provide its own content, so you must have a playlist or IPTV m3u link, or an IPTV subscription.

Flix IPTV is not available on the Amazon App Store. So we had to install Flix IPTV on Firestick using the Downloader application.

1. Switch on your FireStick and go to the home page.

2. Scroll to Find.

3. Select Search. A virtual keyboard will appear.

4. Type Downloader using the virtual keyboard or using the Alexa voice assistant on your remote.

5. Find and select Downloader among the search results. You can recognize the app by its orange background.

6. Select Get or Download to install the app on your FireStick.

As I mentioned above, we will use Downloader to sideload and install Flix IPTV on the FireStick. But before we can proceed, we need to change some FireStick settings.

7. Press and hold the home button on your FireStick remote.

8. Go to Settings.

9. Scroll down and select My Fire TV.

10. Select Developer Options from the following menu.

11. You will see Apps from Unknown Sources. It’s disabled by default. Turn it on.

12. Go back to the FireStick home page. Find and open Downloader.

13. Select the Enter a URL box.

14. Type https://www.otviptv.com/flixiptv/ and select the Go button.

15. Downloader will start downloading the APK file from the web.

16. You will be prompted when the download completes. Select Install.

That’s it. You have successfully installed Flix IPTV on your FireStick. If you wish, you may now delete the APK file from your device.

Activate the Flix IPTV

1. Open the main screen of Flix IPTV and click “Settings“. Looking for MAC.


2. On the menu bar, select User Account.


3. You will be given a MAC address on your device.

4. Go to the link HTTPS://flixiptv.eu/mylist

5. Fill in the mac address and your Xtream code link, and click Send.


6. The last step is to restart the application or refresh the Settings. Change the list on the playlist. A window will appear asking you to reload the list, click OK

Click here for a detailed installation tutorial: Flix IPTV activation Tutorial.

Best alternative to Flix IPTV

If Flix IPTV doesn’t work on your device, then we have some alternatives you can try that are also the best IPTV players:

Perfect PlayerSS IPTVOTT Navigator IPTVIPTV Pro AppOttplayerSmartOne IPTVSTB Emulator
Room IPTVMAG IPTV VLCXtreme PlayerIPTV Stream PlayerKodi

Xtream IPTV Reviews

I am a sports fan and was hesitant before choosing Xtream IPTV (OTV IPTV). I tried their free 24-hour service, but there was too much I wanted to know about to try and buy. Afraid of unstable service. Later I learned through customer service. They recommended a seven-day test for me. You only pay $5 for seven days of premium service. 

During these 7 days, I was amazed by their service quality and channel content channel. The whole tournament left me unassailable. As long as I encounter a small problem, customer service will patiently answer for me. So I chose to buy their IPTV subscription for a year. The price is much cheaper than the sports package I bought separately, and the choice is higher. This service is definitely your best choice.

Related FAQ

1. Is IPTV legal?

Content provided by IPTV is legal as long as it is licensed by the copyright holder.

2. Does Xtream IPTV (OTV IPTV) offer a free trial?

Xtream IPTV (OTV IPTV) offers a free 24-hour test, and they also have a 7-day test that costs only $5 and gives you 7 days of premium service.

3. Is Flix IPTV free?

For pricing, Flix IPTV offers a free one-week trial. After that, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of 7.49 euros (about $9) for each TV or device that uses the app.

4. Is it safe to download Flix IPTV?

Yes. The application is 100% secure to download and install. We download links from secure sources and perform frequent virus scans to protect you.


The future trend of IPTV is getting better and better. Most families have already said goodbye to traditional TV and chosen the IPTV subscription service, which has far more advantages than traditional TV. Through the description of this article, I believe you have a certain understanding of Xtream IPTV (OTV IPTV). If you are still hesitant, then you can choose their IPTV free test. You can also choose to pay $5 for their free 7-day IPTV subscription package. This is definitely the best IPTV subscription service for 2022.

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